Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's our last night at Percha Dam

I'd like to stay here for the duration, but I'm running out of milk, bread and propane, so tomorrow morning we'll move on. 

Katie has turned out to be the best bird dog, not because she finds and retrieves the birds, but because she will sit, very quietly without moving, when I signal her to sit/stay.  When I start walking slowly and quietly, whispering to her (trying to sneak up on the birds at the river), she slows down and walks slowly right behind me until I signal her to sit/stay. Then I lay her leash handle on the ground.  With her leash and tags quiet, I can slowly sneak up to the bank and scan right and left to see if anything looks interesting.  If anyone saw me, they would think I was a batty old woman, for sure. 

This is Katie after I carried her back the other day because of the hot sand.  (I still can't figure out why it was so hot. I felt it, though, and it was burning hot. Yesterday and today we walked the same path around the same time, and I kept feeling the sand to be sure it wasn't too hot, and it was fine.  Anyway, she was happy to be carried home and then given a treat.  Big smile and ears both up.  :)

This is the area of the Rio Grande we've been walking above:

We walked down to the river yesterday and walked along as far as we could go, until we couldn't get around the trees without going into the water.  These huge tree roots were exposed and kind of artistic looking, I thought.

Following are more new birds snapped in the last couple of days. I saw the Green Heron again today and watched him for quite a while, but the photos weren't as good as the others I've posted. They were clearer, but the color wasn't as good - probably different light. 

First is the only new bird along the water, a Common Yellowthroat.  I had three photos of him jumping - there were two of them, and they moved around and jumped on and off the rocks constantly.

Common Yellowthroat

The rest were taken in my campsite or from the windows of The Palms.

Black-tailed Gnat-catcher - non-breeding male

Chipping Sparrow - Another Angry Bird

Two Chipping Sparrows - there were lots of these little guys on the ground, they'd sweep in and sweep out in a flock.

Grey-headed Dark-eyed Junco

Grey-headed Dark-eyed Junco

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Ladder-backed Woodpecker - female I think - I don't see red on her head.

American Goldfinch - you can't miss him in the trees.

American Goldfinch

Vermilion Flycatchers - female with juveniles

Vermilion Flycatcher - female

Vermilion Flycatcher - Male

This is one of my Field Guides - anything look familiar?

Here's dainty Katie, in her bed - notice both ears are up again, a rare sight:

We've enjoyed our short stay at Percha Dam State Park.  If you happen to stop here and want to see the water in the river, take the path right past the playground. There's a fence there that you can go through.  Keep walking and the river will be below you on your left.  It's a nice level path all the way to the end where there are fields.  Not a long walk at all.

Our next post will be from Elephant Butte.  From me and Katie, have a nice Sunday night, everyone!  :)


  1. I can't believe how good Katie is for you. There is no way either one of ours would sit and stay. I love the bird hopping picture.

  2. You always get such good photos... and Katie poses so nicely! Enjoy Elephant Butte!

  3. I always loved watching all the woodpeckers around my place in NC, even if they destroyed some of my trees. They are beautiful birds.

  4. Great photos! Katie is such a good girl...and sooo cute!

  5. Maybe the rocks were hot too made the bird hop. Katie looks like she is enjoying all the attention. You are getting such beautiful bird pictures

  6. You certainly are in an area where you're seeing some beautiful birds. At least you can carry Katie. We couldn't carry our big dog when he hit hot sand. We had to put down a towel for him to walk on and keep moving it. Aargh!

  7. You and Katie are excellent birders!

    You never know what you're gonna see, do you? I stayed overnight at a casino. There are huge potholes in the RV parking area. So big, in fact, I just saw a pair of Mallards swimming around. Got some photos - hope they turn out. If so, I'll post them tonight.

  8. This looks like a place that I'd hate to leave.

  9. What a wonderful companion Katie is. She seems to know just what you need for her to do! The bird pictures take a lot of patience. Thank you for sharing them with us. ;->

  10. Katies is such a cutie patootie, what a smiling face, precious. Wish my guys would listen to me like Katie listens to you. Hope you had a good Mother's day.

  11. You did a great job of using your time and camera to get those photos.

  12. How great that Katie helps you get your bird shots. She's such a sweet little dog.

    I love the picture with the three birds all together.

  13. So many birds! what a beautiful bird heaven you are in. Gonna get there someday I think.

  14. Katie really IS a good bird dog! I can't imagine the fiasco that would take place if I took Jack bird watching.

    I have a bird ap on my phone called Chirp USA and it's amazing how many birds it attracts. The last couple of days I've been able to walk him down to the end of the street and I play it while walking and they follow. Curious creatures.

    Glad sweet Katie's paws are okay. We were once on a dock with Lizzie and she started jumping around and yelping. It was the nails in the dock. Fortunately Rich was there and was able to pick her up and get her off.

    Great pictures--goes without saying. :)

  15. Woodpeckers are great until you catch one eating your cedar roof and all the local companies are out of shingles to repair it :) No more cedar roofs for me!


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