Sunday, April 13, 2014

Elephant Butte State Park

Here we are at Elephant Butte State Park, overlooking the lake:

This isn't a designated campsite, but is among other sites.  Last year I was camped nearby and during one of our walks we took a little road off to the right and saw people camping right here on the side of the road.  I asked them if it was okay to camp there, and they said, yes, they took this spot every year if it was open.  When we arrived here, I didn't see a site I liked in the area for dry camping, but this spot was empty, so we parked.  The Ranger has driven right past us twice - and waved - so I guess it's okay.  :)

This is our third day here, and so far I really like it.  We have a perfect wide view of Elephant Butte Lake and all it's islands, the beach below us with people camping out, the boats going by.  It actually has a much better view of the lake than the other designated dry camping sites with shelters and fire pits. It's very quiet, and rather than being right on the road, we're off enough that no cars drive by except people taking this little circle drive, probably wondering what's on the circle.

I've only gotten one photo of a bird so far - a Western Kingbird:

These little purple flowered plants are popping up all over - most are small and very pretty. I think they are the flowers that are used as filler by florists.  They dry out and I always used them in small vases because they don't seem to "die."

Here's Katie before our walk yesterday afternoon.  I keep the hood open when we walk, but she wouldn't look at me so I closed it and of course she looked my way to see what's going on!

The stroller is working really well for us.  We start out walking and after a while I put Katie inside for the rest of our walk.  Her ankle puffiness is finally going down since it puffed up while she was off leash and running back and forth alongside Annie's motor home at Riverside.  Boy did she love that!  Her little face was pure happiness while she was running.

Yesterday I watched a boat being rescued.  It was pulled in by an official New Mexico boat - Game and Fish?  Police?  I'm not sure which agency does this, but the boat has the New Mexico seal on the side.

Thank goodness for these people - can you imagine being stranded in the middle of a lake?   Well,  guess if the fish were biting it would be okay.  At least for a while.  It was super windy yesterday, so it must have been a relief for the boaters to get back to shore safe and sound.

Here are some photos of the lake during the golden hour, right before sunset; first The Palms in the lowering sunlight:

Isn't this a beautiful place to camp?  Sure beats living in the suburbs!

I wanted to clear something up that I think some readers mentioned in comments.  When I posted about my 11-year-old grand daughter, Kennedy's, new business, some people thought SHE was the originator of the business.  This is a social selling company - a multi-layered concept using home parties and websites and Facebook pages.  Kind of like my generation did with Tupperware (without the social media).  The originator of Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a 14-year old girl named Bella.  You can read about it here:  Origami Owl.  Kennedy is working within Bella's business, and has her own business named Touched by Charms, selling this jewelry by having home parties and using social media networking to build her business.

Kennedy has only had one party so far, her Launch Party, and she did really well. She and her mom, Trish, plan one in Sacramento and one in Vacaville in the next week.  The jewelry isn't expensive and it's really nice - so nice that it really sells.  Kennedy donates some of her income to charity, but here is what she bought with the rest:

That is a seriously cool bike - and is that a happy face, or what!!!  Kennedy, you look great on your new bike. I'm proud of you for all the work you're putting into Touched by Charms - like Bella, I wouldn't be surprised if you have the money for a car on your 16th birthday!  (Does this kid have fashion sense?  Look how her shirt and shorts match her bike.)

Since we're talking about grandchildren, I wanted to give a shout out for my nearly 9-year-old grandson, Drew.   He's missing his two front teeth, but not his generous spirit!

When asked what he wanted for his birthday this month, he said there wasn't anything he wanted, but people could donate to a charity instead of getting him gifts.  My daughter, Kristy, said he's seen the ads for a charity that really affected him, and that's the one he chose.  So, instead of sending him money or bringing him gifts, his family and friends are donating to Sleep Train Foster Kids.   That's the link for Drew's Birthday Donation Page if you want to see how he's doing.  He's hoping for $250 for the foster kids.

How selfless Drew is for helping kids who have less then he does, and he's not at all a spoiled little boy.  Kudos to Kristy and Matt for raising such a thoughtful, generous son.

I don't know where my grand kids got their philanthropic genes, certainly not from me, but I'm so proud of them.  These two are the oldest kids in each family, and they are sure setting a fine example for their siblings.  :)

WELCOME to two new followers to Me and My Dog ...and My RV:

Welcome to Steve Soto!  Steve is the Engineering Team Manager for RVillage, which I posted about HERE.  He interacts extensively with cross-functional groups such as Engineering, Project Management, Product Management, Quality Assurance, 3rd party software vendors, and Professional Services.  It sounds like you're a pretty busy guy, Steve, especially in a social medial company that's growing so F-A-S-T.  You must be doing a great job! Thanks for following along with me and Katie; we sure appreciate it!

Welcome to fulltime rvers!  This new follower doesn't show any information at all, so I can't give you anything more than their name.  If you have a blog, or start one, let me know and I'll post the link for our readers to check out.  Thanks for following me and Katie, we're very happy to have you along.

Welcome Aboard to you both!  :)

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everybody!  :)


  1. I love your new site by the lake...especially in the late day sunlight! its just beautiful and choosing between your site and the suburbs is certainly a "no brainer"! for me....
    Also, its quite refreshing reading about your grandchildren who are actually doing really good things and building great character go grandma...those are your genes!

    Hugs to Katie...

  2. You seem to stay at the New Mexico State Parks often. I know there is a 21 day limit. Is it easy enough to go from one to another without considering reservations?

    1. There is now a 14 day camping limit, then you have to leave the park for 6 days. Then you can return if you want for another 14 days, and so on. It's nice when parks are close together like they are in the southern part of the state, but some of them, like my favorite, Bluewater Lake State Park, are off by themselves, then you have to get creative for the six days. Wal-marts!

      I don't make reservations, but the parks I like the most are very large and most of them have good overflow areas where you can drycamp. I'd guess the electric sites fill quickly because some of the parks have limited elec sites, so reservations would be a good idea if you want an elec site. I think reservations must be made on-line and there's a fee of $12 (I think) to make the reservation. Also - no refunds. Sometimes it's just easier to dry-camp if you have solar, unless it's super hot or super cold. :)

    2. Looks like solar is the way to go. I've just started reading your earlier you got started and such. Maybe I'll come across your set up soon. Thanks for the detailed info!

  3. I like your campsite, and it sounds like it's not unreasonably hot yet! Great photos, and I am glad to see the kingbird!
    Your grandkids are wonderful!
    Give Katie a kiss!

  4. You always find such great sites with a beautiful backyard.

  5. Great photos! What couple of sweet and caring grandchild you have. It is wonderful to her about children being rise right now days, no Honey Boo Boos here. Thank God. Love the stroller for Katie we have to take car of our four leg children s well. BTY Thanks for your comments on my blog.

    1. Please excuse, the spelling, the left side of my keyboard is having problems with it's a-s-e-r- and w's. Time for new one.

  6. Love the new spot. We really like Elephant Butte.

  7. Love your new campsite. If I were not restricted to being back in Canada the New Mexico State Parks is where I'd be for sure.

  8. Really nice campsite. You sure do have grandkids that you can be proud of!

  9. What a great site for you and Katie! We ended up at the South Monticello CG in a water & electric site. We have a nice view of the lake, and there's not many other people around. If you plan on coming up this way, please stop by to see us. We're in site #24 and will be here all week.

    1. I need to go into town to mail some cards, so I might just drive down your way. Last year I got some good bird shots along the shore below you. :)

  10. Having gone to EB spring and fall for the last 4 years I caution you of the soft sand by the water. There a local gut with old army surplus trucks pulling people ou of the sand at $500.00 per pop.

  11. What a beautiful spot you have! Is that a mohawk bike helmet Kennedy has? Her new bike is something to be proud of! And Drew is so cute! You can be proud of your grandchildren--they're growing up very nicely and already making good choices!

  12. Looks like you snagged a great place to park your "home". It is so unusual children think of others before themselves. Those grandchildren of yours are indeed special.

  13. That's terrific that your grands are so conscious of other people's situations. It never occurred to me at that age to donate anything to charities.

  14. Congrats on the grandkids.. obviously your raised your children to raise their children right.

    I absolutely love the pre-sunset photos. No kidding, your spot is much more beautiful than the 'burbs! Someday,..


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