Thursday, April 10, 2014

Visiting with fellow bloggers and photos of Katie and Jakie

 I thought Katie looked so cute, folding her paws.  I've never seen her do this before:

I met Amanda and Tim while were were both at Rock Hound State Park, and on Sunday they pulled into the area near where Katie and I were camped overlooking Caballo Lake.  They have a very cool spot all by themselves across the little inlet. 

After they got settled, they rode their bikes around the area and stopped for a while to visit with me and Katie.  Thanks for stopping by, you guys!  I sure enjoyed our visit.   How's the mouse situation?  (They picked up some furry visitors at Leasburg Dam, it must be a bad year for the critters.  Stock up on traps, folks!) 

On Wednesday a meet-up was planned with other bloggers, and after picking up my UPS delivery of Katie's stroller, we headed down to Riverside Campground again and met up with Roxie and Annie and I met Suzanne.

We had a non-stop talk fest and a ton of fun.  I totally enjoyed our time together, and decided to camp where Roxi and Annie were along the river for two nights.  We've had coffee in the morning and another afternoon gathering on Thursday with Annie (who went into Elephant Butte and got us all pizza!!), Roxi, Suzanne, and me.  Suzanne works full time during the day, and after work she walked down to meet with us - 3+ miles in the heat after a full day's work.  AND she walked back home, too.  Wow, atta girl, Suzanne!!

On Wednesday Annie helped me put Katie's stroller together, and I think I'm going to love it.  Katie is completely comfortable in it, and the second afternoon I brought it down when we all met up again and Katie stayed in the stroller the whole time.   I think all this socializing is wearing her out, and it looked like she was sleeping for a while.  I'm glad she's so contented and relaxed in it.  Katie is quite a trooper; she just seems to go along with whatever I decide for her.

Katie and the girls:

Annie's dog, Jake, is the cutest, quietest, calmest dog I've ever met.  Katie was not very nice to him, she growled when he came near me and he was afraid of her after that.  He stays very close to Annie - could he be any closer than this?  Leaning against her with his paw on her foot:

He'd come outside with us for a while, then want back into the motor home.  Here he is, waiting for someone to open the door for him.  :)

So cute!

Katie was looking like she wanted to play with Jake:

But Jake wanted IN!  Katie was off her leash and I yelled RunRunRun and she started running back and forth like crazy.

I put her leash back on and she proceeded to take a dust bath.

She had a blast!  Unfortunately her little back ankle now has a huge fluid filled sac on it, so I think all that running made her ankle worse.  I'm really glad we have the stroller, I think she's going to be taking a lot of walks with me in the stroller.

Jake taking a drink down by the riverside:

Katie is wondering what that wonderful smell is - Annie was getting Jake his dinner, half dry food, half canned.  I'm sure Katie could smell that canned food.

Below are some bird shots I've taken in the last few days - still not a lot of activity in the birding area.  I'm heading to Elephant Butte tomorrow and will probably be back in two weeks.  Hopefully there will be more of our feathered friends here by then.

Blue-winged Teals:

American Coots:

Great Blue Heron by the boat ramp/dock:

Gull flying over Caballo Lake:

Northern Shoveler:

Female Ruddy Duck:

And finally, Katie's favorite critter, a lizard in Annie's campsite:

Goodbye for now, Caballo Lake - we like it here and might be back soon.

From me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!  :)


  1. I'm glad Katie likes her stroller. We take our kitty Baxter out in a stroller and he loves it too.

    It's funny but Jeannie (Where's Eldo) just posted about why people have strollers for their dogs.

  2. Katie looks positively content in her new stroller. A dust bath--who knew?! Jake looks like a sweet boy (did I get his name right? If I move from the comment box I can't add to my comment!). Meeting new people & making new friends--very cool!

  3. Those are great pictures of Katie. You really captured so many aspects of her personality. You really are becoming social butterflies. Have a great time at Elephant Butte and hopefully you won't have any more mice visits.

  4. What a great gathering. Would love to have been there. Good to see Jake - I remember when he was adopted.

    Doris is all excited about the opening of lizard-hunting season. Does Katie lift her paw like that when she's thinking about food? Doris does that when she's hungry (or, at least, when she wants to be fed).

    1. I wish you had been there too! We laughed and snapped photos and talked and talked for hours.

      Katie lifts that one foot often, usually when she's sitting.

  5. How cool you got to meet the Watsons and all those ladies. Sounds like a fine, social time in a pretty spot.

    Nina (wherlingit)

  6. I enjoyed hearing about your friends, their dogs, and also the bird pictures. I'm glad that you are having fun! Katie I miss you too!

  7. The more I see of Katie, the cuter she gets! Wish Oliver and Olivia could meet her. It is so much fun to meet up with RVing friends.

  8. Katie's stroller seems just right! Is it especially made for dogs/cats, or is it a kiddy stroller at heart? It looks perfect, and Katie seems very happy in it.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Hi Judie - the stroller is made especially for dogs by Pet Gear. There's a tag sewn into it stating it is for pets only, not children. Smaller than a kid's stroller, so it fits inside The Palms better when we're traveling. :)

  9. That looks like a really neat stroller and Katie just sits in it so nice and quiet!!! Sorry about her little leg, hope it gets better...

  10. Looks like everyone, including he doggies, had a wonderful time!

  11. Barb, it was great to meet you and Katie, finally after following your blog for so long. I really enjoyed the "riverside chats." Hope to see you again down the road one day!


  12. I just realized you met the Watsons! I love their most recent blog post!

  13. ...and just how cute is Katie with her paws folded?! V-E-R-Y cute!

  14. So good for Katie to have a stroller. That will take the strain off her leg and she can get around. Nice to see you have such a good time with all these people you meet on your travels around the country. I' be the "fly on the wall" through your blog. :))

  15. Yes you are indeed becoming such a social butterfly !! Sure wish I were somewhere with HEAT !! LOL

  16. Nice stroller for Katie, I hope the fluid on her ankle isn't anything serious. Enjoy your sounds wonderful to be able to relax and enjoy the company of friends outdoors. Still too cold for that here!

    Love the photos of the blue heron especially!

  17. Does the pet stroller fold flat enough for storage? Where do you keep yours when not in use or traveling? I'm going to be on a long road trip in a 21' Class C, and as you know, space is at a premium. Our critters sure love to be outside with their humans! Thanks!

    1. Hi Carrie - Yes it folds flat. On the left sidebar of my blog is a stroller that is a little smaller and has four wheels - two in the front and two in the back. It folds like an umbrella stroller and is a good price. It would be easier to store when folded.

      The one I got is bigger, 3x more expensive and has one wheel in the front and two in the back, like a jogging stroller. I was going to get the one on the sidebar, but ended up choosing the "better" one because it is supposed to travel better off road. It's not good in sand, though. I just fold it up and put it in the couch when we're traveling. When we're camped, I chain it to something solid with a bicycle chain, but only because I'm not spending that amount of money twice. I'll put that one on the right sidebar in case you want to click through and see it. :)

    2. Thanks again for the info. I just ordered the Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip. I think it will work great for my two ankle-biters (small dogs). Unfortunately I didn't order through Amazon as they don't use Paypal. Sure wish they did as you would get credit for purchases by me! CYA on the road (if you ever get to the Southeast that is).

    3. Bummer they don't take PayPal! I think you'll be really happy with the stroller, though. We've used it almost every day since it arrived, and I really like it. Katie would sit in it forever, I think, if I didn't make her get out. We leave the top down, "open air" strolling for us, but I've been told if I clipped the top closed I could probably bring her into stores. I plan to test that. I'm going to bring her into the showers with me, too, in the campground and see if anyone complains. Should be okay - she's securely inside and can't do anything she shouldn't do. Let me know how you like it. Any questions, just ask. Enjoy!!


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