Tuesday, April 8, 2014

RVillage - are you a member?

There's a new social media website just for RVers, and it's brand new - well, a month or so old.  It's called RVillage.  I joined a couple of weeks ago and find it easier to use than Facebook, which I don't use.  I have a Facebook page, but it's not open to the public, I just have it to "friend" my kids so I can follow what they are up to.

When I heard about RVillage, I checked it out and decided to join.  At this point they already have close to 5,000 members!  It's gaining members like wildfire.  One of the things I like about RVillage is that when you arrive at an RV park or campground you can "check in" on the site and post which campground or area you're in, and if other RVillage members have checked in at the same place, you'll know it.  That makes it easier to meet people.  There are tons of groups to join within RVillage, which gives members another way to meet RVers with similar interests.  I've joined two groups, Bloggers and Singles on the Road.  Not much of a joiner, I guess, but some of the people have joined many groups.

Check it out and see if this new RVing website might work for you - RVillage.

Below are photos from Riverside Campground. It was very quiet there, but over the weekend (before the mice drove us back to the main campground) there was a lot of activity - the Group Area was full - I think were scouts.  At least that's what someone said.  They and their leaders, though, were wearing kilts.  I never did go over to talk to them and find out who they were, I was being lazy, sitting inside most of the time because of the wind.  I snapped this photo of three boys coming up from the river and walking past The Palms to the Group Area. I thought it was so cute, I had to post it for you.  I love the three variations of the kilt outfits.

There was also some drum music, it sounded like Native Americans were performing, and later I saw a man in American Indian dress standing in a group.  They were all very well behaved and even though they were near me, I hardy heard them.  And I really got a kick of seeing them all in their kilts and Native dress.

The male House Finch is nothing new, but this guy was so brilliantly red up in the tree I took some photos.  At least I think he's a House Finch.  Sure is brighter than others I've seen - maybe the males have more red feathers during mating season?  See the white "cotton" on his chest from the cottonwood tree he's sitting in and on his claws?

There were a couple altercations outside The Palms.  I didn't see them, but I heard them.  The first one involved a squirrel, and when I looked outside, this squirrel was running up the tree branches to get away:

He climbed up pretty high.  Then later I heard another strange noise, and when I looked out I saw this bird, all fluffed up sitting on the ground in front of The Palms.

I think he's a Robin, but I'm not sure.  He sat there for a while, then scurried under a bush.  Do you know what kind of bird he is?

And lastly - as you can see from these photos there's not a lot of wildlife in the area right now - I tried for three days to get a shot of a white butterfly/moth and finally one landed long enough for me to get it's picture.  There were a lot of these guys flying around, but they never land for long.

That's it for now - and the end of the Riverside Campground photos.  Katie's stroller should be delivered tomorrow and we'll be able to walk around the campground more.  I'm looking forward to that.

From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!


  1. Oh I am so envious of the green leaves! The photos of the finch are absolutely striking with the brilliant green and red.

    Sorry about the mice issue...I'm glad you didn't take photos of the dead guys! :)

  2. The bird photos are amazing! Love the kilted kids. I know everything has to be PC these days...when I mentioned Native 'costumes' to my Native niece, she informed me very kindly it was called 'dress'. I didn't know & appreciate her letting me know.

    1. Thanks for the correct way to refer to Native dress. I'll change the post. :)

  3. Really nice bird pics. :-) RVillage sounds interesting.

  4. I joined RV Village also - but haven't checked it out since !! LOL

  5. I'm also on RV Village but I haven't figured out for sure how to use it. Guess I need to take the time. Love your bird pics.

  6. The first picture of the finch looked like he had been eating something red, because the red on his bread looked like clumpy junk on the feathers. I tried to make him a crossbill, but it didn't work out!
    The robin looks like an immature!

    1. Okay, thanks! That little immature Robin was so cute, all puffed up like that. It appears some of the youngsters have dotted feathers on their chests when the adults do not.

  7. Sounds like a great place to camp....I'll have to add this to my 'Places to Visit' map.


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