Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not Wordless Wednesday

Canadian artist and mother Ruth Oosterman started collaborating with her 2-year-old daughter Eve earlier this year. Ruth takes Eve’s doodles and adds watercolors to them, turning the collaborative works of art into beautiful paintings. She posts the results on her blog, The Mischievous Mommy and also posts timelapses on YouTube. Ruth is adamant that this is a collaborative effort and that Eve has full say if she doesn’t want her mother to paint over her sketches.  (From TwistedSifter.)

I especially love this first one:

The Lady and The Fox

The Great Owl

The Elephant King

A Bookworm's Dream

Evetime Lapse

These kinds of things, making beautiful art from a kid's sketchy artwork, fascinate me.  What talent! I'm a frustrated artist- some day I'm going to be a painter.  When I'm old, maybe...

From me and Katie, have great Wordless Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. It's okay, I plan to live - well - until 105 years old. Lots of things on the agenda! :)

    2. Get them you practice sketches from your early phase!

  2. Those are really neat!! Go ahead, start painting. It is fun. I do it sometimes, in fact, I am getting itchy to start another painting.

  3. So that means that we get to see your sketches next week?

  4. Those are just wonderful... such imagination!!! Know I would not have seen those things in the doodles....

  5. Amazing! I agree you should start painting now even though you have quite a few years to go before you're old. Don't hold the creativity in if you can express it now.

  6. You might want to give Zentangles a try. All you need is pen and paper.

  7. Why not now? My Mom took up painting again when she was...well, getting up there. It has become an absolutely essential part of her every-day life

  8. How about turning Katie's pawprints into art. You could paint her paws & have her walk on the paper, then you take it from there. Becki


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