Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life is good

It's so nice and warm and quiet here.   Right now it's 85 degrees with no wind.

First, I want to post two photos of my grand kids from Vacaville, Lauren and Drew.  They were in their Aunt Allyson's wedding last week, and Kristy sent me these photos.  The first one is so cute, and the second one makes me laugh every time I look at it.

 Lauren and Drew - so pretty and handsome

Silly Lauren and Drew

Sometimes when my kids are taking photos of their children, they will say, "Silly face!" and everyone in the shot makes a funny face.  That's what a professional photographer does that my son's family uses. It loosens everyone up.   I'm pretty sure this one is a Silly Face photo. :)

Yesterday Katie and I went for a walk, and we ended up walking for more than an hour and a half.  We went around all the campsites, which are loops and tiered.  I wanted to see what kind of view they all had, in case I decide to stay here the additional four days until Zion. Some have a view of the lake, above us, and others have a  view of the mountains across the valley from us. I might want to change to another site with a different view.

Then we went into a little wash that's between the camping area and the parking lot for the lake.  I still don't know how the cars/boats get up there, we didn't find the road in and out, but we didn't walk to the end of the lot.  It must be at that end.  From a distance it looked kind of steep to go up the side of the wash, but when we got there, it was pretty easy to climb up in a few spots to the parking lot.  (Sometimes I feel like such a little old lady!)  It's a HUGE parking lot. 

Here are some photos of the reservoir:

 Sand Canyon Reservoir

 This is a close-up of the photo above it. 
The color of the rock is reflected in the water.

The photo right above this one - can you see the color change of the water right in the middle - across on the other side?  That's how much my new camera will enlarge.  18X.   We were standing in the same place when I snapped both photos.  In the first photo you can't even see the ducks.  I love this camera!!!

Is this a chipmunk?  I'm used to seeing squirrels, but haven't seen a chipmunk in years.  They have holes in the sand that they dive into when we are around.  They run really fast!  There are also tiny rabbits that scurry around so fast I haven't gotten a good look at one yet.  Just a tiny flash over the sand with a small white tail.  The little guy below, though, runs, then stops and stands up and freezes.  Do they think I can't see them if they don't move?  It's easy to photograph them. :)

 Desert Critter

The next desert critter is:

 Katie and her shadow

 Katie the Sphinx

Doesn't she look like the Sphinx?


Just taking it easy and enjoying the landscapes and warm weather...  Life is good.

From Me and My Dog, have a good Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. I believe that might be a ground squirrel.

    Cute grandkids. :)

  2. Lauren & Drew are adorable & I bet they are a hoot as well! I believe it is a chipmunk. Great pics -- beautiful scenery...lucky you!

  3. It's a chipmunk :) Aren't they cure. You have found a lovely spot to relax and enjoy. Beautiful photos of the rock and reflections. Katie the sphinx looks quite regal.

  4. That should be cute not cure ;)

  5. you did get a new camera. I guess I'll have to go back to see if you posted about it. I missed some posts :/

    The gkids are sure cuties!

    Glad you are enjoying the great weather.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. The grandkids are so cute. And Katie does a great Sphinx. Glad you're relaxing and having a good time. Gonna be nice down here in the valley next week so hopefully your weather stays beautiful.

  7. Katie is a good little companion. I bet you wouldn't take as many walks without her.

  8. Grands are so cute and seem to be very happy too.
    I love that camera you bought the pictures are awesome.

  9. CUTE grandkids - love the silly faces.

    Your new camera sure seems to do a bang-up job. You're posting some great photos.

    Katie is adorable as always. The one with her shadow reminds me of that kid's rhyme that starts..."I have a little shadow, that goes in and out with me..." Did you ever read that one to the grandkids?

  10. Hi, See that Life is treating you good. Enjoy!

  11. That's a beautiful place. It's nice that you can so easily just switch sites to get a different view.

    Love the pics of the grand kids. They are adorable.


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