Friday, October 7, 2011

Testing - is this post updating on your blogrolls?

Rick left a comment on My Dream Has Six Wheels:

It may not be a problem with Blogger at all. Me and My Dog needs to recheck her time and date settings on her computer to ensure they are correct.

I'm currently in Mountain Time, but my blog posts are set for Pacific Time, where I was on the west coast when I started.   I noticed the time was different on my posts, but didn't think anything of it.

Okay, I'm changing the time to my correct, current time.  Let me know if I start showing up again for Followers who have not been getting my posts.  I'm hoping this quick fix is all it will take.

Thanks, Rick.  Hopefully you've saved the day again!  :)

Gypsy sent me an e-mail saying she thought most of the people not getting the updates had Mac computers.  I wonder if that's true? 

Do you guys all change your times zones in Blogger settings when you cross into a new time zone?  I'll have to keep track of that.

As always, have a great evening!  :)

PS - It's a miracle! - I changed my time zone in Blogger settings, and now I can access my dashboard from IE and Chrome, which I haven't been able to do for a long time.  It must have been the time zone change that has been causing me problems with that, too.  Who knew?  Maybe that's why some of the blogs I follow weren't showing up - like Gypsy's when she was traveling back east, and others who have traveled to Arizona, etc.

Battery problem and Blogger problem both solved today.  Wow!


  1. 9pm here in the Pacific Northwest and my blogroll did not show your update. The last one I have is "We went Shopping" If that is the same for others, maybe you could backtrack from there.

    I was using Firefox, now using Chrome and I use a PC with Windows 7. Russ has the same problem and he uses Firefox and a PC with Vista Home.

  2. OOOPS...that last update is "Went to town today". I knew it had something to do with shoppping LOL!!

  3. Your last blog said "gone shopping"
    I use a PC, vista home premium. It still does not show up on my blog list.

  4. I had the same problem but I deleted you from my favorites and then went in and resaved your blog. I haven't had any trouble since and it has been almost a month

  5. Hi! I saw your question in the blogger help forum


    I've left an answer. Hope it helps.

    Take Care,

  6. Glad you are okay. I just realized I hadn't heard from you for a while and was a little concerned.

    I am in Florida, use Chrome and your blog didn't show up on my blogroll.

    I do not change my settings...but then I haven't changed time zones either.

  7. You haven't moved on my blog roll either - still from five weeks ago. I'm going to delete your blog from my listings and add it again, and see if that fixes it.

  8. Very weird - deleted your blog. Went and checked mine, and made sure it was off. Added it back on, went back to my blog, and there it was again - same update - went to town again - from five weeks ago. ??? Don't have any suggestions to offer - it's very strange.

  9. Barbara.... I was referring more to your computer 'date' setting being incorrect (i.e. wrong month or year). I don't think an hour's setting on time zone would be the cause of this particular problem.

    I think the issue is exactly what the previous commenter said it was about 'dragging' photos into your blog and thus affecting the blog feed - that makes a lot more sense.

  10. Looks like some good advice here. I hope it helps.
    I use IE9 with Vista. Mine shows like everyone else's, "went to town today".

  11. Hmm your last post that shows up in my reader is still from Aug 30th. I tried unsubscribing and re-adding you but that didn't help either..

    Bummer, but that's ok, I'll just keep coming directly to your blog from my favorites to keep up.

    Thanks again for sharing your adventure!


  12. I use IE, Windows 7 and your blog is still stuck at Went Shopping. In the past I've deleted and added your blog without any luck. When you go to your archive, August is open, Sep and Oct are closed.

  13. Nope, still not. I did notice that the last content which was the "Went to Town Today" was posted by "Feed Burner". I don't know anything about "Feed Burner", but am wondering if that might have something to do with it, if you've made changes since then in the way your feeds are put up.

  14. Whatever you did, it's working - I just got all of the missing blogs.

  15. I use a standalone product to follow blogs, RSSOwl, and it just posted 19 blogs for you! So it wasn't just the browser folks....LOL! Welcome back!

  16. As of now, I think you're feed is working o.k. I got updated posts showing up in Google Reader, and now I'm busy catching up to you and Katie. Stay happy and warm!


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