Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We're heading toward Zion

First post - Tuesday, October 18

Saturday, October 15

Our very sparsely populated campground here at Utah Lake RV Park has exploded.  In addition to the usual weekend campers, we were invaded by a Boy Scout troop.  There are 21 scouts and 14 adults, in addition to numerous tents being erected as I walked the circle last night, and a bunch of RVs and lots of trucks.  They are so excited and running around and having a ball.  The nights are going to be cold for them, but the daytime temps are going to be warm and perfect.

Reminds me of my son, Tom, taking my granddaughter on her Indian Princess camp outs.  They left all at 9 this morning for a day trip to a team building place where they have all kinds of things to do, including zip lining.  I hope they all have a great time!
Part of the Scout tent area. They had tents on the entire side of the park.

I had the strangest conversation with the Camp Host last night.  After my walk around the campground for Katie's usual constitutional, I realized I forgot to bring the garbage to the dumpster, so I left Katie in The Palms and grabbed the garbage bag and walked over toward the dumpster.

The Camp Host drove past in his cart and stopped to chat.  During the conversation, he said, "I haven't seen your husband."  I said, "I don't have a husband," and he says, "You're traveling alone?"  I say, "Well, me and my DOG, it's just me and my dog."  He says, "Oh, I thought you  mentioned a husband the other night."  I said, "Nope, not me."  (On the registration tag, I listed occupants as "1.")

Then he says, "So, I haven't seen you with her."  Thinking he meant Katie, I said, "We walk at least three times a day.  If you see me, you would see her, too."  He says, "That's funny, I haven't seen her at all since you've been here."  I said, "Really?"  (His site is right across from me, and he's come to the door twice, with Katie barking at him and he definitely saw her.)

Then he says something about my mother.  I said, "My mother isn't with me.  I'm with my DOG."  He said, "Oh...  I though you were with your Mother."    I said, "No, I'm with my dog."   Okay, time to walk on...  Is that weird, or what???  Kind of put me on guard more than usual.

He is one of those camp hosts that uses his wheels to tour the campground, even though this is a really small area.

The last couple of nights there were fireworks across town, and I got a few pics.  I'm going to have to find out which setting works best, because these were the best I could get on the 'normal' setting:

Sunday, October 16

These cute little critters were scurrying through our site all weekend:

And finally, Sunday evening's sunset pics:

Monday, October 17

There was a storm that came through this area last night, that had me shaking in my bed, in fact the entire rig was shaking, rocking and rolling, and  rattling.  I climbed down and lowered the TV antenna, I was afraid it would fly away.  I was also happy that I wasn't parked under any trees, but I still was afraid something might fly into us.  All the Boy Scout people left Sunday afternoon.  I didn't realize there were so many support people there.  This morning, there were only four sites taken, and yesterday the campground was full.  Anyway, I lay there listening to the high winds hoping everyone put their chairs, lanterns, etc., away so they wouldn't fly into us.

Then the rain started.  Wow.  It was hard and long.  I got down again and grabbed Katie and brought her up with me, it was really cold in The Palms, in the 40s.  About an hour later I climbed down again and turned on our Arctic heater switch so the tanks wouldn't freeze.  I wasn't sure how cold it was outside, but I didn't want to wake up to frozen tanks and pipes.  Then later I got down again and turned on one of the space heaters to start warming The Palms so we wouldn't be too cold when we got up.

It was a long night.  So, we hit the road headed toward Zion, with the intention of finding an RV park along the way.  We left this campground on Monday morning around 10 am.

Tuesday morning, October 18

Yesterday ended up being a very frustrating, long day.  We finally found an RV park after dark to just sleep the night after driving all day.  I was so tired.  

We're in the Walmart parking lot in Cedar City right now.  There's a Great Clips here, so I went across the lot to get a hair cut.  My last one was the end of May, and I've been trimming it myself.  WAY past due for a "real" haircut, and she did a good job.

I'm going to do a bit of shopping at Walmart and get back on the road.  I'll post a second edition later today to tell you what we did yesterday.  The Good and the Bad.  And the Beautiful.  I have some great photos.

Until later, from Me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. I think I would have told the campground host, "Yes, I'm traveling with my dog. He's a Rottweiler." Definitely weird. (Russ just leaned over my shoulder and said "Hi Barbara, Hi Katie")!!

    Great pics - looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Strange converssation for sure...keep an eye out!...

  3. You should have shown him your mom's wardrobe. He would have thought her stylish and petite.

    What a weirdo. Keep an extra eye on him.

  4. Not that I'd want to make any excuses for weirdos or anything, but it almost sounds like your Camp Host has the beginnings of dementia.
    Hate to say it, but that sort of aphasia as it relates to syntax is one of the first signs.
    I'm no clinical psychologist. It just so happens that one of my brothers-in-law is well along the way to full blown dementia, and some of the earlier signs (comprehension and communication mix-ups) can have everyone fooled at first.

    Then again, he might just be a nut job.

  5. You're really taking this full-timing seriously, aren't you? I have a really good friend in Twin Falls, ID and I usually go to Arizona through Twin Falls. This time I opted for I-5 and I don't think I'll do that again any time soon. If I had of we probably would have been there at the same time. I'm sorry I missed you.

  6. Hope ur getting out of there if u haven't already....don't like folks that are too nosy like him...true, it could be the beginning of dementia but it could also be something worse. Watch that crazy one. Take care.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fireworks pics !


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