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Rock Creek RV Park, Twin Falls, ID

WELCOME to our new Followers, Debbie and Duane!  I've been following your blog, too, and enjoy your beautiful photos.  I especially loved the animal shots in your blog of September 26, the moose pictures were amazing!  Thanks for following along with us, we're happy to have you along. :)

We 're still in Idaho.  We are staying at a County Park in Twin Falls, ID named Rock Creek RV Park.   It had really good reviews on-line, so I decided to check it out. For $15 a night (no discounts) it's a pretty nice place to hang out for a while.  It's bare bones as far as RV Park amenities.  It does have water and electricity, covered picnic tables, BBQs and vault toilets, and that's about it.  Although the view to the rear of The Palms is a stone wall with a rock quarry above, not very pretty, the view in front of us is lawns, the covered picnic tables, and a wide, rushing creek.

Clouds at Rock Creek RV Park

Creek at Rock Creek RV Park, ID

That's The Palms looking through the picnic table

There are easy walking trails, a nice day park with a play area, a Frisbee golf course, etc.

This RV Park is in the city of Twin Falls, which has everything close by, Costco, Best Buy, Target, all the large and small shopping stores and restaurants.

The weather here has been good, but it has been windy today.   The Palms has been rocking in the wind, which is fun.  Rain was in the forecast, but we've only had a little so far. 

Coming into the city from the freeway, you go over the I.B. Perrine Memorial Bridge which is 1,500 feet long, the longest span bridge in the west.  It's 486 feet above the river.  After leaving the bridge, if you turn right on the first street, there is an Information building where we pulled in and parked.  I couldn't believe the river and surrounding areas below us when we crossed the bridge, and I had to get a closer look.

I.B. Perrine Memorial Bridge

There is a scenic overlook at the Information area and we went there to take some photos.  The Snake River Canyon has some pretty cool history, how it was carved out by one of the world's worst floods, the Bonneville Flood.  That was 14,000 years ago.  I won't put it all down here, but it's pretty interesting.  If you want to know more, you can Google it.  :)

There are two golf courses down in the canyon, both 18 holes.  One is privately owned, but open to the public, and the other is part of a private country club.  Click on the photo to see it better, it's an amazing view in person.  You really have to be there to fully appreciate the depth of this canyon, or the fact that the floor of the canyon is used for different things.  Besides the golf  courses, there is a trout farm.  There are fresh water springs that come out of the north side of the Canyon walls, which furnish the trout farms.  Blue Lakes Trout Farm grows and sells 16,000,000 trout per year. The Snake River Canyon is home to many animals and birds.

Floor of Snake River Canyon - two golf courses

Snake River Canyon

 On-line photo of the floor of the Canon.
It's like a small city down there.

Down the canyon on the right and past the curve, there is a mound of dirt, which is where Evel Kneivel's jump ramp was when he attempted his jump across the Snake River in 1974.  I remember that.  His motorcycle was rocket propelled, but unfortunately there was a malfunction after he took off, and he ended up parachuting down into the canyon 485 feet, landing safely just on the south edge of the water below.

The mound from which Evel Kneivel attempted
his jump across the Snake River Canyon 

Lots of people "base jump" off the bridge.  There were 5 or 6 young people preparing their chutes to jump when we were there.  They had already jumped and were going again in about 45 minutes, but I didn't want to wait to see them jump.

Getting ready for base jumps

The Information Center volunteer suggested going to see the Shoshone Falls, which is only five miles outside town.  I don't know if we will or not.  It's called the Niagara of the West because it's 212 feet tall, higher than Niagara Falls.  Usually there isn't water at this time of year, but apparently it's flowing now.

 Shoshone Falls (on-line photo)

I think we might stay here for a bit.  They are supposed to have a storm coming in, and I want to be here for it.   Also, I want to pick up my General Delivery mail at the post office, and it will take a few days for my daughter to pack it up, mail it, and have it reach me here.  Apparently I can stay until October 31 when the park closes.  The Camp Host is leaving on the 15th, though, so I may leave before then.

Katie is doing well here. She didn't have any motion sickness on the drive down, but we weren't on the road for long.  I'm going to try to drive shorter distances from now on.

Sleep tight, little Katie

From Me and Katie, have a good night, everyone!  :)

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