Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our LONG walk and Katie's treasures

Friday afternoon a transformer in the park blew, and we all lost our electricity.  I wasn't sure if it was me or the parks' electricity, so I called the office and got the fast busy signal.  Their phone lines are dependent on electricity and weren't working, so I knew it wasn't me.  Then I went out and unplugged The Palms so I wouldn't ruin anything if there was a surge when it came back on.

Luckily it wasn't too hot that afternoon, it was in the 80s, and we did fine without electricity.  My computer works with the inverter, and I didn't need anything else. Isn't it nice to live in a self contained house?

It went off around 4:30 and came back at 7:30, just in time for the good TV shows.  

Katie and I took another loooong walk yesterday.  We took off in a couple of different directions, retraced our steps, and then I decided to walk up the road to the parking lot, which I finally found, and from there walk across the levee to the beach area at the other end.

Well... when we were about half way along the levee, the beach in the distance kept seeming farther and farther away.  I was thinking, if we make it to the beach, then we are going to have to walk alllllllll the way back.  Not good.  Katie was lagging, I think the rocky path was slowing her down.  I never know if what we're walking on is bothering the little pads on her feet, but she was starting to pant a little and I was getting tired, so we turned around and headed back to the beginning of the levee.

I carried Katie part of the way and part of the way back. She seemed happy about that.  Not only was she not walking, she had a better view up in my arms than on the ground.

When we got back to the parking lot, we went to the restroom and I made a cup of my hands and got her some water, and she drank it all, so she was thirsty.  Then we walked back to the rig; we were both very happy to be home again.

These long walks are new to us, and obviously we need the exercise, but walking an hour and a half in 80+ degree temps is pretty good for a 66 years old woman and a tiny dog, I think.  Three and a half years ago, before I lost 25 pounds, I could not have begun to walk like this.  A lot of our walks here are at a slight incline, and back then I would have been so out of breath, and my legs would have really felt the burn. Today I was breathing and climbing just fine.  I was pretty happy about that, even though I was glad we turned around before we got to the beach.

Here are all the treasures Katie found on our walk:

Katie finds interesting stuff on the ground that I'd never see. I think this was a small critter.  She found three of them along the way on the Levee.  I don't think they were fish.

Katie found this huge worm, too, by our campsite. Horn worm?  That's Katie's nose by it's tail, she was very interested in it.

Katie loves these lizards.  They go into a bush, and she'll stand and watch and wait for them to come out.  Of course, they don't, and we move on.

Views along the way.   These are from our walk back along the levee.

And back to camp.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. You are doing so much for your overall health by walking. I'm slowly getting back to it but not nearly as much as I'd like.

  2. You are inspiring me!! I really need to walk and I find all kinds of excuses not to. Ok, I'm going for a walk right now!! Thanks!!

  3. I don't know what the heck that thing was, but it does resemble a fish of some sort.
    You are a good Mom to Katie. Carlos loves it when I pick him up too so he can see things he can't see from the ground either.

  4. Nothing like a nice dead thingy to make a dog happy! Can't tell what that is but glad Katie enjoyed it.

    You are doing so well with this lifestyle and it seems Katie has just taken to it like a pro. Have you thought about a doggie stroller for her for when she gets tired? Someone else just posted about one, can't remember who but it was sure cute.

  5. looks like it was a lovely day for a walk!!.or a 'carry' if you are Katie!!..nice photos!!

  6. Again nice pictures and Katie, found some ugly thing there. If it were Fred he would either try to roll all over it or eat it. If it wasn't for Fred I wouldn't move an inch to walk. We are lucky to have such wonderful fur babies.

  7. Gingee loves catching/getting stuff too but then she eats it, gobbles it down. I can't stand when she does that!!!


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