Monday, October 10, 2011

We're not leaving today - it's Columbus Day

WELCOME to our new follower, WestieWaggin'!  I don't see a blog for you, but the photo of your Westie is soooo cute!  Katie and I are happy you are along for our adventures on the road.  Welcome aboard!

Well, we haven't left town yet.  I have a package waiting for me, General Delivery, at the post office here in Twin Falls.  Every so often my daughter, Kristy (actually it's usually my son-in-law, Matt) sends me my mail when I'm in a town for a while.  It probably arrived Friday, but I forgot to go to the post office when I was in town.  I also could have gone back Saturday, but I thought, Heck, I 'll stop on my way out of town on Monday.  I didn't know today is Columbus Day and the Post Office is closed.  
 So...  I'm trying to figure out if I want to stay here for one more day, or hang out in town for a while and sleep overnight at the WalMart.  I think for the $15 per night I'm paying here, I'll stay another night.   

So, for one more day we have:

 Beautiful skies

 Beautiful flowers

 Critters on the path

 Rushing creek

 Easy walking paths

And another nap in the sunshine

But you know how you feel when you're ready to go?  You're ready to go!  I'm just glad I heard it on the radio last night, and was able to check Post Office holidays on-line this morning.  I would have been pretty disappointed standing at the locked door and seeing the "Closed for Columbus Day" sign.

So, tomorrow we go!!!

It's sunny this morning, but rain is expected later today, so I will also have one more rainy day to enjoy.

From Me and My Dog, enjoy your Columbus Day, everyone!  :)


  1. That's the good thing about this lifestyle. You can always change your plans!

  2. Oh glad you didn't go to the trouble of going into town to discover that the PO was closed! And I guess you'll just have to suffer at that campground one more day... ;-) I'd opt to stay there too over WM for the price & peace.

  3. I don't remember seeing any pictures of Shoshoni Falls in your blog yet. That's a can't miss visit right there outside Twin Falls. You should check it out before you leave that area. Worth it for sure!

  4. From the pictures you share I think staying there beats the Walmart parking lot by a large margin.

    I have been ready to go for some time, but obligations anchor me. It creates a tension I would love to end, but that just cannot be right now.

    So, I travel vicariously, and you contribute to my virtual adventure!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love seeing you roll past again, virtually or otherwise. yup, Columbus Day was the one holiday I used to have as a government employee that would make people roll their eyes! Today, as a part time retiree, I am working! LOL

  6. Enjoy your extra day! Isn't it funny how we lose track of time and dates when we're on the road? Since Russ has retired, I sometimes wake up and really have to think before I remember what day it is.

  7. I'm finally getting caught up and see your blog is back to working order. Yay!! I even had you in 2 places trying not to miss anything, lol. Still not sure what the pictures had to do with it but whatever, as long as things are popping up now...all is good!

    Enjoy your last day hanging out! Cheers! ~M

  8. I didn't think about it being Columbus Day either until I heard something on TV. Good grief. Those holidays used to be so important to me because I got the day off from work. Now every day is a day off. It's so wonderful.

  9. I used to look forward to holidays because I usually got the day off -- now I hardly know when they come and go 'cause I'm off work every day -- WHAT A LIFE!

  10. I would have stayed there another day also rather than at Wally World.
    Enjoy the rain of the roof. It puts me into such piecful place.

  11. I'll take that rushing creek view any day. Rain on the roof... ahhh... yes, that's the life.


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