Friday, October 21, 2011

Photos of Flora and Fauna in Sand Canyon

WELCOME to our new Follower, Sharon!  Hi, Sharon, I didn't see you at first, since you don't have a photo; sorry I missed you when you first started following.  Sharon has a blog about "life and travels with the dogs" which looks like it's all set up, but she hasn't posted yet.  She has a beautiful dog named Katie who is shown on her blog.  Thanks for following along with us, Sharon, we're happy to have you on board!  :)

Katie and I took another long walk yesterday.  While we were walking I was looking at all the flowers and bushes in the sand surrounding us.  At first glance, it just looks like a bunch of bushes, but when you look closer, there are a lot of different kinds of plants here.

If I didn't have Katie, I wouldn't take half the walks I take, and I wouldn't walk half as far on each one.  Without this blog, I'd never be looking around so much for interesting things to take pictures of for that day's post. I'd miss a lot.  And if I didn't have this new camera, I wouldn't be able to take such wonderful photos.

The following photos of the desert plants may not be interesting to some readers, but I wanted to remember them, so here they are. The first one is the only cactus I've seen here.


I've mentioned before how quiet it is here.  As we were walking, I could hear a bee buzzing across the road, and I went over to get a photo.  It's so quiet, you can hear a bee buzzing or an insect flying.  I also got a few photos of birds and a little lizard.

 Ant Hill - no ants - must have been nap time.

 Here's our Bee

 Bird  with long beak

 Bird with tufted head - if you click on him, you 'll see how cute he is.

Lizard - at the bottom/middle.  He's hard to see.
Katie keeps flushing these guys out of the bushes.

And that's what we saw on our walk yesterday.

I wanted to say something about Facebook.  I do have a Facebook account, but I don't use it.  When I first started on Facebook, I just couldn't believe all the "stuff" people had on my wall.  Their political opinions, stuff I was not interested in and didn't want on MY Facebook wall, all the little day to day things people (and their friends) were doing.  I couldn't believe the volume of information.  I really didn't like it and there was not enough control.  I know things are different now, but I just have a negative feeling about Facebook.  I ended up unfriending everyone, then I felt bad, I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  It wasn't that I didn't like them, there was just too much stuff on my wall from too many people.

I know having a blog like this, which is open to the world, might seem even worse, but I feel I can control exactly what goes into my posts.  Also, if I don't like a comment, I can delete it.  That hasn't happened, but just in case, I do have that control.  I didn't feel that way about Facebook.

So, I have had people want to "friend" me, and I don't respond.  I'd rather be cyber-friends through my blog and yours rather than Facebook.  For now, anyway.  So if you've sent a "friend" request to me, I'm not going to be your friend on Facebook, but I'll be a great friend on Blogger.

From Me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!  :)


  1. Beautiful pictures. It looks like you are really enjoying your full time RV life.


  2. I so agree with you on FB. I use it to keep track of my kid but otherwise I am not interested. I am always looking for flowers to post on the blog. I just love them. And lizards - Scooter is our lizard hunter.

  3. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your adventure. I have responsibilities right now that preclude life on the road, as much as I long for it. I even have a small rig I can use. I just am not yet free to go. The vicarious experience is all I have, and your offering is much appreciated.

  4. We feel the same way about FaceBook. There are a lot of RV'ers on FB, but we don't use it at all.
    Between our Blog, and using Gmail, we feel like we can keep in touch with our friends and family, and yes, we do have a little more control.
    Take care...TnT

  5. I too do not participate on Facebook. I started an account because everyone else did, but it just isn't to my liking. Way to busy.

    Maybe I'm too old. I do like blogger though!

  6. First thank you for sharing your walk with Katie.
    I have closed my account with facebook twice and I will not get another one. Like you said to many comments and people you really don't want to deal with show up. The second time someone hacked into my grandsons account and started sending porn. I reported it and a message came back we will try to fix it. TRY? that is not the answer I wanted to hear.

  7. Blogging is like a 'virtual family'..thanks for sharing your day and all the photos!..looks like a mighty fine campsite you have there!..enjoy yourselves!!

  8. Same here with Facebook. I don't like it and actually find it quite boring.

    I've been meaning to delete my account there for ages now. Glad to know others don't like FB also.

  9. Barbara, you have a wonderful spot to camp there! Great photos, too. Looks like you are getting the hang of that new camera.

    Have to agree with you about Facebook. Way too much "stuff" floating around there.

    Give Katie a hug from us.

  10. Did you know that somewhere in the Arizona desert you can find a flower blooming every day of the year?...I never did FB...sometimes I would like to but I just think to myself that sometimes ignorance is bliss...I just don't need to know every little thing about everyone, I guess.

  11. Isn't it wonderful the beauty you can find if you only take the time to look. I sure enjoyed your photos.

    I still use FB a little to keep up with kids and grands but I don't really like it. Some days I don't check it at all. I prefer blogs.

  12. Donna K said it perfectly about FB.
    Just keep track of my kids.

    Thank you for being my friend here in blogger land.

  13. I don't "get" face book. I just keep my account to see pictures of the grandkids. Sometimes I post on it to share things I want my kids to see... they don't like to take the time to read my blog...

    What is up with that? Seems that people just want to write these "one liners" about themselves...

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  14. Barbara, you have a wonderful spot to camp there! Great photos, too. Looks like you are getting the hang of that new camera. Have to agree with you about Facebook. Way too much "stuff" floating around there. Give Katie a hug from us.


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