Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Snowing in Zion! :)

Yeaaa, it's snowing.  When I woke up I could see some wind, some rain and some snow.  I went out and took photos, but you can't see the snow.  If it starts snowing harder, I'll get some where you can see it coming down.

Mountains topped with fog.

You didn't know me when I lived in Camino or Pollock Pines right above Placerville.  I lived right on the snow line and we'd get snow every year. I was only snowed in once, but I worked at home so there was no problem.  Our roads were plowed, and I'd keep my car pointing to the street, right at the bottom of the driveway.  Both houses had long driveways and I never shoveled snow.

 This is my Pollock Pines house

When they were forecasting snow, I'd go to the grocery store and stock up on way more than I needed, I always had a big stock pile of wood because I used wood stoves for heat.  I was ready for the duration.  There was such excitement about the possibility of snow.  (Remember I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.)  During one snow storm, the top of one of those trees came through my living room ceiling upstairs like a knife.   The weight of the snow broke the top of the tree right off. Took down some fencing and the deck railing on the left upstairs side of the house.  That was definitely exciting! 

When I woke up this morning and saw little flying snowflakes, it was like Christmas for me!  So far it's intermittent, and nothing is sticking, but I love watching it, hot cup of coffee nearby.

I'm so glad I have my new converter and a stocked larder.  We could stay here for days and never move - and we will. :)

More later...  time to make some soft boiled eggs with cut up buttered toast mixed in.  Just the kind of breakfast for a cold morning.  Just wanted to post about the snow while it was happening.


 Can you see the snow on the peaks?

Snow capped - just a light frosting

From Me and My Dog, have a great Saturday, everyone!  :)


  1. You say you love snow, but to me it sounds like it's time to head SOUTH.

  2. You and Katie snuggle up and enjoy the show!

  3. Know what you mean - the first snow is exciting - we had ours last Saturday - the earliest that I can ever remember in PA - everything was white but by Sunday it melted away! Enjoy!

  4. I never thought of eating eggs that way, mmmm I may try it.
    It's cold here in Sacramento and I have the fireplace on, although it doesn't put out as much heat as I expected. What kind of heaters are you using?
    I am ready to head south, but have to wait for a few months. Then , I'm out of here.

  5. Guess I had so much snow growing up in Montana that I want to be down in the valley where there is no chance of snow. You and Katie enjoy your day and make us a snow man if you get enough snow.

  6. yuck snow... yummm those eggs sound good!
    Keep warm.

  7. Wow! Snow already!! Sounds like you and Katie are ready to snuggle up and enjoy!!

  8. LOL ... I'm trying to get away from snow!

  9. Placerville!!!! OMIGOSH...I was there on my trip west in 2010. Adorable town. I camped at a campground way, way, down hill. My site was right next to "Trouble Maker Rapid". I drove over on 50 from Reno, following Lake Tahoe. My gosh, you lived in heaven!

    Be careful in the snow. There is something so beautiful that I miss about a fresh snowfall...

    My Dad used to make sunnyside eggs when I was a kid and he'd break up a piece of white break and mix it all together. It was delicious!

    Thanks for the memories!

  10. just a litte dusting!..but snow still the same!!

  11. Your house in the woods looks lovely. It would be nice to cuddle up in front of a fire with a book and a cup of something hot and just watch the snow drift down. Not so sure I would enjoy it in the motorhome lol!! I hope you don't have to drive in it. You and Katie stay warm and dry.

  12. Although we live in an area in PA that gets lots of snow, I can't wait until we are full-timing and do not have to shovel or drive in it. Seeing it outside my window of the fifth wheel and not having to that's different!

  13. Sounds like another lovely day in your life of fulltiming :-)
    Thanks again for more beautiful pics!

  14. Snow looks great, as long as it stays up there on those mountains. You should get some great pictures. Stay warm and dry. Don't let it snow too much before you hit the road for warmer places. It can move down pretty fast when the cold comes in.
    Stay warm. Give Katie an extra blanket from us.

  15. How exciting is that to wake up too. It snowed like that just before I left Lakeside and by the afternoon it was all gone. I figured it was time to head south.
    Be carefull stay safe.

  16. Beautiful. Zion is our favorite place so far. Would love to see it and Bryce Canyon with snow but we don't want to go there when it's that cold!

  17. Snow = UGH !! RUN RUN RUN !!

  18. Beautiful pictures!! We use a small piece cotton from a cotton ball and with something real pointed poke it into the holes on the lever before setting (these are the old fashion wooden traps, only the bait holder is plastic instead of metal). Peanut butter gets rancid fast and the mice ignore it. Good luck!
    Love your blog. Brave Lady!!!


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