Friday, November 4, 2011

Housecleaning today, going to town

WELCOME to our new Follower, Jenny!  I don't see a blog for Jenny, but her profile photo is a huge black dog, so Jenny and her Dog are following Me and MY Dog.  Thanks for signing on, Jenny, I hope you enjoy following along with us on our adventures.  Welcome aboard!  :)

Katie and  I walked over to the visitor's Center yesterday to see if they had outgoing mail service, my Dad's birthday is coming up,  and I had to leave Katie outside again.  This time I took her photo.   She's being such a good girl:

Katie waiting.

I was testing out the Panorama setting on my camera, and this is what I got - I think it was three clicks.  Really easy, and it turned out perfectly:

That's a bit of The Palms on the left

 The sunset was really pretty last night:

I love taking photos of little birds.  This guy and his friends were in our site this morning:

This morning I cleaned the house, stripped the bed and got all the laundry together including rugs and the things I don't launder every time.  We stopped at the dump station on the way out of the park and dumped the tanks and filled up with water.

As I was waiting for the fiver ahead of me (how much water do those things hold, anyway - it took forever to fill his water tank! ) I watched this little guy who was up the hill next to me:

Then we went into the town of Springfield to find a Post Office to mail my Dad's birthday card, do the laundry and top off the fridge and food cupboard.

As I was driving around the loop to my campsite, I saw this guy in the field:

 He was munching in the field, and there is a doe on the left

 I watched him for a while, then got back into The Palms and went on to our site.

I put Katie's leash on we headed out for our walk in the direction of the deer.  When we got there, they were done eating and were resting.  Each was on a different side of the field across from each other.   I went to the edge of the field and he casually watched me, but didn't move anything except his head.

 Resting after dinner.

As we continued walking around the loop, I saw these little birds chirping up in a tree - they were all sitting close together, and were just starting to fly away, and I got one in flight - right in the middle.  I liked this photo:

Then we went home - I got some photos of the clouds overhead.


Inside it was nice a warm.  Everything is clean and good smelling.  I got out fixings for dinner and pan fried a filet mignon, made some Spinach Surprise and toasted Italian bread with a nice cheap Cab.  Yum!

It just started raining, and there's a chance we might get some snow tonight. That would be pretty cool - pun intended. :)

From Me and My Dog, have a great Friday night, everyone!  :)


  1. You really do take some incredible pictures. They are just wonderful to look at. Katie looks so cute peeking out at you.

  2. sounds like a great day!!! and productive too!!

  3. I love the pic of Katie watching you through the door. She's saying, where are you goin' without me?

  4. Amazing pictures of the deer and they didn't run. Once again that site you are at looks great!

  5. The most scenic part of the country! I think staying there a long time is good!

  6. Barbara you are getting some very nice pictures. I think that camera agrees with you lol! You pano is great,

  7. Barbara, you really got the floor shiny in that first photo. Now that's great cleaning! Your photos today are all just fun to view. What a fun day, after the work, of course!


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