Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snowy in Arizona, visited Sedona

Friday I met up with my cousin, Grant, at Sam's Town buffet for lunch and we had a great visit.  Then I invited him back to The Palms and we continued talking for a few more hours.  He had been up since 4 am and was stifling yawns and I was pretty tired, too, so we called it a day.  It was really nice seeing him again after so long and catching up on each other's lives.

We left Sam's Town RV Park Saturday morning and visited Walmart to do some shopping and headed southeast.  Before I knew it we were in Arizona.  I didn't have a specific destination in mind, but we headed toward Sedona.  

We drove a while, checked out a couple of places to camp but they didn't work for us, and we ended up parking in a level dirt area next to a gas station in Ash Fork, AZ around 6:00.  The employees in the store at the gas station were really nice and told us exactly where to park so we wouldn't be in the midst of the big rigs who would probably be coming and going all night.

There was a huge puddle in the dirt next to us, and when I was putting up our privacy curtain blocking off the truck windshield last night I looked out the front window and there were some cattle right in front of us.  It was so cool, one was drinking out of the puddle; I love it when things like that happen.  I think they had come in from the field adjacent to the gas station property.  I tried to get a photo, but I think it was too dark.

When we woke up this morning we were the only RV parked in that area, but right next to us at the edge of their parking lot were about a dozen big rigs all lined up. Seems they have to stay from 8 to 10 hours, depending on how long they've driven that day according to the woman at the gas station store.  We had a nice conversation, and she suggested a couple of places to go down the road, Indian Casinos, where I can stay three nights at each casino for free.  If I'm in that area, I will definitely check them out.  I'm spending a fortune in gas and I'll take all the free nights I can get!

I got some coffee-to-go at the store and got on the freeway and almost immediately had snow on each side of the road.  There was dense fog, sprinkles and then heavy rain.  Along the side of the freeway were signs warning of icy roads, so I was super careful and drove slower than usual.  Wow.  This is NOT the Arizona I thought we'd be seeing!

I always get pretty excited about snow, but...  I wasn't too happy about driving in those conditions.  The snow had stopped and I didn't see any except on the side of the road and in the forests along the way.

We drove to Sedona and stopped at the Red Rock Ranger Station and got brochures and maps and suggestions from one of the Rangers.  I wanted to be in one of the Vortex's, but it was chilly and damp and foggy and it's quite a hike to get to them, so we stopped in the parking lot of the first one and willed the harmony to come lower and find us.

I drove around a little and took a lot of pictures and then turned back and got onto the highway again.  I had hoped to find somewhere to do some dispersed camping, but felt it was too dreary for boondocking and the Ranger agreed with me. He said the roads and trails would be pretty muddy and even warned me which areas on the map I shouldn't try to drive.

Sedona sure is a pretty area. I'd like to come back this way when the weather is warm and dry, do some boondocking in the forest and a little hiking in the Vortex areas. It would be a great romantic getaway if any of you couples are ever in the area and haven't been here yet.  It's not far off the beaten track.

I pulled off the freeway a couple of times following signs for RV Parks, but they weren't worth a stop, so we kept going.

 Black Canyon - Lake Mead National Recreation Area - taken at aScenic Rest Area
This looks like a photo from a book, doesn't it?

It's 6:00 now, and we are in a rest area. Arizona rest areas allow overnight parking, no camping, but overnights are okay.  It's actually on the sign here.  I made myself a great lunch when we stopped around 2:00, and now I'm having cereal and raspberries for dinner.  As soon as I post this I'm settling in to catch up on your blogs.  :)  We've been on the road a lot the last two days and I wanted to stop early today to give Katie a break so she wouldn't get carsick again.

The sun was out here at the rest area, blue skies overhead, with distant clouds in all directions over the mountains; it was beautiful.  Nothing else to report - we'll be back on the road again in the morning.

A final shot - the sunset reflecting on the clouds across the freeway:

From Me and My Dog, have a great Sunday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Great photos. Looks like a beautiful place but you need to get where it is warmer real quick.

  2. We loved Sedona - the gorgeous red rocks - your pics bring back great memories! I enjoy following you and Katie and your travels. Keep having fun!!!

  3. Thats the great thing about being a full timer. You can go back when the weather is better!

    We are planning on traveling some of the places you have been next October. It is great to see what the weather can be.

  4. Northern AZ is cold and snow in the winter time. It's really a great place in the late spring and early fall. You need to come further south in AZ. Be safe out there. Love your pictures.

  5. great photos of the Sedona area! travels to you and Katie tomorrow!!.sleep well!

  6. Those 'snow' pics really worry me as I hope to be heading South sometime next week. But I think I'm gonna stick to the I-5 at least until I get to warmer climates.

  7. Sure seems the snow has been early this year. Hope we are able to make it home next month!!

    Love the Sedona area. Hope you do get a chance to get back there when the weather is nicer. There is an easy vortex area up near the airport but don't know what it would be like in nasty weather. Great pics. Stay safe and warm. Extras hugs to Katie.

  8. Beautiful pictures, especially the last one with the clouds. You have a great life, I'm enjoying going along for the ride. Take care and good sleeping to u and Katie.

  9. Absolutely the prettiest area of the country. The layers of rock, the reds and oranges..very cool!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I like the foggy Sedona, it's a nice contrast to what you usually see!!

  11. Yes the snows came early this year. I had snow in Lakeside in early Oct.
    Seems all of AZ was in snow or rain yesterday with heavy clouds. It rained all day here in Tucson but wasn't cold just a little chilly.
    Hope you reach the warmer part of our State tomorrow. We have a few Casino's around here I don't know about the RV parking maybe you can look them up Casino of the Sun and Desert Diamond. That is if you come this far. Good travels and be safe.

  12. Oh and I love the pictures, I love Sedona, Spring and fall are great times to visit. Summer is on the hot side.

  13. Great pics of Sedona. Sure looked different to our visit there when it was bright blue skies and sunshine. Still a beautiful spot no matter what the weather.

  14. Beautiful pics! How is your rig set up for cold weather camping? Is it a 4 season rig? I'd have to be worried about my tanks and lines freezing up.

    Love the blog, BTW, and check it often.

    Collier Carlton
    (still working in)
    Holly Springs, MS

  15. Sedona is absolutely gorgeous. It's not that far to Warm. Stay safe, hugs for Katie.

  16. Haven't been to Sedona for a few years and that was staying in hotel. Next trip will be in RV but not in winter!
    Gorgeous photos!


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