Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our last night at Pleasant Lake

WELCOME to our new followers!  I noticed the number went up but saw only one new Follower, so there must be some at the end of the Follower list without photos, and there were three that I wasn't aware of.

Welcome to Unknown (11/4)  and smeekins222  (11/5), who don't have photos or blogs or any information shown, but we're happy to have you both along with us on our adventures!

Welcome also to Jim and Gayle, who have been full-timing since 2008!  Because there wasn't a photo, Jim and Gayle were also at the end of the Followers list, but they do have a blog with their travel adventures and great photos; I enjoyed reading the last bunch of posts to catch up a bit.  They also started posting in 2008.  How have I missed your blog for this long???  Well, I'm following you now, too!  (11/6)

And Welcome to Tippy, who is still working, but looking forward to getting a van and becoming a vandweller.  She said in her profile that she found this lifestyle by accident when she found cheaprvliving, and was delighted to find people actually live this way. Good luck, Tippy!  I hope you achieve your dream!

Welcome aboard to you all, and thanks for following along with Me and Katie. :)


Katie and I walked down the road and over to the edge of the main road to get more photos of some burros that came closer to our area.  Katie doesn't seem to like this street, it has lots of little rocks on it, and I think it hurts her little pads, because she walks really slow and carefully.  Yesterday suddenly she started walking faster, even went ahead of me.  I looked down and this is what I saw:

Smooooth sailing.  She is so funny!  :)

I got a close-up of this little one:

And this guy was totally enjoying this bush - he walked around it and munched it all over.

More birds at the faucet:

 Hello, again.

 Get off, I got here first!

 There's a bird nest in the tree next to The Palms.  I haven't seen any birds around it, though.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!


Today I took a long shower, washed my hair, cleaned the linoleum floors, vacuumed, dusted, washed some of the windows, cleaned off the bugs outside, went up on the roof and oiled my antenna, took the MaxAire kitchen vent cover off and cleaned the vent cover, checked out the roof, and then I sat in the campsite in my chair with Katie and read my Kindle for a while.  It was beautiful outside.  So nice to have everything clean before I move on to the next stop.

Katie loves napping in the sun.
View of the lake from my roof.

I haven't hooked up to the water since the faucet is so far from the electric plug-ins.  I finished up the water in my holding tank and decided to plug into the water faucet and fill it before I leave. I was going to do that on my way out, but decided to do it today at my site.  Because of the leak, the fittings were encrusted with chemicals from the water and I couldn't get the hose to screw in. I flagged down a county worker and told him, and a little bit later he was back wtih another county worker and they cleaned it up and were able to attach my hose for me.

I had to unhook the electricity and move The Palms back a little to reach the faucet with my water hose.  Now I won't have to worry about fresh water on our way out - we'll just dump the grey and black tanks, then we're on our way.  I want to check out a casino for a free stay for a few days in Phoenix.

 This Cactus Wren (thank you, Judy!) flew onto my windshield wipers, 
walked around near the front window, and flew to the ground.
If you click on him, you'll see really pretty markings.

 Another new bird (Curve-billed Thrasher - thank you heyduke50).

Thirsty bird. 

The county workers are going to come back tomorrow after I leave and change out my faucet, which is an old one.  They were surprised it wasn't already changed out.  The birds are going to miss this leaky old faucet.

These photos are from our early evening walk:

 This "flying machine" flew right over the park.

 I love these pastel sunsets.

Tomorrow we're on the road!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. Smart Katie, walking on the smooth painted line.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the sunsets when we are traveling. Tonight I went out to take something to the trash at about 5:30 and got a glimpse of what I think was a beautiful sunset. There are so many trees I cant see the horizon, hence poor sunset visibility most of the time.

  3. That is a weird bird with the orange eyes! Dogs are smart, huh??

  4. Katie, was really smart to pick the painted line. Dogs are amazing little critters. They can figure things out quite fast.
    Nice pictures.

  5. safe travels tomorrow!!..where ever you end up I am sure it will be blog-worthy!

  6. I love the little burro. Our Scooter doesn't like walking on the rocks either. Skitz doesn't mind too much but then she just plain hates to be outside. We had a gorgeous RED sunset tonight but I didn't get any pictures. Nothing pastel about it at all.

  7. I knew that Katie was a smart one. Maybe you'll have to get her some little doggie booties to protect her little feet. Great pictures today (as always). Love the burros.

  8. I am enjoying reading your blog. You take wonderful pictures. We are home now but got out for 2-3 months at a time. Love that you have a name for your RV. We do too, people wonder what we are talking about when we talk about our "Annie". It just adds to the whole being out in the wonderful world of RV-ing. Take care of yourself.

  9. Such pretty pictures. I love the one of Katie sleeping. One ear down one up listening and relaxing at the same time. Smart doggie.

  10. I'm going to hate to see you leave this spot. There were so many interesting animals to see. Love the little Burro. I wish they would leave the water drip....birds need water too.

  11. Smart dog. It's also cooler than the rest of the pavement!

  12. in case you wanted to know your new bird is a Curve-billed Thrasher...

  13. are truly "Wonder Woman". ON THE ROOF!!! I won't even do that...but it does make for a great vantage place for photos! Love those burrito pictures. Keep Katie on the straight and narrow! Don't wake her if she's napping. Travel safe. Enjoy the sun.

  14. Sounds like you are having all kinds of fun, and so enjoying looking at your photos!

  15. Angel does the same thing. I'll be heading your way next Wednesday for a couple of days. Then back to Sac.


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