Saturday, November 19, 2011

Casino Arizona - Talking Stick Resort

We are here at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale, AZ, staying in the Casino parking lot for a few days.  Casino Arizona has two locations, the other one is about six miles up Highway 101, and I think Talking Stick Resort is at that location. I think this location is only a casino, and this is the one where they offer free RV parking overnight.

The people are really nice here and made me feel very welcome.  I got here yesterday, and was told by a woman in the parking lot in a golf cart (an employee) that I didn't have to check in, just park in this lot and security would be by to check me in.

They were having some promotions - one was Ghostbusters. Inside the casino they were giving away free drinks, and also gifts when you earned enough points at the slots.

These are the brave Ghostbusters!

And this is the Ghostbuster Mobile.

No one ever came by, or at least they didn't knock on my door, so this afternoon I went to the security desk and checked in. I have a pass to stay here for four more days.  That's five days total.  Then if I still want to stay longer, I just have to go in and re-register for another few days.  What a deal if you are killing time like I am, waiting for my solar install appointment on Wednesday.

This was a huge blow-up figure.

The casino has a steak/prime rib restaurant,  fast food windows, and buffets.  I'll probably go over for breakfast or lunch one day, but so far I'm happy to stay in The Palms, because I'm pretty stocked up in the kitchen.

Katie has been doing well with the driving - she hasn't been sick for a long time.  Here she is last night with her chew toy for those of you who need your Katie fix!

Yesterday on the way here, I saw a Best Buy from the freeway in Phoenix and decided to try again to get a Sirius/XM radio for The Palms.  I've tried twice before, but the employees couldn't answer my questions, and the installation people weren't available to talk to me, so I was out of luck.  This time they were knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and explain the radio to me.

I ended up getting the XMp3i, which is the Portable XM Radio + Home Kit. It's not wired to The Palms, it's like an MP3 with an antenna and ear buds.  I can put it in it's cradle and plug in the cradle and then listen through ear buds OR plug it into the little iHome speakers I bought for my MP3, and it works great.  I have no problem, at least in this location, getting a good signal from the satellite. Their home speaker set-up was pretty expensive, and I got my iHome speakers really cheap at Walmart.  I'm really glad the iHome works so well.


If it's not plugged in, though, the battery only lasts about four hours, so that's limiting.  I bought the full package, which means I can get their stations through the radio, my android phone, or my computer.  I need the Internet active for the stations to work on the computer, of course, but I can listen to their radio stations while I surf the net or play games, anything I don't have to concentrate on.  I can take it with the ear buds on our walks, and the attached antenna should pick up the radio stations, and it will also play music and audio books like an MP3.  I have 30 days to decide if this is going to work for me, but so far I like it.

I was parked by the roadway coming into the parking lot last night, and it was still quiet during the night.  There were trees around me, and they were full of birds this morning.

These are the birds, they were entertaining to watch.

This afternoon I moved over to the far end of the lot, with a fence and field out my window.  This is actually a nice place to park. There’s a big leafless bush/tree near the fence that was full of doves when we first walked over here, and the view is really nice.

I was sitting here earlier today working on getting my Sirius radio up and running, and I was thinking about moving closer to Glendale this afternoon.  I checked on-line with all my bookmarked sites, books and lists and membership info, etc., and I just couldn’t find anything that seemed worth moving to that is close by.  I have to stay in this area because of the solar install on Wednesday, and I need to be there by 3:00 on Tuesday, so I might as well stay here. 

I've really been enjoying sunsets since I’ve been full-timing.  Tonight’s sunset started out kind of pink, and then turn a deep salmon red/orange, and in the time we walked back to The Palms, a lot of yellow was added.  We walked to the end of the parking lot to get some good shots because there are light poles everywhere and huge truck trailers parked at that end and they block the view, so we walked over the get a better picture of the sunset.  So pretty.

I don't remember a lot of pretty sunsets in San Diego, just beautiful rising moons, but maybe it's because of the way my condo was situated.  I had a clear view of the moon rising over the mountains, but the sun set behind other condos and houses up the street, and I didn't have a good view in that direction, anyway.

Here’s tonight’s sunset shots (they are exactly as shot with the "sunset" setting, I didn't manipulate them at all):

 Aren't these colors gorgeous?

From Me and Katie, have a great Saturday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. My mom and I were just there at talking stick a couple of weeks ago..just for the afternoon. Not far from my mom's house in sun city. If it wasn't for my dad just passing I would so invite you up to our house...maybe on your way home or sometime after the first of the year? I would like to meet sis-in-law will be pulling in with her trailer next week (from Colorado) for the next four months...but we have room for one more for a couple of nights.

  2. Looks like a great place to stay and those sunset pictures are great. Thanks for the Katie fix!!

  3. awesome post i really enjoy your travels.

  4. enjoy your stay at the casino!!!..sounds like a great deal!! out for the ghosts!!

  5. The sunsets are so awesome, they look like they are painted. Enjoy the free stay.

  6. There just is nothing like a desert sunset. They are so incredible. And Katie is such a cutie.

  7. Beautiful sunsets and Katie's adorable. Hope you're having a great stay! Enjoying your posts!

  8. What a beautiful sunset. Looks like a fun stop for a few days. Hope you enjoy your Sirius radio, we have had ours for a few years and enjoy Sirius Channel 6 and 7 for the 60's and 70's music.

  9. the western deserts offer up the most scenic sunsets you will ever see...

  10. While you're deciding if you like your xm radio, check out Pandora either through your computer or android app. It's free and you can create your own stations. There's a bluetooth mode for when you're traveling also.

  11. Arizona sunsets. I remember all those photos from the Arizona Highways magazines when I was a kid and always love it when I actually get to see them. thanks for your photos!

  12. I have noticed many more interesting sunsets since moving from Santa Cruz, California (on the coast) to Medford, Oregon, (a bit inland.) I think that the coastal fog and such can impact the nature of sunsets, or so I guess.

    It is hard to beat the deserts for sunsets, however. Those tend to be the best. Thanks again for sharing your travels.

  13. Great photos, Barbara. You sure do get some interesting bird shots! Glad to see that the weather is great for you.

  14. That is something that the desert southwest has down cold; sunset's. I love the PNW (pacific northwest) but there is no sunset like a desert one!

    Sheila :)


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