Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Catalytic Heater, new campsite, and a Visitor!

WELCOME to our new Followers, Rick and Kathy Rousseau!  There's no info listed, so I can't plug your blog, but if you get one, let me know!  Welcome aboard, Katie and I are happy to have you along on our adventures.  :)

Katie and I had visitors today - Susan and Angel from Sacramento!  They were visiting family in Arizona, and were driving right by us here in Quartzsite on their way home, so we decided she needed to swing over and see us.  We had a delightful visit.  Susan is hoping to retire and start full-timing in her fiver in January -  she already has applications out for workamping in a couple of nice resorts for summer and over next winter.  She definitely has it together.

Susan and Angel

Her little dog, Angel, is SUCH an angel. I have to admit Katie wasn't a very good hostess.  There were a few growls and some teeth bared, but mostly she just stayed on her pillow and left Angel alone.  They were okay outside, but in The Palms, Katie wasn't so happy.  Here's another picture of Angel - she is so photogenic.

Hi, Angel face

This morning I decided to walk around the area and see if there was a better place for us to camp, since I couldn't get TV, I might as well have a good spot.  I can see my TV programs on HULU on the laptop, so I'll keep up that way.  We walked around and found a really nice place at the edge of this LTVA, closest to the area where the large RV show happens the last week in January.

I was told this area will get really crowded as we get closer to show time, but the rule is you can't park within 15 feet of another RV, and the way this site is situated, I have a road in front, and bushes on either side, and the wash behind me, so I'm pretty sure I won't get anyone too close, and if so, well, that's the way it goes.  I'm pointed right to the West, which is perfect for my solar panels, and I have a nice view out the kitchen window of the bushes behind us.  I really like this spot, and I think I'll do without the TV to be here, at least for now.

This campsite already had a nice rock campfire circle, I cleaned it up a bit, and put a line of rocks behind The Palms, and tomorrow I'm going to gather rocks to lay out our campsite area.  I've always thought that looked so homey, but I've never done it before.  I put out a chair, table, my American flag, and some solar lights.  This is the first time I've really set up a campsite area since last June at Santee Lakes, when I knew I was staying for a month.  On the right side of this photo is a depression in the sand that an RV wouldn't want to park on, on the left are the bushes, behind is the wash with bushes, and where I'm standing in front of The Palms is the road.  So this campsite is kind of delineated by the natural barriers.

A couple of people have invited me to join their circle of RVer friends, one in the South Camping area and one in the Tyson Wash Camping area, but I think I'd rather stay here and visit them sometimes.  I love being invited, though, thank you!  I may change my mind later!!!  :)  But if I stay here, I can walk to the RV show.  I couldn't get any closer.  In January I may eat those words because of crowds and noise and lights, and decide to move.  We'll see...

One of the benefits of pointing west is that we get the morning sun in the window over the couch.  Katie loves it. 

When we had the solar panels installed, Ron and Arron also installed a new catalytic heater for me.  I hate to be cold, and I know the Arizona nights are cool even when the day is warm, and I wanted to be able to use minimal propane, which is accomplished by a catalytic heater.

Some are installed on walls or cupboard doors, etc., if you have room, but I didn't want to do that because it would take up valuable space.  I have enough space, but nothing to spare. Ron said he likes to install these heaters on a tethering hose. There's a small quick connect setting that was placed right under the refrigerator, and the heater is attached to a three foot hose.  I just click the hose end into the quick connect and we're good.  I can point the heater toward the front of The Palms to get the whole living area, or toward the kitchen to warm the kitchen and bathroom quicker.

Wave 3 Catalytic Heater

It's easy to start, and warms immediately.  It's the kind of heater you can stand in front of like a fireplace, and I'll bet Katie will be laying in front of it on cool evenings and mornings.  It's completely quiet, I kept looking back to see if it was still on.  I'm going to have to get used to that.

I've used it a few times now, and it's a pretty nifty setup.  I can keep it connected, it's small enough to not be in the way at all, or I can disconnect it and store it in a cupboard.  During hot weather when I'm not using it at all, I'll put it in a storage area or in the cupboard.  I have to get a cover for it, Ron said the cleaner is stays, the longer it will last.

I'm really happy that I had the heater installed, and that completes the list of things I wanted to do to upgrade The Palms and allow us to boondock for as long as possible.  It's nice to have the Wish List done.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Saturday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. That heater sounds cool, I need to look into that!

    The reason Katie growled at Angel, in the coach, but not outside was that Angel was in her 'territory'. Outside, because that changes, is not. She will, likely, work herself out of that- especially, the more visitors that you have.

    Sheila :)

  2. Our girls have never gotten out of that growling, barking nonsense another animal comes near. They finally relented with our son's dog this summer and kind of tolerated her. But that was about it. Just trying to protect their family.

    Got a nice place set up there. And we will track you down when we get to Q regardless of where you are parked.

  3. looks like a nice spot you have yourself!!..Angel is a cutie that is for sure..poor Katie..someone in her house and she was none too pleased about the company!!

  4. You got a nice piece of real estate there! I'm the same way, I kind of like being parked by myself. I used to watch fancast or hulu. I just checked & fancast is now gone, taken over by xfinity, which is controlled by comcast. I have no idea if there is a cost or not, but you have to sign in to use it. The catalytic heater sounds like a good deal!

  5. Looks like a great spot! Enjoy seeing your pictures so we can really see you in our "mind's eye".

  6. You're answering so many of my (unasked) questions. Like, heating, television,Oh! and internet connection - things like that. My RV days are in the future, but I'm getting there as fast as I can! I love your campsite. Very cozy and comfy.

  7. Thank you for the mention. Angel and I had a great visit. I made it to Palm Springs last night and just got up.
    I'll have to check out that heater when I have the solar installed. I don't like to be cold either.

  8. That Angel sure is a cutie. Isn't it nice to get settled - yet know you can up and move at any time. Great life !!

    I think you might be in the same area that my new friends, Ed and Anne, are staying at because they said this particular LTVA was within walking distance of the RV Show.

    Look out for an OLD BROAD RIDIN' A HARLEY pulling up to visit !

  9. It sounds like you have a beautiful spot where you won't be squashed by rigs all around you.

  10. IF the catalytic heaters are so much better, I wonder why they aren't installed in the coaches as the heater to start with. I too appreciate your documenting your experiences as you go along on this new lifestyle.

  11. Make sure you cover that heater when not in use. The mat inside gets full of dust and will not work properly after. I loved our catalytic heater and it worked well. After awhile we had to replace the mat and it worked like a charm again. With lots of traffic later on the road in front of you will be a bit dusty. I really enjoy reading about your travels. Been there, done that ☺☺ and it is nice to hear somebody else's ideas.

  12. You have great taste in boondocking campsites! I can visualize Dod parked in that spot: alone but not lonely; far enough from others for privacy but close enough to visit.

  13. I forgot to give you this information, in case you want to do your own RV mods.

    The above is the site & Blog of Jerry & Cynthia. While only 'officially' full-timing since last year, they have been avid campers for a while and I've been following them for years. Jerry does, nearly all, of his mods (and he put in a Kyocera solar system :).

    It's a really good site with lot's of info.

    The above site has super easy mods to the more difficult. I have used both this site and Jerry/Cynthia's to do a lot of the mods, myself, on my rigs.
    This site is fantastic. I was a 'lurker' for a while before I finally joined (it's free) in 2009. It is one of the friendliest forums out there and the people and moderators are VERY nice. I have posted questions or problems that I was having and someone out there had the answer. Has saved me a TON of money!

    I hope that some of this will be of interest :)

    Sheila :)

  14. Looks like you've found a good spot to camp.
    Glad you had such a good visit with Susan and Angel.


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