Monday, November 21, 2011

New TV

WELCOME to our new followers:

Sandy (and her husband Jerry).  I don't see a blog for Sandy, but according to her profile, they bought a 2006 Sunseeker 2200 motor home in July of 2011. "We love it and enjoy going camping at the beach not far from our home in Ventura Ca. We are both retired and next summer hope to travel for a month or so at a time. We have an adorable little 5 lb. deer chihuahua named Lucy. She is a great little traveler."  Wow, almost my story, except the Jerry part.  I love my 2006 Sunseeker 2200, too, and I'm glad you feel the same.  Welcome!

... and Dean.  Dean has a photo, but I can't bring up a profile, so it doesn't look like he has a blog, either. Thanks for following along with Me and Katie on our travels, Dean.  Welcome aboard!
NOTE: I had a comment from Dean with the link to his blog, Dean and Val's Adventures.  You've got to check it out!  His current post from Sunday has photos and an explanation of how they receive their water at their house, they receive "flood irrigation."  I've never heard of that, but it's kind of cool.  And I think they have a GOAT named Buster!  The previous post has photos of their fold down, hard sided travel trailer. Thanks for your comment, Dean.

It rained last night.  This morning is cooler and cloudy.

Since yesterday afternoon I've seen four police cars with red and blue lights blinking, pulling cars into this parking lot and giving them tickets.  I think the street in front of the casino, long and straight, must be a good place to risk speeding.

I also saw a man jump up on the running board of a large, nice looking rig, and pound it's windows and door.  He really beat up that truck, then jumped down and continued on into the casino.

I've seen two couples fighting, one couple on Saturday and another this morning, yelling, calling names and throwing accusations at volumes I could hear even from quite a distance.  The first man was throwing things at the woman - like pebbles.  I had my camera out just in case, but he jumped on his bike and pedaled away.  Interesting what you see when you live in a parking lot. :)

Those things didn't feel scary and I didn't feel threatened.  I was far enough away to be well out of their issues, but kept a watchful eye; just in case someone needed help I would have called 911. Speaking of keeping a watchful eye, sometimes I feel like the nosy old neighbor, you know the type?  Always spying on her neighbors.  But when I hear something or a movement catches the corner of my eye, I look out the window. Whether it's a bird, animal or people.  I'm not really being nosy, it's life.  Well, here's the new "eye in the sky" in our neighborhood:

I'd better keep an eye on that dog!

I copied this from Trish's Facebook page (my daughter-in-law), Gavin will be 7 years old in December:

Gavin:   Mom, where do babies come from?
Me:      long pause....
Gavin:   Mom!!!
Me:      Do you remember where Graydin came from?
Gavin:   Your tummy, but how do they get there?
Me:      Well...mommys and daddys make babies. How do you think babies are made?
Gavin:   God makes them?
Me:      (sigh of relief) Yes!!! God gave us the ability to make babies.
Gavin:   So, if it wasn't for you and daddy I would not be here?
Me:      That's right. Mom and dad decided we wanted you and we made you. Does that make sense?
Gavin:  Yeah... Mom are the sun and moon the same?
Me:      Oh yes, let's move on to universe questions!!! I like those questions. :)

Don't you just love it?

Trish and Tom are celebrating their anniversary at Lake Tahoe, where they were married.  Happy Anniversary!

Beautiful November 2002 Wedding

I walked over to the Casino this morning for breakfast.  The buffet doesn't have a breakfast during the week, so I went into the Willows Restaurant.  It was delicious, and I brought half the eggs and sausage back for breakfast tomorrow.

Little guy walking along outside the restaurant:

Out for a Sunday morning walk.

Saturday afternoon my TV went out. I don't know if its the TV or the converter, but I decided to check today for a new TV at Costco or Best Buy, a recent model that doesn't need a converter.  I'm kind of tired of the old TV with the converter attached with rubber bands and raffia! I Velcro'd it to the bottom of the TV, but it never stays put, and just hangs there looking kind of messy.  So, since I'm already spending a fortune this month I think I'll finally get the TV, too.  I knew I'd have to get a new TV one of these days.


Wow, this new TV is GREAT!  I got it at Walmart, it's a Sanyo 18.5" HDTV LDC.  I carried it to The Palms in the parking lot, and changed it out with the old one.  I was surprised how easy it was to take the old one down and install the new one.  The only problem was I couldn't reach some deeply set screws to take off a plastic part that's used with the stand.  Since I am hanging it, I had to take that part out.  My screwdrivers have bits that fit into the screwdriver, making that fitted part wider, and it wouldn't fit down into the hole where the screws were.  I did this in the parking lot, in case it didn't fit I wanted to be able to return it, so I went back in and bought two Phillips screw drivers, less than $1 each.  Then the rest was easy.

It is such a cleaner install, the old TV with the converter had more wires and plugs, I ended up with a lot of connections that I didn't need.  The picture is like the difference between black and white TV and color TV.  I've never had an HDTV, and at first it looked like it was 3D.  Really nice.  So we're back in business.

I also got a new kitchen faucet double swivel spray.  I've been wanting once since I moved in, but I didn't think it would fit. When I saw it at Walmart, I bought it just in case, and when I unscrewed the end of the faucet, the new one screwed right on.  Now I can easily spray the sink from corner to corner.

New faucet sprayer head

So, two new fixes today, easily installed, to make life better.

I took Katie to Petco to have her nails clipped, we usually go to Petsmart for that, but when I saw the Petco, we walked over.  The woman in the dog salon said they can't clip her nails unless they have a file on Katie from previous visits, or we have to bring in proof of a current Rabies shot.  To cut her nails?  I have all her current medical info in The Palms, but didn't feel like walking over to get it and walking back, so we just left.

This felt like a busy day and I'm tired.  Now I'm going to relax and watch my new TV.

From Me and Katie, have a great Monday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. What an exciting day you had! That TV looks great. And I love seeing your photos - the photo of the new faucet was of interest because I don't have an RV yet and I love seeing what my future living space might resemble. :) (it takes so little to thrill me.) I love Katie as the 'eye in the sky' like the NewsWatch Doggie for the local news.
    Thanks for another great post!
    -- Jool

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I use the Pedipaws (I think that's what it's called)to file Angel's nails. It's a rotary, battery operated file.

  3. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I'm new to blogging and still learning how Blogger works and guess I forgot to add a link and profile to Google. Made those additions so hopefully it will be working now. Enjoy your stay in the valley this is an absolutely beautiful time of the year here. We live about 20 mile south of you in Chandler.
    Dean -

  4. You continue to impress me with your can do attitude! Good job on the fixes today. Loved that conversation with the 6 year old - so funny.

    If your camera disappears, you better ask Katie first. Bet she's up there snapping pictures out the window.

  5. looks like Katie is enjoying the 'neighbourhood'!! have your own 'gladys kravitz'!! know the nosy neighbour from Bewitched!!
    great job on the installation of the TV!!!

  6. Your fixes are very impressive! Sounds like some crazy stuff goes on in casino parking lots. Glad you have such a good watchdog! Actually people never know if they can trust a dog or not, so it really is good that you have her...not to mention the amazing company. :)

  7. Katie is doing her job. Good girl.
    I have the same TV in my RV. When my TV went out in the house my friend unhooked an brought it in the house for me. We had to laugh it sure didn't look that small in the RV. We call it the one eye TV.
    I really like your faucet, its so nice and high.
    I need to check that out at Walmart, after the weekend.

  8. When i was in Desert Hot Spgs i ran into the same thing with Petco when i wanted Luci's nails clipped. that was 20 miles away, went back another day, i guess it is if the dog bites them!! Haha, with Luci that would not be a stretch as she HATES having that done. But is at least halfway nice when someone else does it, she screams like i am cutting her legs off if i try to do it!

  9. "got on his bike and pedalled away"?
    Are you kidding me?

    I thought maybe he'd get on his bike and "drive away" or maybe "roar off" or something. Y'know, leaving her behind, motorcycle helmet at the ready.

    Did she come on her own bicycle?? Or was it a tandem?

  10. Can't beat those HDTV's I put a 28 inch on the bedroom wall of our fiver. Before we hit the road I will put a 32 inch in the entertainment center, that had an old 25 inch with a converter now. Most of the things you can do yourself in an RV just make a small tool box and buy a cordless drill with a good set of assorted driver bits and you will be set. I made one up and keep it in a bottom cabinet with a voltmeter all the time in the fiver.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  11. You could write a book...My 365 days in the casino parking lot!...Like the movie with tom hanks living in the airport?? I love seeing all that stuff of how people live their's like they thing no one is around to notice. Have to admit I have probably had a couple of those moments myself now that I think about it!

  12. There's never a dull moment at a casino! Where did you find the sponge/scrubber holder that is on the side of your sink? I love that.

  13. You are really getting to be quite the handy-woman, aren't you? Great job with the faucet and the tv!

    One thing I was thinking of. Have you ever had the windows sealed in the front of the rig? I've heard that lots of them with the front window have major leaks and do a lot of damage. As handy as you are, I have no doubt you could do yourself. (you may have already done it and I missed the post)

    Be careful in that parking lot. Sounds like a lot of crazies there!

  14. Cute conversation ;-) And good girl Katie, keep an eye on things there! I used to have a dog grooming salon & I could not let any dogs in my shop if they could not be provided with shot records. The county required it & it was a safety measure for all dogs coming into the shop. So this might be a county law. I'd rather know that they are looking out for all dogs anyhow. Get a nice little cordless dremel next time at WalMart & you can do her nails on one of those with the sanding tool. She'll have to get used to it at first though.
    Nice find on the TV! I have a sanyo that I bought last year too & love it. But for whatever reason, I still had to attach the DTV box to mine.

  15. I have four of these:

    They are fantastic! Even has an extender- to reach farther. Also includes the head that would have fit hex?) on your TV. What is cool is that all of the difference heads are in the base. I would not be without this in my MH or vehicles. Can not tell you how many times I've used it. You can also p/u at Home Depot (where I got mine)or Lowe's. The rachet makes it very nice as you only need to turn your wrist a little- not like traditional screwdrivers where you have to turn the full circle. All these tools and only a very small space, in your MH!!!

    Sheila :)

  16. Congrats on your fixes! Nice job.

    That Casino breakfast sure looked good.

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day!

  17. Hope all is well, haven't heard from you over the past few days.

  18. “Sometimes I feel like the nosy old neighbor.”— Aw. Don’t feel bad about it! It only means that you care about your safety. Everybody should be, particularly to those who live in a parking lot. There’s no harm on being cautious because anything might happen.

    Kurt Bukowski


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