Friday, November 11, 2011

We're in Las Vegas, NV


As we left Costco's parking lot yesterday it started feeling late to me, so I decided to stay in Las Vegas for the night.  We came out of Mountain Time, which just changed back an hour to Standard Time from Daylight Savings, into Pacific time which is even an hour earlier and my body clock is confused.  That's a three hour difference, right?  Or maybe two.  I'm hungry at 4:00, tired at 8:00, and it's getting darker earlier.  I checked with another Walmart about overnighting, and it's not allowed in Las Vegas, but she recommended Sam's Club RV Park, which was close by, so we drove here and stayed for the night.

After I got us settled in and got Katie comfortable, I walked over to Sam's Club Casino and tried out their dinner buffet.  It was pretty good, not great, but good.  The steak and fish were overcooked, but the salad, potato and desserts were good.  I was really hungry and ate fast and walked back to The Palms where I flaked out in front of the TV.

I have a cousin, Grant, who lives in Las Vegas and I sent him an e-mail to see if he was around and able to meet me for lunch today.  I haven't seen him in years but we talk on the phone from time to time.  He is a Veteran of the Vietnam War - a helicopter pilot - and he's meeting me for lunch at Sam's Town.  Vets get a free lunch there today; that was good timing!   He's playing golf this morning, so we're meeting mid-afternoon.

A few more photos from my trip here from Valley of Fire:

 Cattle were along the side of the road, no fences. 

There were lots of "washes" like the photo above.  It was wide and deep, and the result of running water.  All the washes were dry, but I'm sure there are times they are all full of water running like rivers.

I extended our site here for another night.  It's pretty nice having good Verizon signals and lots of TV channels.  This RV park is right next to Sam's Town Hotel and Casino and a large movie theater complex, right on a main road, but it was quiet last night.

I hate to say this and jink myself, but I didn't hear the mouse last night.  I took the trap and put it away, if I see or hear any signs that it's still here, I'll take it out and put it in front of the couch overnight while Katie is up in bed with me.

From Me and My Dog, have a nice Veterans Day.  Thank you to all the men and women who are currently serving in the military and all the veterans who have served in the past.  Because of you, we are free.  : )


  1. I hate to say this, but the mouse is probably not gone. Where would it go?

  2. Maybe the mouse found his way out like he found it in. Of course we could hope for that, nasty dirty little things.

    Nice pictures again. Beautiful landscape.
    Enjoy your visit with your cousin.

  3. Your pictures are inspiring...I love seeing them when you post.

    Mouse trap story...the simple wooden ones, heavy wire that you pull back and lock with your "bait" on the plate.

    A few years ago, different bloodhound, has got something that she is holding with her feet, LICKING the peanut butter off of the plat...trap had NOT gone off yet.

    Luckily I was able to quietly not say anything to startle the bloodhound and pull the mouse trap from her front paws.

    It never went off.

  4. Enjoyed your photos of Valley of Fire. That is such a beautiful area. Hope you enjoy Sam's Town. I think it's pretty fun.

  5. That one photo looks like a small herd of elephants preparing to fend off some giant crabs! You should write a book!! Sam's Town is a nice place...we thought so anyway. Give Katie a big ol' hug from us.

  6. Very interesting pictures. I love the Nevada scenery.


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