Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birds at Bluewater

I've been snapping photos of various birds since I've been here at Bluewater Lake, and also found a new one when I was in Gallup.

Great Blue Heron standing by water filled berm.
Great Blue Heron walking along in the field.

Mountain Bluebird

Pinyon Jay

Pinyon Jay

House Sparrow at Wal-Mart in Gallup.

House Sparrow at Wal-Mart in Gallup.
Juvenile Turkey Buzzards

Turkey Buzzard - I still love these guys.

Look at this little guy - he must be really young, and he's soooo cute!  He's so darn cute, I think he looks like a cartoon! :)

This little cutie is also a juvenile - I think he's a Western Bluebird or maybe a Mountain Bluebird?

Rufous Humming bird.  He looks different in the other photos, but I'm pretty sure that's what he is.

Rufous Hummingbird again.  He is parked right outside my window, constantly scanning right and left, guarding the feeder.

One of Katie's favorite "critters."  She gets so excited when she spots one.

Not a lot going one here.  Birds are flying, bunnies are hopping along, lizards are sunning and campers are behaving themselves.  :)  The weather has been interesting and very changeable from day to day, and even sometimes from hour to hour.  My favorite kind of weather.  I'm here until Thursday morning, then will leave for my six days out of the park, heading to Grants this time with a new plan.  I'm looking forward to it.

The other morning I got under the rest of The Palms and checked for mouse entrances, then I checked out the rest of my outside storage compartments.  I found a few holes to plug, but I'm not sure they had access to the inside living area.  In any case, at least I won't have any critters coming into my storage areas.  So far, I haven't had any signs of rodents in those areas, and now the can't get in.  I still have the interior to check. 

Even though I'm in my all-time favorite campground here at Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico, I'm starting to think about Quartzsite, Arizona.  I guess that's my second favorite place, it has such freedom and flexibility as far as where I can park and set up camp, and once I find a place I like, I always put out the solar lights, chairs and table, feeders, flag, etc.  I don't usually bother when I'm only camping two weeks, but in Quartzsite I can stay the whole season in one place if I'm happy there, and I tend to settle in more.  So I'm starting to think about that.  I probably won't start heading that way until September or October so I have a ways to go until we start driving in that direction.

From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. oh ha ~ that little sparrow in the WM parking lot! how cute is that. all the birds are cute.... that little baby one? wonder what it is.

    The second picture with the blue Heron and the ground cover! is that lavender color ... I enlarged it twice. it's not flowers... the sand/dirt? I've never seen that blue of a heron especially against a lavender background… gorgeous

    Breaking News... haaa it's the royal baby about to be introduced ... we're having thunderstorms ... thought we were going to die but nope gong to see a little baby boy.

    well, jeeez it is kinda ... traditional? there'll always be a Britain

  2. I envy you! How I would love to see a Mountain Blue Bird in real.
    SUCH brilliant COLOUR! Unreal.

  3. You are a good photographer!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The jays are so beautiful - not so the vultures. Doris loves the lizards too. Not sure I'll be going to Q-site this year due to gas prices. I'd hate to miss you 2 years in a row though! Maybe 2015?

  5. I love taking the pictures of wildlife. Your bird photos are great. It's nice to be someplace where you have lots of photo ops.

  6. You know a lot of people don't like the house Sparrow but I think they are so cute. They have such unique markings and they are so friendly. Your Blue Bird on the rock is really pretty too.

  7. You seem to be enjoying a very peaceful time in your life. May it continue for a long long time!

  8. I'm not sure what impressed me more, your bird pics or the fact that you knew the names of all those birds.

    Beautiful photos.

    You'll be sure to get a good spot in Q if you head there in the fall.


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