Monday, July 8, 2013

Blacktop camping, and wet t-shirt time

We've been spending time in Gallup, NM, waiting out our time until we return to Bluewater Lake State Park.  I have to say it's interesting to watch what goes on in parking lots.  The nights are quiet, but the days are busy, for sure, and for three days in a row there were police involved activities. 

This was down the street from the Wal-Mart; I was spending some time in a parking lot  when I noticed a police car. I watched them for a bit, then up comes this Gallup Community Service Aid van, and then the police started arresting someone.   He was a very large man, and they checked him out, then put him in the van.

There is a locked cage inside the van, and the prisoner was put in the cage.  When it was all buttoned up, the van drove off, and then the police car left.

The next day, late afternoon, I was in The Palms in Wal-Mart's parking lot when I noticed a Gallup Police car in the lot, with it's lights flashing.  I never did learn what was going on, but we ended up with three police cars, one sheriff vehicle and one security car, all with lights flashing.  A lot of activity was happening, and they were getting things out of the trunk of one of the police cars.  One man wearing street clothes was talking on a large sat phone.

I would have loved to know what was happening.  I'm very nosy, but from afar.  I don't want to appear nosy, you know?  So I never get close to the action and usually don't find out what happened.

Then today, a series of sirens sounded close-by. I looked across the street, and there were emergency vehicles in front of Wal-Mart.

I've had people knock on my door twice so far, asking for a handout.  Both pretty early in the morning.  The first time I had the generator running and was blowing my hair dry, so I ignored it.  That was at Wal-Mart.  The second time was at Home Depot, and the woman saw me through the windshield, so I couldn't ignore her.  I just asked through the closed window if I could help her.  After she asked for money, I told her I didn't have any to spare.  There were two women and five or six men sitting under a tree in the corner of the parking lot.  They were pretty close to the front of The Palms.  I saw them yesterday, too, but they were closer today. 

After a few hours, I started being a little nervous as more people came, and I drove around the block to the other corner.  Home Depot has blazing fast free wi-fi for it's customers, so I like parking here.  I figure:  1. my son-in-law is an assistant manager at Home Depot; 2.  my son is a general contractor and spends a fortune at Home Depot; and 3. I've been a customer for many, many years.  So I'm really happy to take advantage of their free wi-fi as a "customer," even though I'm not buying anything this week. Thanks, HD! This is the fastest Internet connection I've had for months and months.

It's been hot during the day. I was working away at my computer yesterday on a project for a friend.  I "get in the zone" when I'm working or playing on the computer and don't notice how hot it's getting.  Katie jumped in my lap with her paws on my shoulders and stared at me.  She had been out, had food and water, and her treats were up to date at that point in the day. Then I looked at the clock and noticed the temp in The Palms.

99.6 degrees?  Holy cow, time to get out the neck wraps.

Katie in her neck wrap and wet t-shirt Princess dress.

She's happy now - nice and cool - with a madly wagging tail.  Sorry, guys, that's the best wet t-shirt photo I can provide today.

Oh, yeah, I also turned on the A/C.

In addition to the hot days, we've been having furious storms on and off since we arrived in Gallup.  Loud, rolling thunderclaps, very close by and almost immediately after the huge lightening flashes.  Pouring rain. Very cool... I love it - as long as the lightening doesn't hit The Palms. 

From me and Katie in the hot blacktop jungle, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. Seems like you know just how to handle the action going on around you and stay below the radar. Love the neck wraps and wet t-shirt.

  2. That's some activity at the Wal-Mart there! It's nice to know about the HD wi-fi!

    Love Katie and the wet t-shirt...way cute!

    Hope you get back to Bluewater Lake soon!

  3. kinda scary stuff, Barbara... I've stayed at a bazillion Walmarts and have had no trouble but here at home? been several shootings... I don't like it.

    Katie looks real prinessy hahaaa... needs a little tiara

  4. I used to have a southwest store and would go to Gallup often. Never liked it and was always glad to leave. Stay safe...

  5. It seems like you listen to your intuition, and you'll be okay. I'll be glad when you can get back to the State Park though. You should be a police photographer! Good pictures and descriptions.

  6. Katie looks cool!!!
    That would make me nervous, people just hanging about.. asking for money....

  7. I would not have been as brave as you to be by myself with those unusual people paying attention to you.

    Katie really knows how to communicate with you, and you guys take care of each other!

  8. Funny story about Katie telling you she was hot. they sure do know how to let you know what they need. Thanks for the tip about HD. I had no idea.

  9. Katie is by far the cutest gal I've ever seen in a wet t-shirt. I can handle the heat up to about 92 in the rig and then it really hits me and I have got to get the air on. Not sure I'd be hanging around those wal-marts. They just have way too much happening.

  10. that is so hilarious how you dress Katie up to cool off. what a lucky girl.

  11. At 99.6 degrees I would think it's time to head either north or too the coast. That's way too hot. Sounds like you've had plenty of entertainment. Too bad they won't feel you in with the details.

  12. U r a very brave lady! Sounds like more action than I'd want, especially folks asking for money. Hope u have protection with you-don't need or want an answer as it's nobody's business....just a personal observation. Stay safe my friend!

  13. Well, never a dull moment at WMT! One does see some interesting human behavior. Glad you were just a spectator. Sweet Katie - adorable as ever!

  14. Hi! Stumbled upon your site and wanted to drop you a line. Loved this post in particular. You're an awesome writer. I'm working on my own music festival blog that centers around travel and thought your blog would be great to reference for future posts.

    Should also mention I started following you, drop me a link and follow back if you can! Cheers :)

  15. I'm wondering, as is everyone, if this is the safest HD there? Glad Katie told you it was HOT mama! :)

  16. It looks as if there's a lot of poverty in the Gallup area. That's heartbreaking. You have great instincts, Barbara; you won't go wrong if you keep listening to your inner voice. Katie looks stunning in her neck wrap & wet T-shirt. She's a sweetie girl! Take good care & enjoy that HD lightning speed--I love HD too! Kind of like my Nordstrom!

  17. Whoa, Katie! Lookin' really good in that hot pink wet t-shirt dress!


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