Friday, July 5, 2013

We've had visitors - 3 were welcome, 1 was NOT!

Hazel  and the Greyhounds came to visit yesterday.  Fleur and Power are such well behaved dogs, and my little Katie is a terrible hostess.  She growls and shows her teeth periodically - usually when they MOVE.  They just ignore her.  :)

Beautiful Fleur, so graceful.

Power is such a cutie.  I always put up Katie's food and keep the water down for them. See the little bowl next to Power?

Hey, Mom, look what I did!  Boy that water was good, and the paper towel under it, too! But that bowl is waaaay too small for Greyhounds.

Wednesday night and yesterday morning Katie was acting like we had a mouse again. She wasn't barking or wagging her tail, just looking at the cab area.  I kept telling her, "Mouse all gone."

When we went to bed Wednesday night, I blocked off that area, I didn't want her to get aggressive and put a paw under the seat.  I might catch a paw instead of a mouse.

Katie said, "I swear I can smell a mouse."

After Hazel and pups went home yesterday, Katie was still checking out that area and so I went outside, opened the doors to the cab, and guess what I found?  Yup, another dead mouse in the Tomcat Snap Trap.  It must have visited us during the storm Wednesday evening.

BARBARA AND KATIE: 4   -   MICE: 0     (3 Tomcat Snap Trap, 1 butcher knife) 

Wednesday was cloudy all day. It was a hot day, so the cloud cover and breezes helped a lot.

Our campsite at sunset with cloudy skies.

I went to bed around 11:00 pm, and we were having quite a thunder and lightening storm.  The thunder rolled and rolled and the lightening just lit up the sky.  I got up and brought the TV antenna down and unplugged the TV again.  I don't know if lightening would hit the antenna or not, but I'm not taking any chances. 

Visitors can camp for 14 days in the New Mexico State Parks this year, then we have to leave for six nights.  Katie and I are leaving this morning and will be Wal-Mart camping for our six nights out.  We'll drive around the Gallup area and find some nice places to day camp, then return to Wal-Mart or Home Depot, etc. at night after it cools down for the day.

From Me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!    :)


  1. I guess you're braver than me. I don't sleep when there is a storm.

    Love the picture of the big dog and tiny bowl!

  2. Reading back posts and catching up after some busy times, so it was nice to see that gorgeous photo of the campsite at sunset, and to see that you are winning the mouse wars

  3. mice multiply like rabbits! They sure seem to like you.

  4. I half want to go back and read about the butcher knife; the other half says don't! Katie is one smart cookie. She's a funny little pup. And, the greyhounds are beautiful--so nice of your friend to rescue them.

    I have so much catching up reading blogs and trying to keep straight who is where. I really should keep an atlas nearby so I can keep track. I loved parts of New Mexico, but have to look to see where you are.

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  6. The greyhounds are gorgeous dogs! They look so mellow.

  7. Did the New Mexico State Park system take away the ability to move directly to a different New Mexico State Park without staying out for six days?

    Also, ask about the "rules" if you stay even one day LESS than fourteen . . . I thought I read somewhere that if you don't stay the entire fourteen days, you need be away from the park for only one night before being eligible to come back for another 13-day stay.

  8. I'm so glad that you got that mouse! Katie is an excellent spotter!

    I like the pictures of My greyhounds, even if one was showing Power's affinity for paper towels!

  9. Beautiful sunset picture ~ so peaceful

    haha love the tee tiny bowl~ about one slurp for Power.

  10. Hey, tell me about that trunk that's on the right side of the pic of Power. It looks interesting.

    I hate mice, and will be stocking up on more traps before I go back to Anahuac this winter.

  11. Katie is quite the scout!!! I too hate mice...they are just creepy!
    You two enjoy your time "out" exploring the areas by day and Wal-mart by night! :-)

  12. So not a mouse person. Glad you're winning that one. Those greyhounds are the most beautiful dogs. Our girls wouldn't tolerate them even being in our rig so Katie is doing really good.

  13. Judilyn - My understanding is that it's 14 in 6 out. Some parks, from what I've heard, allow you to stay out only one night if you don't complete the 14, but Bluewater doesn't do that. I asked last year. It's okay, they are really nice letting you stay a little longer if you're waiting for a package, which has happened with me.

    Judy - I have many of those kinds of trunks, suitcases, and fake books that I got at Michael's and other stores. They are for storage. Last year I saw those and bought them up. One trunk and two suitcases. They hold my shoes, sandles, slippers, hats, scarfs, etc. If you happen to visit the store when they first put out their selections, there are usually three or more of the same pattern, different sizes and shapes maybe. I lucked out with those in the photo. :)

  14. Hazel's greyhounds are just beautiful. When Hannah brings herGreat Dane it is the same look. She looks like she is drinking from a thimble using the weinie's waterf bowl.


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