Monday, July 29, 2013

Still hanging out in Grants

To answer commenters who asked why I don't go to another NM state park during the six "out" days, there isn't another park near here. This is probably one of the few parks that isn't near another park, and I don't want to spend the time and money to drive to the nearest parks closer to the Colorado border.  I also don't want to pay to stay in an RV park.  I don't need hook-ups, so why pay to park overnight in an RV park?  I will do that if necessary, like I did last June when it was too hot or in January when I was recuperating from surgery, but under normal circumstances, I'd rather just blacktop it and get my errands done.

And honestly, I don't mind blacktop camping at all, as long as it's safe and the weather cooperates (not too hot).  This time out, we did our shopping the first day, took care of Katie's vet visit the second and took it easy yesterday.  Today I did the laundry and we'll return to the campground on Wednesday.  Easy peasy this time around.  :)

This Wal-Mart (at Grants) is not a large store and there aren't a lot of RVs or big rigs overnighting here.

I am parked along a fence with fields and mountains in the distance and Prairie Dogs running around in the dirt along the other side of the fence.

A Prairie Dog family. (Sorry it's blurry, but it was so cute to see them all pop out of the hole and stand up together.)

We went into the town yesterday and experienced panhandlers at both place we parked, so I'm going to keep to the Wal-Mart and Love's, where we haven't been bothered at all.

The Palms parked at the Grants city park. 

Katie and I took a little walk, were bugged by beggars in the park and I decided to move further into town.

This poor man (I think he is a man) on the right and his poor sister are trying to get enough money to go home. Sadly, I failed to contribute to their travel fund. :( 

When Katie and I were walking around the little park, I heard duck quacks, and saw that across the street was a little lake and another small park.  We walked over and saw lots of ducks and a couple of geese.  

Quack Quack!  Look out, here comes a little fat dog.

When Katie and I were walking along the little path, a butterfly flew by us, and I got a couple of shots.

It flew over my head and swooped down - I thought it was going to land on Katie's ear and if she had been standing still, I think it would have.  It decided to swoop past her and then it flew away.

We left the park and I pulled in across the street from the Library, which was closed because it was Sunday, and immediately were accosted by another beggar.  He knocked on the driver's door, and I closed the blind on that side, so he went to the front of the cab and stood there looking in the window.  I vigorously signaled him to MOVE AWAY.  He stood there for a while looking like he didn't understand.  Hey, isn't the Federal Government giving Native Americans a monthly allotment?  I used to know a man who had some Native Indian blood.  He was a successful businessman and didn't receive government checks, but he explained the process to me.  These people who beg in New Mexico look like full blooded Native Americans, so they must be getting something. Ya know what I mean???

Tomorrow I'll top off my propane tank and gas tank and early Wednesday we'll drive up the highway back to Bluewater.  I think there is an Indian Casino somewhere around here.  I'll have to check it out and find out where it is.  Next time maybe I'll overnight there for one night.

So far this hasn't been a bad idea at all.  I'd have no problem spending my six days out back here at Grants again.  It gives me plenty of time to take care of errands.

I'm sitting here at Love's Gas Station (I got the very end spot again) watching the big rigs come in and park. It's amazing how they maneuver those huge trucks and trailers and back them up perfectly into the spaces provided for them.  Makes me feel like a little gnat. :)

From me and Katie, have a great Monday everyone!  :)


  1. You always seem to come up with interesting places and interesting sites. Regardless, you definitely make the best out of every place you end up.

  2. I'd be unnerved I think by all those panhandlers!

  3. Wow those panhandlers just don't stop! I was staying at a hotel in Gallup NM and once out the door was being asked for money. Living in CA I'm use to it but still very annoying. Evan inside Walmart some guy asked me for money ... grrrr! Glad to hear you are making the best of your time while in town. Maybe if you parked by the police station they would leave you alone. Your camera takes some great pictures.

    Take care,


  4. I just love the picture of Katie looking at the butterfly. So cute how her ears are up and she is so interested in it. They sure add alot to our lives don't they. Cooper was busy digging tonight after a mole, he ended up all muddy, we just had to laugh at him. You gotta love them.
    Glad you liked Effie picture.

  5. Love the way you find pleasure in whatever ;) prairie dogs and butterflies and yer little fat dawg and ducks ~ observing the whatevers... and it is absolutely amazing to see the drivers maneuvering those big rigs

    I have blacktopped it all over this country ... and everything in between. It's all good.

  6. Love the groundhogs, almost like they are posing! What does Katie think of ducks? So much bigger than her. Cheers and stay safe!

  7. That was a nice park you and Katie took a walk in...too bad about the beggars. I'm not sure I would feel safe!

    Love the ducks!

  8. During the time I had an RV I don't think I ever stayed on blacktop. Wanted to stay at a Flying J once but couldn't even begin to get into a space. I think I saw the Walmarts as I was going past them, and it never occurred to me to look up the locations ahead of time.

  9. I can only imagine how bothersome the panhandlers can be not to mention a tad scary.
    Looks like you guys enjoyed the park and the nature flying by!!
    Safe travels!!

  10. This does seem to make better sense than last time where you were accosted every day. Stay safe! :)

  11. I've been lurking for awhile, and recently joined your site so haven't commented previously. I want to say how much I enjoy reading of your adventures, and appreciate the photos. There are so many beautiful places to visit in North America, thanks for sharing!

  12. Yep, blacktopping works fine. I spent about a week here in Denver going between 2 Walmarts until I got into an RV park for the month I need to be here. Running errands, parking under a big shade tree at a little used office park in the afternoon, then back to Walmart for the evening. Works fine! Plus, you can pop in there for a rotisserie chicken and a RedBox movie in the evening.

    Hugs to Katie from me and Riley!

  13. My dad was a over the road trucker with over 3,000,000 miles in just over 30 years. He could back up a trailer with only 3-4" clearence on each side on one try.


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