Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bozo in the campground. :(

Here's my latest kerfuffle:

This morning, first thing, I pack things up, put my chair outside next to the picnic table to leave in the site to show it's occupied - along with the humming bird feeder and my welcome mat - and we drive out of the site.  We get to the main road and turn right in the direction of the dump site.  I'm driving along slowly, looking around, enjoying the morning and glance over in the direction of my site, across the field.  I see a young man with a big paunch and huge cowboy hat walking from his site, below mine, to my site.  I stop The Palms open my windows and watch him. 

He stops in my site, looks around, and picks up my chair, scrunches it up into it's telescopic shape and HOOOOOOOOONK.  I honk the horn - long and loud.  Nothing.  I press again on my horn, long and loud, and he glances over at me.  I yelled out the window, "THAT'S MY CHAIR."  He waves at me.  I yell, "THATS MY CHAIR.  P U T  I T  D O W N!"  He then walks across the field toward me and says, "I thought you forgot it, I was bringing it over to you."  Yeah, right.  He never even glanced in my direction.  I said, "I'm dumping my tanks, and will be back. That's why I left things in my site!"  He says, "Okay, Ma'am, I'll put it back."   Shortly thereafter, he and his friends packed up and left.  As I was driving back from the fresh water spigot to my campsite, I saw them leaving with their truck and small covered trailer - in which I'm sure my chair would have been if I hadn't seen him.

I did apologize to the nearby campers for blaring my horn, and explained what happened.  They were very understanding and said they would have done the same thing.  :)

This is the same man who, yesterday when Hazel and I were driving her Greyhounds along for their walk, sees the dogs being walked on their leashes while the car is driven, and yells at Hazel from off the road, "That's F#%KING BRILLIANT!   That's F*!KING BRILLIANT."  Nice thing to be YELLING in a family campground at two women in a car.  Right?  His IQ has to be lower than the scheduled temperature today - 86. 

Yesterday one of them was doing handstands in their campsite - not well - I was expecting a trip to the ER for him, and last night one of them was playing with the fire in their fire ring.  I was expecting Fire Engines from that little game.  But all was well, and they are gone.  That's the nice thing about RVing.  If they don't leave, I can.  And of every 100 campsites occupied, probably one has a group that acts like Bozos.  

By the way, when I got back to my site, I made this:

I printed some out on card stock, and will put them in sheet protectors to attach to my chair and also one on the table next time.  I've never had an issue before if I just left one chair in my site, but maybe it's better to be safe than sorry.  I could come back with no chair and someone else occupying my site. 

Feel free to do a cut and past if you want to use that sign, too. 

Oh yeah, one more thing about Mr. Bozo.

As we were driving by The Palms yesterday evening, Hazel says, "Look what's up ahead."  And here comes the cow that I had seen before with the young male and the blue-eyed bull.   She was walking slowly, looking around, approaching the street.

I jumped out with my camera to get her photo, and yelled to the campers nearby, "Look who's coming toward your camp."  I wanted them to see her, and also not be startled when she walked through their campsite.  I snapped some shots, and Mr. Bozo starts yelling and running after her.  She saw him coming and starting running toward the main road. She outran him and kept going.  Would you run, yelling, after a free ranging cow?  And this wasn't a small animal! I felt sorry for the cow, but I'm sure this isn't the first time she was chased away. 

That guy was just disgusting.  Sure makes me appreciate all the rest of the campers.  :)

The funny thing is, there is a hoard of kids in the electrical sites below me where the Bozo and his friends were.  I mean a hoard.  They have been exceptionally well behaved.  I couldn't say bad word about them this whole weekend.  I sure appreciate well behaved kids and their parents.

Every day since we've been back we've had the most wonderful storms.  Following are photos of some of the grey skies and the rainbows that followed:

Dark day at Bluewater Lake

This was a double rainbow that went from one end of the lake to the other.  In the photo you can barely see the second rainbow on the left.

It's raining on the other side of the lake.  We'd get it soon, too.
This rainbow was so bright, I could see every color from purple at the bottom to purple on the top.

The temperatures have been really comfortable and we've had beautiful blue skies, then the cloud cover comes in and we start hearing the roar of the thunder and then the lightening shoots though the black clouds.  Then the sprinkles start, culminating in a full fledged heavy rain storm.  Then it all stops.  That happened two or three times yesterday. 

New Mexico has had a fire ban since I was in Elephant Butte State Park, but they lifted it the other day, and now people can have campfires again. That's really good news.  I haven't checked, but I'd guess the fires in the state are gone or well contained because of the heavy intermittent rain storms.   Here in New Mexico they call these seasonal storms Monsoons.  We didn't have them in California, and the rain in the middle of the summer is really nice. 

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. Mr. Bozo is one of those weekend warriors that's just there for the beer. The sign is a good idea, but you're probably being presumptuous that Mr. Bozo can read and comprehend.

  2. You just need to sic Katie onto the BOZOS!

  3. Unfortunately there are occasionally campers like that to deal with. I always wonder whats going to happen when I pull away from my site for a little while. The other day you had a picture posted of your RV showing some suitcase storage, I like that idea. Did you get the suitcases at Hobby Lobby or Michael's Crafts?

  4. The BOZOs of the world sure can be a nuisance! What a bother! And soooooo rude!

    Hugs to Katie!

  5. Teri - yes, I've gotten a bunch of different "suitcase" type storage for The Palms. I use them for lots of things, they are very handy and they are nice enough to keep out for show, so it works out really well. They seem to be very well made but are a hard cardboard material.

  6. I'm afraid I let Bozos ruin my day. You handled it nicely though, and I'm sure you are relieved he is gone.

  7. We traveled in a pickup camper when we were kids. Dad made a sign like that on wood that sat up in a little holder. Mom always left a table cloth on the picnic table (with some sort of clips) make it obvious that the site was occupied. But of course in those days we were in registered camp sites too. Glad he's gone.

  8. Occupied...occo...what?? There's an octopus here? Haha, use a skull & cross bones! ;-) or threaten with quarantine. But then, if occupied would be too hard, then quarantine definitely would be ;)

  9. You meet all kinds. There's not much we can say about that. The good thing is the creeps left!

  10. I was staying at a state park and we left for the day. I was registered and the site was paid for. Someone moved in and threw the card away that I was given to put on the site marker. The ranger made them move but you wonder what these kind of people think. They were not happy at all about having to move.

  11. I cannot get your email address from your profile. I'm sure it is an issue with the set up of something on my computer. Could you please email me so I can do a return email. I would like to comment on this post, but not publicly. Thanks, Beth

  12. It takes all kinds. Some people are just rude and crude!!

  13. What a creep. So glad he left and without your chair. But I'm impressed that the kids are behaving so well. Good to know there are some parents out there who still take responsibility for their children.

  14. Well I guarantee you that I wouldn't be so polite as to call the IDIOT a Bozo. Afraid my description wouldn't be able to be printed here. LOL

  15. I think there are times you just have to stand up for yourself. You did a good job and I respect you for it.

  16. I forgot to tell you, I bought a package of small orange cones in the sporting goods department at Walmart. Wonder if that would help or if they would just disappear, also.

  17. It seems that no matter where you go at some time or another you will run into morons like that. I bet that his alcohol content was pretty high. Glad he finally left.


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