Saturday, May 21, 2011

Got some new stuff today...

I got an e-mail from my daughter, Kristy, today - something she read about short sales.  So I wrote back and when I was done, I said "I feel like I've just written my blog! : ) I think I may do a copy/paste, and it WILL be my blog."  And, so, here is my blog for today, straight from my e-mail to Kristy (with photos added, of course, and a little editing): 

I just ordered a set of Magma nesting pots and pans on line. (Thank you, commenters!) I couldn't find them anywhere in person, but they are highly recommended, and they all fit into the one largest pot. Camping World has the 7-piece set for around $150 on line, and I got a 10-piece for $161 including shipping, right about what the Camping World set would cost with tax, but I got two more pots.  

I sold all my old pots and right now I have one frying pan here, and the frying pan you guys (Kristy and her family) got me in the RV. I need a pot, but I'm too cheap to buy one for 25 dollars at the store. So I got a ridiculously expensive set instead. Go figure. (But I think I'll love them and they don't take up very much space. And I like to cook.)

Magma 10-piece nesting cookware

I got a blow up bed and sheets today at Costco. It was a Coleman brand, queen, which is what my bed in the RV is - I brought it right down and laid it up there, inflated it, and it hung over the edge a few inches. And it was too tall, leaving me less headroom. So I deflated it and brought it back.

This was really nice, just a few inches too wide.  Too bad :(

I looked all over for a "full" blowup, which is what I'd really like, but I couldn't find one, so I got a twin size at Walmart, and they also had sheets to go with it, that have elastic that goes around the mattress so it won't come off. I'm washing the sheets now, and I'm going to use them here until I move to the RV. I'm getting a little tired of sleeping on the floor. I think that size will work. I hope so. You need a mattress or something to tuck the sheets into that lies on top of the padded mattress that's there now, so the sheets don't show. (I've got the bed put together, so we'll see.  I hope it works tonight.)  I did see Coleman inflatable mattresses on line, and they have two that might work, too. One is a "full" and one is for an SUV. Both are inexpensive.

I got a free chair from the San Diego Blood Bank - when you donate blood you get points, and I was saving mine up for a jacket, but my doctor said I shouldn't donate so often. My iron is actually on the low side now, so I cashed them in for the chair and a $5 gift card from Coldstone. I haven't gotten that yet. I needed a chair, so that was perfect.
Free Chair, well, kinda free  :)
It's actually a full size chair, just looks small in this photo.

Speaking of small chairs, my Realtors want to hire me to coordinate their deals. And they have a friend who is looking for a coordinator, too. I think if I wanted to work a lot, I could get a job doing that. They said I could work for them from the RV, anywhere I was.  I have a real estate license and have worked as a loan coordinator and sold real estate.  Hmmmmm.  I'll have to think about it and see how I do financially once I'm not working anymore.  I think I'd rather not be that busy, though.

I mailed off my Short Sale documents on Thursday, so now I just wait. They have up to 30 days to respond. My Realtors think it will go, but we won't know for sure until we hear back. He said if they price the condo right, it should sell pretty fast. It will all be done in three to four months if everything goes okay.

I got the final payment from my Estate Sale, and I received just under $4,000.  My furniture was around 11 years old except my bedroom set, which was much older, and I really didn't have much.  It looked fine but was not in perfect condition, and it all went in 3 days, so I was really happy.  I was hoping for at least $2,000 and would have considered $3,000 a good thing, so I was very happy with what I got.  The total sale was just over $6,000 and I got 65 per cent of that. 

Seven more days of work!

From Me and Katie, have a good weekend, everyone! : )


  1. Sounds like you did just fine, and the mattress thing is an RV thing, they have always put an odd sized mattress in RV's. We juts lived with the difference in length in our fiver, but i'm sure with the class C every inch you can save is needed. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Sounds like you've made some great purchases and things are falling into place. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the short sale.....4 months isn't very long!!
    Have you tried a mattress topper?? They can be 1 inch to 4 inches thick and really feel great to sleep on.

  3. We sold our home really quick -- sign went up on Thurs, realtor brought us 5 offers on Monday and we closed less than 30 days's all about setting the price. We sold in '08 just as the market collapsed. We had a great realtor! No regrets!

  4. WOW! $6,000! That amount of money is impressive. A couple of years ago I sold a house full of furniture, with some antiques, for $5,000 and thought I had made a good deal.

    Can't believe you have been sleeping on the floor all this time. Wishing you the best. Good luck with the short sale.

  5. Salesmen will generally tell you it is a queen or a full bed but generally it is an RV queen or full bed which are both shorter and sometimes a bit narrower. I would definitely go for a temperpedic (or facimile) topper. Even the best RV beds need some help and the foam topper really makes a differenence. You can buy them at Walmart and other big box stores for fairly reasonable prices. Get a nice thick one and you will sleep well. They generally are just a bit shorter and narrower than stix and bricks beds or you can always trim if too large.

  6. Good pots and pans make a good cook. It would be nice to add a smaller fry pan to this collection, but otherwise it looks good to go. In a few months you should write about the handle and the stacking, if it seems like a bother or not.

  7. Love the pans. Nice chair too. Free is my favorite word.. :)

  8. Consider a foam mattress. You can buy one that fits your budget and then have the shop cut it to the exact dimensions you need. I bought a queen size for my RV and they trimmed the appropriate amount and it fits perfect.

  9. My short sale is creeeping..the buyers need to close next week, and my lender says at least another 15 days or more! Keeping my fingers crossed that it all gels together.

  10. Congratulations on the successful estate sale!


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