Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet Ginger and Happy Birthday, Tom!

I don't have much to post tonight, but I did get a photo of Ginger, the dog next door, and I have to get that snake photo replaced. Every time I pull up my blog to access the blogs I read, that snake is there.  Ugh!

Mary and Ginger, my neighbor and her dog, have been away for a few days, and returned this afternoon.  Tonight I noticed Ginger was laying on the dash of Mary's Class A, so I got the camera and went over to snap a photo or two.  I tried taking it through my window, but it didn't come out.  By the time I got over there, Katie was barking and Ginger stood up, but here she is:


This photo taken through the windshield looks almost like a watercolor painting.  There's something about the photo that I really like.  That's a palm tree in the background.  As you can see, Ginger is a very pretty, sweet little girl.

This little guy was hanging out in the tree in front of The Palms for a while. Usually there are two of them, but I didn't see the other one.

I cleaned out my car this morning, tomorrow it's going to CarMax to see what they will give me.  I was going to have it detailed, probably would have cost about $150, but I called Carmax and asked if that would make any difference in the price I get, and he said not to waste the money. It's all about the car itself.  My Escape is a 2001, and too old for them to re-sell, so it will be sent away to where they send the older cars.  Kelly Bluebook is between $3,000 and $4,000, but he said that has nothing to do with what they offer.  It depends on whether or not the car is in demand.  Hopefully they will offer at least $3,000.

Today is my son Tom's 44th birthday.  He and his family went to the San Diego County Fair today, which they do every year on his birthday, and he said they had a great time.  Happy Birthday, Tom!  44 years ago today I was a very happy new mother!

From Me and My Dog, who is sound asleep up in the bunk, have a great Thursday night, everyone!


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  2. The salesman who sold me my Highlander kept insisting that it would make no difference if I cleaned and detailed the truck, so I didn't. I got a fair trade-in, and it was more than Enterprise in CA wanted to give me. I don't think Toyota will be selling the Ford F-350, but there are probably places that specialize in selling non-standard vehicles. I hope you get what you want for your Escape.

    Are you sure you don't want to keep the Escape? Even if you didn't want to tow it, couldn't you leave it with one of your kids when you are traveling? I wouldn't want to have to disconnect all the hookups each and every time I wanted to go to the grocery or to take a drive somewhere.

  3. Good luck with your car and trade price! Hope it comes out good for you!
    Love the picture of does look like a watercolor. Very unique!

  4. Love that picture of Ginger - it's really different looking.


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