Friday, June 17, 2011

Update - I think we're finally organized

We have four new Followers - WELCOME to:

Michael Ultra, who has his RV Blog about his "adventures in the toy hauler with a couple of furkids and an old Harley," and also a new blog he's using to sell his house. That's a good idea, hope it works! 

Meadow House Musings - I like your name - You don't have a Blog listed, let me know if you start or have one so I can check it out. (Michael Ultra posted a message with your blog link - Thanks, Michael!)

Kitty, who retired in April and will be a full-timer in 36 days.  They are getting their fiver ready, and will be towing a motorcycle. 

Debbie Goode who has two blogs, click on her name for her painting blog which is wonderful, and also her RV Blog, which I enjoy reading.

I appreciate you all following along with Me and My Dog, Katie.

It's been a week since my last blog, I can't believe an entire week has just gone by.  This retirement/full-timing thing is kind of scary.  Time is going by even faster than when I was working, and I'm wondering where the last two weeks went.  I've been so busy, though, getting organized.  I think I've been bored about 10 minutes since I retired, but I'm sure things will settle down soon. 

Living in an RV park is interesting.  Living in the area I am in, being sooooo close to my neighbors, could be a challenge.  Other than the kids who were tossing their football, hitting The Palms, etc. I've had no complaints.   I didn't say anything to the management here, but someone must have, because the day after they climbed my ladder to get the ball off the top of The Palms, things have been great.   It's a long day for these kids to keep themselves entertained, and we do have lots of kids here.  They must have found one of the playgrounds or open areas to toss their ball around.

I think I've been lucky, this area is pretty quiet, with full-timers mostly.  Some of my neighbors are actually living here.  They stay for six months, but have their site reserved for another six, after the required two weeks they have to leave.  Some are couples, some are families.

 I've had only one neighbor on my passenger door side, Larry, who is a great neighbor.  He's quiet, considerate, brings me fresh fruit from a friend's trees.  He's helped me with questions about my rig and I've been lucky to have him for a "first" neighbor.  He was here when I arrived, and is scheduled to stay for a couple more weeks.  (But he told me yesterday he is going to another park this weekend to test it out, so I might be losing him.)

The site on my other side has had many coaches since I've been here, pretty much all good.  They stayed for a few days then moved on, or to another site.  I guess we're pretty booked because it's fishing season.  My new neighbor, though, is scheduled to be here for five months. 

She is a solo woman with her dog, and is an experienced RVer. She's my age and very nice.  She said she will be "in and out," driving back and forth to AZ in her car for business.  I think she will be a great neighbor, too.

I will be leaving in two weeks, myself, but so far am enjoying living in The Palms with Katie, and we are getting into a new routine.  I just can't believe Katie isn't getting up with me in the morning.  She stays cuddled in the comforter for another hour or two and finally wants to come down and go out for her walk.  It's nice, though, because I have time in the morning for coffee and whatever, without having to throw on clothes and take a walk first thing.  I get some "relaxing" time of my own.

I am hoping I have everything I need for The Palms.  I've been driving to the local Wal-Mart and Target, as well as other stores, to get things on my list, or as needed, and in two weeks I won't have a car anymore. 

I have an appointment with someone to see my fridge tomorrow morning at the condo, and I hope it sells.  I've brought the price way down.  I've already cleared the condo out, but have three or four boxes in my storage/laundry room, so I'll pick them up tomorrow.  They are for Salvation Army, and I already dropped off a big bag of clothes and hangers yesterday (things from my closet - only so much will fit, so I purged more things).

I signed the Real Estate documents this week, so my condo is up for sale (short sale) now. I changed my address to my daughter's, and I'm hoping this trip to the condo tomorrow will be my last. 

Although I qualify for the HAFA Short Sale, my mortgage company is being a real #@%&! about it, and I don't want the grief, so I told my Realtor I want a "normal" short sale so I can get on with my life.

I have a medical exam on Monday, and if all goes well, I'll get my car detailed next week, then take it to CarFax and get an estimate.  The estimates are good for a month, so I'll bring it back at the end of my final week here and sell it to them.  According the Blue Book, it's still worth between $3K and $4K, and I'm hoping to get something in between.  Then I will literally have everything I own in The Palms.  That is a kind of "freeing" thought for me.  I won't have to worry about anything but what I have right here with me. 

Katie enjoying our patio - we have no dirt  in this site.

I had more photos I wanted to show you today, but this post is long enough - I'll add them tomorrow.

PS:  Just wanted you to know I've tried to post LOTS OF COMMENTS, but haven't been able to.  I don't know if it's Blogger or my sporadic Internet, but it's really frustrating.  I'm reading all your blogs, and enjoying every one of them, but since I can't comment most of the time, I wanted you to know I'm still following along with you all.  : )

From Me and My Dog, have a great Friday, everyone!  : )


  1. We'll just have to have to get out our prayer rugs and get these "shackles" sold. I don't want anything else holding me back.(or you either)

  2. Also, try

  3. Sounds like everything is moving right along...maybe you can make it to Arizona this fall / early winter?

  4. I'm so glad you got good neighbors. And a dog who is OK with sleeping till you have your coffee!

    I've been having Blogger comment problems too for several weeks. I can only comment with the Name/URL option - not with the Google Account option. But that's a pain cause you have to type your name and URL everytime. It's been frustrating. I keep thinking it will be fixed soon.

  5. "I have a medical exam on Monday, and if all goes well, I'll get my car detailed next week, then take it to CarFax and get an estimate." I didn't know that CarFax required a medical exam. Of course I am just kidding. You and I are on the same path and I wish nothing but the best for us both!

  6. Glad to hear you're having some great first neighbors (except for teh football-playing kids!). Katie looks like she is enjoying life.

  7. enjoy yourself! wish we were at that point in our life too!..but it is not to be as yet!.

  8. To bad you are leaving San Diego, I will be down fo a week at the end of July. Oh well, perhaps we will meet somewhere else someday.

  9. Looks like things are going well...and yes, it is nice when the furbabies sleep in...LOL!

  10. I just found you today, I'm your newest follower,, you're doing what I'm to chicken to do,, bravo,I will enjoy following your new adventures.

  11. Just found your site from Ain't for City Gals. We have a 42 ft Tiffin motor coach and spend about 10 months of the year on the road. Looking forward to following your blog.


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