Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Lakes, the car, the bath

Welcome to our new followers:  Joyce Gray, Longdog2 and Stargeezer.

Joyce and Longdog2 don't show a blog (yet), but Katie and I are very glad you are joining us on our full-timing adventure.  Welcome aboard The Palms!

Of course we all know Stargeezer, Al from The Bayfield Bunch.  Al, I've been reading your blog almost from the beginning of my RV dream planning, and have enjoyed your posts immensely.  The good times and the bad times, you're an honest, interesting man, and I love your photos.  Welcome aboard to you, too, I'm glad you've joined Me and My Dog as a follower!

Here are a couple of photos of some of the amenities offered here at Santee Lakes:

 Beautiful pool and hot tub area

Large pool

 Laundry - squeaky clean, ironing board, too

I was going to get a shot of the club house, but there is a pot luck every Monday night, and there was a crowd of people lined up filling their plates, and I didn't want to intrude since I wasn't participating.  It looked and smelled wonderful, though.  They also have free coffee and pastries on Thursday mornings, and this week there is also a free concert at 6:30 Thursday evening.   Friday is family night with games and cards and Bingo at 7:00.  Saturday there is a live band in the clubhouse. Lots going on every week for people who want to participate.  

This is a secure park, with gates that lock overnight. People who are staying here can get in and out after hours with an electronic gate access code.  The front part of the lakes is open for day use with an entry fee, and the rear lakes are for campers only.

This is the kind of park people come back to year after year, and reserve their sites up to a year in advance.  Some are lakeside, or near the lake, and others are in more park-like settings:

I'd  much rather be by the lake.  I might come back in the future and stay a few days or a week and stay closer to the lake. The cost is the same as the site I'm in now, but of course it would be the daily rate or weekly if I stay that long.  I'll make sure to call a few months in advance to make sure I get one of the sites I want.  I just talked to a couple who have come here for years, they are from Arizona, and they gave me their favorite sites by the lake, so I have something to go on when I come back.  Thanks Irene and Steve!

Yesterday outside the pool fencing, Katie went nuts on the lawn, rolling around like crazy:
She was full of energy, poor thing - she's always in The Palms or on a leash and she is such a runner, she can't get her energy out.  When she gets like that, I yell, "run, run, run!" and she starts running like mad, she is super fast and can run forever.  But when she has to be on the leash, I turn around in circles and she runs and runs around in large circles, still on the leash.  It's not the same as just taking off, but she loves it.  These large grassy areas by the pool and laundry are perfect for "circle running."

Katie stayed in bed this morning until 10:30!  I love it!  I did my Wii stuff, had coffee, checked e-mails, made some phone calls, took my shower, watched a little TV, and finally I got her up.  In the condo, we got up at 5:15 on workdays, but on my days off she was staring at me - an inch from my nose - every morning around 6 - 6:30 until I got up and let her out to go potty.  She is taking this retirement thing very seriously.  

When we took our walk, I headed toward a noise that had been going on for a while, sounded like a generator at the end of my loop.  Generators are not allowed here in the park, so I was curious.  It was two men with an RV washing business who were cleaning the RV at the end.  So I scheduled an appointment for them to wash and wax The Palms tomorrow at 11:00.  They were booked solid today, and their first job tomorrow is the big rig down the way from me - the huge one with the window cages for their dogs.  Those people are full-timers and have been coming here for years, I guess they pretty much live here, and I figured if they trust this company, I would too.  I've only hosed The Palms off once, but I don't know the history of how she's been taken care of, so I thought a wash and wax was a good idea before we leave Santee.  

They charge $3/foot for wash and $7.50/foot for wash and wax, but he said he'd give me $6/foot for both.   That's $144.  I don't know if that's reasonable or not, but I do know I'm not waxing The Palms.  I may wash her myself from now on if I'm in a place that allows it, but I can't see myself doing a wax job.  So we will start out clean and shiny on Friday.

My son is going to buy my car from me, so she will stay in the family.  I think he'll love driving it as a work car instead of one of the business trucks.  I'll drive her to the office tomorrow and one of the guys will bring me back to Santee.

So, as of tomorrow I will have only The Palms, and she will hold everything I own.  When I take off on Friday morning, I will truly be a full-timer - on the road.  I'm getting really excited about that.  I know I'm a full-timer now, but camping for a month at Santee Lakes doesn't exactly feel like an "adventure," although I think it was a really good plan to be here this long to get me and Katie adjusted to living here, and learning a little more about her.   

The Palms is set up and organized (and re-organized a few times) so Katie and I are comfortable and have everything I think we'll need.  I'm sure I'll come across other things that will be useful, but the only large purchases that are still planned are solar installation and a back-up camera.  Those are going to cost me, so I'll do research before I have them installed.

Another beautiful day in San Diego County!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday everyone!  : )


  1. What an adventure you two are on!! You need to follow the blog of Judy and Emma...Judy is a full-timer traveling alone with her dog..has been for 5 years, I believe...I look forward to your blogging!

  2. What a very nice campground!! I can see why people would return year after year!
    Glad the your car is staying in the family...nice!
    I think you have done the right thing staying put for this time to get used to your new rig!
    We too are looking forward to following along on your journey and we hope to meet up with you one day "down the road."

  3. best wishes to you from canada,, I envy you!I will follow your journey..

  4. You are starting on a wonderful new adventure, my hat is off to you. RVer's are the nicest people in the world.

  5. You are starting on a wonderful adventure, RVer's are the nicest people in the world.

  6. I would have gladly paid $6/ft for a wash & wax on my 5ver, but was never in the right place when services like that were being offered. I think it's well worth the price. There are other RVers who do the job themselves, but a couple can do it much easier and quicker than a solo, so don't feel extravagant in paying someone else to do it, and save your energy for something else.

  7. You know, you remind me of a quote (I think by Art Linkletter) that says "things always work out best for the people who make the best of the way things work out".

    That's you!

  8. The wash / wax job sounds reasonable to me...that is a lot of work! I am anxious to hear how you manage without a car...I think that would be hard but it is a big expense ...good luck with your travels...

  9. I'm green, but I know something will work out for us.

    Be safe on the road to adventure.

  10. Have fun during your travels, you have a good route and I'm sure you'll see a lot of interesting things along the way.

  11. Loved that photo of little Katie enjoying the grass. Letting the dogs run seems to be one of the problems with RVing.

    That park looks nice and I can see why you are enjoying it.

    Check out AM Solar in Springfield, OR. They do a lot of RV solar work and I hear they are quite trustworthy.

    Good luck on your adventures. I am sure you and Katie will be making many happy memories.

  12. Have fun as you full time. Katie is a cutie.

  13. Have fun as you full time. Katie is a cutie.

  14. Hi Barb,

    You are MORE than welcome to stop by Palm Desert next fall on your way to Arizona. We are allowed to have an RV visitor park in front of our house for a week, maybe two. I will check into that.

    You can even stay in our Casita so you can have a suite with your own bathroom. Katie can run as much as she wants since we have a iron fenced backyard.

    I really enjoyed our visit (therapy session) yesterday.

    Happy Trails To You... and be safe.

    xo Bunny Jean (Margie)

  15. Had to chuckle when I read about Katie running in circles on leash. When I had my Husky I taught her to do that because I had no place for her to run free. She would do it on command. She loved it and it helped to vent some of her energy. Good luck to you on your adventure.

  16. I really wish that I was that far in organizing things. I will need to reorganize again and again until there is a place for everything and then everything will stay in it's own place. Where will you be heading after visiting your family in Vacaville?

  17. Thanks for the welcome. I love your blog. My blog is now up. I retired last year but didn't find all the blogs until much later. So I went back and recreated my travel from last year under June since I couldn't find any other way to do it. "Traveling with the Longdogs". Drop into the Women RV forum once in a while with a link so others there will find your blog. We have lots of newbies who could benefit from your planning!


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