Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still getting organized, and noisy neighbors : )

WELCOME to two new Followers:  Lizzie Jack and Jim and Sandie!

Lizzie Jack I'm glad you are coming along with me and Katie on our new adventure.  I don't see a blog listed for you, let me know if you have one, or start one!  Jim and Sandie, I was surprised to see I wasn't a Follower on your blog, because I know I've read lots of your posts, but I wasn't, so I signed onto your post today, and it looks like you did the same on mine. Welcome aboard to my new followers, and I hope you enjoy following Me and My Dog! : )

Yesterday was a busy day. I was feeling pretty good, and I decided to take care of some of the things that needed taking care of.

First I want to show you my noisy neighbors.  Last night as I was laying there with my bunk window open, I kept hearing noises near The Palms.  The stairs to the lake path are pretty close to me, but this was closer.  Like right under my window.  I ignored it, thinking someone was veering a little close on their dog’s night-time potty walk.  But the noise kept up, and I thought, there must be some kids playing by the tree right near my window.  I looked out, and saw something going up the tree.  I climbed down and got my camera, opened the window and waited. 

There was a lot of rattling inside the tree, the leaves were really rustling.  I took a few shots, hoping to get something in the tree.  Then… here come a couple of raccoons.  One is coming down, and the other (if you click on the photo to enlarge) is partially visible in the leaves on the right side of the trunk. 

 My noisy neighbors, leaving the neighborhood.

 The second critter climbing down the tree.

They were fat little critters.  I don’t know how they nest, but I hope there isn’t a nest in the tree.  There were little squeaky noises when they were both in the tree moving around, and I wondered if they were feeding their babies.  Like birds.  Or if  it was the raccoons communicating with each other - like, "What was that flash??  Let's get outta here!" 

Katie and I went to Wal-Mart and then La Mesa RV and got a few things for The Palms.  We got an attachment for our Winegard Antenna, a Wingman - thanks Fred!   (He's been e-mailing me some great information.)  Fred, do you have a blog?  If so, leave me a comment and I'll give you appropriate credit for all your good ideas.

 Winegard Wingman

You were right; it did give me a few more channels in English. The attachment was really easy to connect to the antenna, except that my fingers and thumbs couldn’t push the plugs in completely. Luckily Larry, my neighbor, was walking by and climbed on the roof with me and pushed them in all the way.  

Fred also sent me a link to a site that tells you which channels are available in your area if you type in your address.  Click here for that site. 

I messed around a little more with my TV and the converter box. The box was in the cupboard, and it has to be out for the remote to access it.  So I pulled the wires through the hole in the side of the cupboard and re-connected them. Then I Velcro’d the converter to the bottom of the RV. It didn’t look super secure, so I Scotch taped it on the back to one of the bars.  Not too pretty, but it doesn’t show, and it’s holding, and now the remote works from the living room or bunk and I don’t have to keep the cupboard door open. I'll probably get some raffia or something stronger to secure it more permanently.

 Converter attached to bottom of TV

While I was in Wal-Mart I saw the memory foam mattresses, and they had a full size. My Wal-Mart only had twin and queen and I needed the "full" size, so I picked one up.  When we got home I opened it up and let it air out and puff up. It didn’t smell bad, I was expecting an unpleasant odor, I’ve heard a lot about that, but this one was okay.  I took down the twin air mattress and all the pillows and bedding and deflated the mattress. Then I got the memory foam in the cover it came with, wrapped my mattress cover around it, and hefted it up into the bunk.  Then I put on the sheet and comforter.  What a workout all that was! I’m thinking changing the linens on the bed might be the hardest thing I do on this adventure.

I also got some Throat Coat tea and and Organic Echinacea Plus tea by Traditional Medicinals – thanks Teri.  I’m going to try the Throat Coat today. 

Thanks to Jim and Sandie - I think your suggestion of using a paper towel holder for T.P. is a good one. After I sent you the e-mail, I realized you did say "paper towel" holder.  I have that on my shopping list.

Katie and I took a long walk late afternoon. We walked over to the pool, washing machine/dryer area and community building.  I thought we were further away, but it’s not a bad walk.  

I was anxious to try out the new mattress, so I decided to watch some TV in bed.  It’s pretty comfortable, but there wasn’t anything interesting on TV, so I gave up and turned off the lights.  That's when I heard the "noisy neighbors."  (I woke up without a back ache, so far...so good for the new mattress.)

I plan to stay in camp today and just take it easy. Watch TV, read blogs, Kindle reading, napping maybe.  Right now, time for lunch!

From Me and My Dog, Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  : )


  1. Hope your nighttime neighbors move on! They can be real pests. :)

  2. Raccoons, don't get me started!! I am still tent camping and the last time I went the varmints got in my tent and took my bread out. At that time the tent zipper wasn't completely closed but then in the middle of the night they woke me up fiddling with the zipper!! By then I had made sure it was completely closed. I know, it is their forest too!!
    I am not sure how to join you as a follower but I am following and am very excited for you.

  3. That was without a doubt the hardest thing, changing the bed linens!!! :)

  4. Well, I don't know how I missed you, either! Especially with the title of your blog! Not knowing the ins and outs of blogging vs email vs groups, etc., I'm really "hobopals" in some of the groups and lord knows how many people I have confused. I traveled for six months with my yellow lab, Jack, last year. I hope you'll get to know him and how wonderful he is, by peeking at my blog. We had an incredible adventure, and saw some wonderful things.

    We're going through some tough, sad times with his health; I'm too upset to write about it at the moment. Otherwise, we'd be on the back roads of the USA.

    I'm anxious to travel, vicariously, through you and Katie, and I thank you for the opportunity.

  5. I agree with you about making the bed and I think mine might be almost impossible, so I'll probably just sleep on a quilt. It's hard to explain how mine is set up, but I don't think it's the same setup you have. Sounds like retirement is agreeing with you.

  6. Yes, I hope your nighttime visitors find a new camper to visit! They really can be a pest.
    Glad you found your mattress topper. They sure make a difference.
    Hope you enjoy your day and get some rest!!

  7. mattress toppers are the best invention!!..hope you sleep well and the 'bandits' don't return!!

  8. Your neighbors do need to move to a new location before they drive you nuts. I have trouble making our bed just because it's so big and I can't reach the head of it without pulling it all the way down to the floor. It's just a big pain. But right now there are two of us to do it so it isn't too bad.

  9. I think your noisy neighbors are very cute, but they can be very destuctive. Stay cool.

  10. As cute as raccoons are they are dangereous, especially for little dogs like Katie and Angel. Last year there was a family of five living under my doublewide. One of them attacked the dog across the street, to the tune of over $300.00 in vet bills. And just recently the neighbor two doors down attacked back when one tried to carry her little dog off. Just be careful, they're cute but not cuddlely. Angel wants to meet Katie one day.


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