Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Palms is squeaky clean and shining, and goodbye Escape

Welcome to our new followers!  Running Liner, Nan, Jed's Mom, and Bunny Jeans Decor...and More.

Running Liner - they are not retired yet, but make short RV trips and hang out in their small RV.  This is a new blog, and she has lots of great photos posted so far.

Nan and Jed's Mom - I don't see a blog listed for either of you - if you have one, or start one, let me know so I can visit you both, too! 

Bunny Jeans Decor...and More, this new follower, Margie, and I met here at Santee Lakes.  She has two really cute dogs, and when Katie and I passed their site, of course the dogs wanted to get together, and so I walked over and was invited to sit down and visit.  We had the best conversation - it was really nice.  Margie has a blog about decorating that's beautiful and interesting - check it out.

WELCOME to you all, and thanks for following along with me and Katie on our Great Escape! : )

Well, The Palms got her wash and wax this afternoon.  It was a much better experience than I expected, of course I really didn't know what to expect.  The company is called Fresh Mobile Detailing, and is owned by Tyler Deno, a 19 year old "kid" who has a really good business going.   He has quite an operation - when they got there, there were three guys, Tyler and two employees, Josh and Adam, and they really moved.

From now on when I hear about "these lazy young kids," I will definitely have a story to tell the other side.  These guys worked hard for a hour and a half, they washed the entire rig from top to bottom, then applied a wax and buffed it out, the entire rig was waxed and buffed, 

the tires cleaned,

and the windows washed.  I'll tell you, they really worked, and it was hot out!  Tyler checked everything that was done and went over any areas that he wasn't happy with.  I was impressed with his attention to every detail on every part of The Palms.

I can definitely recommend Tyler and Fresh Mobile Detailing - you'll get your money's worth and then some.   They were happy, listened to my comments, answered all my questions (my son says I'm a nightmare customer because I always get involved and want lots of answers), but they were great and put up with me and my chatter and picture taking.

If you're ever in the San Diego County area and need a good company to wash and/or wash and wax your rig, give them a call:

And here she is, clean, shiny, very smooth:

Just look at the shine on that hood, if you click on the photo, you'll see a real reflection:

The decals look richer and I'd guess the wax will protect them from weathering as quickly.

He also installs radios/stereos/speakers, window tinting, and HID lights.   I'm sure he does just as good a job with those areas of his business.  Thanks Tyler, Josh and Adam, you guys did a great job!

And here's Katie, supervising in the chair,

and later in her new halter (see hated it when I put the other one on her, so I broke down and got a different one - she likes this one):

 Katie's new halter - pretty in pink ruffles

This morning I drove to work in my Ford Escape, and left it there.  Marc, one of our supervisors, drove me back to my campsite.  So... she's gone, and I'm sure going to miss her.

But Tom will take good care of her... much better care than I took of her, I'm sure.

It was a busy day, and now I'm going to get my Kindle and relax.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  : )


  1. I agree...there are lots of young people out there that want to work. The owner has a strong future ahead of him...he wants to work for himself and he is not afraid to get out and get it done. Kind of reminds me of me and my husband when we were young(er)...everything we ever had was brought about by hard work. The wax will protect your travels.

  2. I am always so impressed with most of the young people I come into contact with. And this young man sounds like an exceptional person. He does his folks proud. Enjoy relaxing. That's what we get to do a lot of.

  3. They sure did a great job. I heard earlier on the radio today that wealthy people have a common personality trait, being detail oriented. Tyler will go far.
    I am glad that your car has found a good home.
    Katie makes a great supervisor!

  4. Great job! The Palms is so nice and shiny. I sure wish Tyler was around here--I'd be happy to pay if I could get someone (as good as Tyler) to wash and wax mine.

    I've done mine several times, but a bum back is keeping me from doing it, again. Maybe when the fall cools it off, here. I can reach all but the very top--almost killed myself on a ladder last time. I need to leave it to the young people!

    Terrific story about ambitious young man (men). I'll tell it as well. Thanks for sharing, Me.

  5. IF we ever have a rig, and are in San Diego, and want to get it washed and waxed, I will be sure to call them.

    This young man will go far in life!

  6. The Palms looked wonderful and your glowing report was a pleasure to read. Always like to hear positive stories of the younger generation. Wish they were up here in Oregon! I'd hire them...maybe he should start a franchise!

  7. I love Katie's new halter, so pretty , just right for such a lady.

  8. Could you send those guys to Indy? I could use them here! It seems that each time we wash ours, it rains!

    you asked for blog address so here goes

  9. With all of the miles I have put on my coach this month, it is really dirty. I have washed the windows and washed the bugs off the mirrors and front bumper. I'm going to attempt to wash it at home this week. If I can't do a good job, I will have to find a company like that to do it for me.

  10. nice to have some young hardworking men to make the Palms nice and clean and oh so shiny!!

  11. I like the concept of the younger folks washing & waxing the rig. It's not that I can't do, it's just that I never feel like doing it anymore because the job is huge & takes sooooooo long to do. I would gladly pay to have a crew like that come in do everything. When I was the age of those fellows I loved doing those kinds of jobs too & if you like what you are doing, you are going to do it well. We'll probably end up in Borrego Springs sometime again this winter which is only a couple hours from San Diego. Maybe we could meet those guys half way for a wash & wax:))

  12. The Palms looks really nice and clean. Glad the fellows did such a good job. They certainly were hard working fellows!!

  13. I've been trying to keep the coach clean myself but have never waxed it. It would be nice if we had that kind of service offered here in my area.


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