Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fan-Tastic Fan, solar lights, etc.

WELCOME to new followers: 

Paul Tempesta - thank you for following along with me and Katie. You don't show a blog, let me know if you start (or have) one.  Welcome aboard, Paul!

Also, Mary B. (and her dog, Ginger), thank you for becoming a follower!  Mary is my neighbor, and Ginger is her Dachshund, Katie's new friend. I think they are both wonderful, and I'm glad you're following along with us, Mary.  Mary gave me permission to post Ginger's photo, sitting on her RV dashboard where she enjoys the sunshine. Katie looks out the window from time to time to see if Ginger is there.  When I take Ginger's photo, I'll post it for you.  Welcome aboard to you, too! : )

And finally, ljmck66 - WELCOME!   You don't show a blog, either - but I am glad you are following along with Me and My Dog and that you are along for the adventure!

It doesn't seem like I have posted many photos lately, so, since I'm getting good Internet service right now, I'm going to put a bunch in this post.  Here are some recent pics of Katie:

 Katie enjoying the shade near my new chair (really comfortable!)

 Katie's coloring blends right in with the decor. : )

 Beautiful apricots neighbor Larry brought over.

 New Fan-Tastic 12 Volt Fan

When I left work, the staff gave me a gift certificate to Rick's RV Sales in El Cajon.  I have been wanting this fan, it was one of the last things on my list, but it was kind of expensive and I was trying to justify getting it.  Then I realized I could get it with the gift certificate, along with other things.  I'm sure my fellow employees would have wanted me to have it. : )  So I ordered it over the phone and Rick's sent an employee to pick one up at a local distributor and they had it for me that very afternoon.  (That's what I call good service!)  I've used it a couple of times already, and it really IS fantastic.  If I'm boondocking and need a fan, this will keep me and Katie cool just by plugging it into the cigarette lighter. 

Solar Lights

My neighbor, Larry, has these very nice solar lights that he got for $1 each at Wal-Mart.  They were pretty bright, and I wanted some, so I went down - but I went to a different Wal-Mart and paid $2.  I couldn't get them pounded into the hard dirt under the rocks in front of The Palms.  A Volunteer who works here told me he used long nails, pounded them into the dirt, then took off the stake part of the lights and put the lights over the large nail. What a great idea! So I stowed them in front of the passenger seat until I could get some nails and forgot about them.  Until I went to bed, turned off all the lights, and the cab was lit up.  Scared me - SPOOKY - these solar lights really work!

I got the large nails at Home Depot yesterday and put the lights out.  I just checked them after being outside in the sun all day, and they work pretty well.  You could certainly see your way in the dark using just these lights.  Pretty good for the price.

Neighborhood cat - he climbed up the tree and then couldn't seem to get down.

 He finally got enough courage and very slowly came down.  

Afterward he stood at the bottom of the tree and looked up - looked like he was thinking, Wow, I was way up there? His owner told me tonight he is always climbing trees - so I guess he wasn't as worried about coming down as he looked.

The propane truck is coming by tomorrow to fill my propane tank.  That will be a first.

From me and Katie, have a great night, everyone!  : )


  1. The fan will come in very handy...I might have to look for one of those. Sounds like everything is moving along nicely..time is going fast because you are enjoying yourself...and that is a good thing!

  2. Wow, at first I thought those solar lights were aliens. Live long and prosper!!!
    Enjoy your blog, girl. Stay safe.

  3. I bet those lights coming on did give you a start! :)

  4. Love the fan and the little table it sits on. Nice setup.

  5. The fan and solar lights are a great addition to your new home! We have those Wal-Mart solar lights too! They really do a great job.

  6. A fan is a great idea for boondocking! may have to look into that. love the pictures- everything looks so homey!

  7. I had to laugh when I read about the solar lights. I bet that was quite a sight. The fan looks like a really good idea - and especially with a gift certificate.

  8. Great pictures of Katie...I almost didn't see her there in the shade.

    That fan is a good'll get a lot of use out of that.

  9. Looking good. some people put those solar lights in a bucket of sand. I had six, along my patio.

  10. I was following up on your suggestion on my blog to get a Fan-tastic fan. It is kind of pricey. What came with it? Did you have to buy a cig. lighter adapter for it?



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