Saturday, April 13, 2013

A little tinkering with Me and My Dog


I've been playing with the blog this morning - I am getting a little bored with the format.  I can't decide if I want to finally change the header, and I wanted to widen the post area and also the sidebars.  I've also been checking out different sizes and colors and I've enlarged the photos.

I'd love comments on whether the posts are loading at the same rate, or if these changes are slowing things down.  And are these large photos coming in as clear as they did before? I'm not done tinkering yet, but wanted to see how things were going so far.

Also, remember that if the text is hard to read on any of the blogs you follow, just press the Control and + key at the same time, and it will enlarge things for you.  I always keep mine a little enlarged so I have an easier time reading the blogs with smaller text.

I spied a pair of House Finches sitting on a branch. Aren't they pretty?

Female and Male House Finch

Male House Finch in flight - one of those lucky shots.  :)
I have my hammer and screwdriver ready to start smacking away at the rocks.  I'll post later today about that...


  1. Personally, I like larger photos, then I don't have to click on them & wait for another page to load. May not be the same for others though?
    The first photo is a bit blurry, when mine look like that set at the largest, then I go for large to get a better quality photo on my blog.

    Great shot on the bird in flight!! Yes, a lucky shot. I never seem to catch those. My camera is older though & has a bit of a lag between the shot & it's actual picture taking.

    I'm waiting! Want to see what you've uncovered!

  2. I like the bigger pictures, but when you have a lot to share, doesn't it make the post too long? And how do you get your name on the photos? I think that's neat! Your blog did not take longer to download.

    The red against the sky is way pretty in your bird pictures today. Don't you just love it when you get a shot of a bird flying?

    You keep tinkering.....we all enjoy it!

  3. photos load fine for me, nothing is lagging. Looking forward to seeing what's inside your rocks! Tried lapidary at Sun 'n' Fun and didn't have the patience to finish polishing rocks. But still enjoy gemstones and learning about them...great bird photos!

  4. Hey, I like this expanded, wider look. It doesn't feel as scrunched up! Nice!

  5. I liked the previous format fine, but I like this new format even better!
    It loaded fine, no slowing as far as I could tell.
    Your bird photos are great!

  6. Hi, no problem loading the blog today. Nice pictures of the finches.

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