Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meeting more fellow RVers

Today I was visited by three female RVers who came up to The Palms and looked around, and I realized (watching them through my window) that they were wanting to say something to me.  So I opened my window and screen and met three of the nicest people!  They have a friend, Kyra, who reads Me and My Dog and texted DJ that if they were going to be at City of Rocks, they should look me up.  And they did.  Thanks, Kyra!

Gina, Donna and DJ

Oops, wrong photo, sorry ladies!  I've been playing with my new graphics program and got carried away. :)  Here they are:

Gina, Diane and DJ

Diane and her husband Dave have a blog, which I enjoyed reading after they left, but Gina and DJ don't blog -yet.  Thank you all for coming by to visit with me and Katie.  I had such a good time talking with you - I hope we meet up again in the future.

Some other photos taken since I've been here at City of Rocks:

City of Rocks Lizard

Sign to the Desert Botanical Garden

I like the way they let you know how long it is to the nearest bench, restroom and water.  I was also interested in what was written about the number four - my favorite number all my life. I've always categorized things into fours. It's the symbol that's on the New Mexico license plates. If you click on the photo you should be able to read about it.

Hike and Bike Trail Marker

When we first got here, I found this large dead spider on my chair folded up in front of Katie's car seat. I put it on the edge of her blanket to show it's size.  She wasn't too happy about having it there.

Later, I took out the chair and opened it in camp, and this is what was inside the chair:

Wolf Spider

Is that a creepy spider, or what?  It's large and looks like it has a black pincher mouth.   I did a lot of spider research, but couldn't find out what kind it was.   I think I must have brought them from the Hot Springs LTVA in California, one died and one lived.  But not for long...  At least I hope there were only two.  :(    NOTE:  Thank you Cyndi for letting me know this is a Wolf Spider!

Look at the pretty center of this big rock. The other half is on the ground.

This is a Raven's nest in one of the hollows in a large rock.
The hole on the left is the nest.  This one has really been built up with twigs.

In my first site I put out a bowl of water for the critters, and here is a raven coming in for a landing.  He is flying toward the left side of the photo and has one foot on the ground as he lands.

Ta-Da - I should put a ballet skirt on him. :)

And here is is again, flying away after having a drink. I love to get photos of birds in flight, but I don't get many good clear ones.

So graceful.

And finally, here's a Black-Throated Sparrow, the first I've seen.  He flew in, hopped around, and flew off, and that was that.  I was lucky to get this one photo and I haven't seen one since.

Black-Throated Sparrow

Katie and I are leaving City of Rocks by the end of the week, heading south to Rock Hound State Park and Poncho Villa State Park. We've never been to those campgrounds and want to see them.  I have a loose itinerary written up to try to see as many of New Mexico's State Parks this summer so that next year our travels will be more focused on the parks we like best.  I'd like to stay two weeks at each park, that's the limit set by New Mexico for 2013, but I'm expecting the heat to drive us north sooner than I'd like, so will probably have shorter visits at some of the parks.

This last photo isn't the best - but I love it anyway.  Last night the female Raven came first, as expected, then the male flew in, jumped around a bit, and flew off.  I just barely got the photo-as you can see.  Reminds me of Mary Poppins.  Then the female flew off, too, returning later to their rock.  I looked out later in the night and didn't see two ravens, so maybe the male didn't return, for the first time since I've been here. I felt kind of sorry for the female Raven.  Do you think they had a tiff?

I had to try it:

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog! It is fascinating! I also absolutely love your pictures. The truth is I'm not sure how I ended up here, since I was just looking around for interesting dog blogs. I will definitely keep reading and commenting! Great job! Please don't stop blogging.

  2. Been following your travel for just a few days. It's always such a trill to find that our blogs create a thread to friends. Keep up the good work!

  3. I always shake out my chairs really hard and turn them upside down before sitting on them or packing them up. There were a lot of little red biting ants near my site at Laguna Atascosa and they would crawl up the legs of the chair.

  4. Love the photos. Isn't it fun to meet other bloggers? Does Katie Chase lizards? Doris does - one of her favorite hobbies. Looking forward to your take on other New Mexico state parks.

  5. Spiders give me the creeps!

    I think the female booted his fanny out for the night. :)

  6. Yick spiders. Great pictures once again. I love the two raven lovebirds. Cheers!

  7. Yuck on the spider thing. I hate finding spiders in the RV!

  8. I really liked your graphics, and I'm so glad those ladies came to visit you.

  9. You are going to miss the Ravens when you leave. Love your graphic. Katie is so funny, "Mom, really, you know I don't like spiders." LOL

  10. Hi Barbara, I'm glad Gina, DJ and Diane were able to meet you today. I just wish I had been able to join them! Thanks for all the inspiration, and the lovely pics on the blog, except the creepy spiders!

  11. Barbara that spider is really creepy!! Glad you found it before Katie did. Love the Mary Poppins shots - you are too funny. That huge rock almost looks like petrified wood - very pretty.

  12. The raven photos are fantastic! The spider was a little eerie looking - I'm used to regular household spiders which I don't mind at all, knowing they eat other insects. If I want to get rid of one I scoop it up on a sheet of paper and take it outside. But if it's a strange looking one I might not be so kind.

  13. So mcu fun meeting new folks out on the road.

    The ravens amused me, endlessly when I was living in NW AZ. Those wolf spiders, not so much. I was always findingthem in the house! Dang those things are big and they look like alien invaders.

  14. Love the graphics and raven pics. Angel sends a woof to Katie and Hi to you.

  15. No matter where you travel there are always interesting things to see. You seem to find them too. Enjoy!

  16. Hi Barbara,
    I would do Pancho Villa first, then Rockhound. Rockhound is on a hill and gets a nice breeze. You could probably be comfortable there later. (if that fits with your route.)
    Hugs to Katie!


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