Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our last day at Rockhound State Park, New Mexico

Our time is up - tonight is our last night here at Rockhound.  This afternoon I'll dump the tanks and get fresh water and tomorrow morning we'll be traveling down the road again.  This is a great park, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is a rock hound or loves hiking, nature, bird watching, or just hanging out in general.  Deming is less than ten miles away, and has a Walmart and anything else you'd need.

While Katie and I were walking the other day, we again stopped to talk to Debbie, Jim, Gayle and Jim - I finally got a good photo of them all - shown below.  That evening we had a nice long happy hour - these are such nice people.  I'm really glad I ran into them again, and also was able to meet Jim M.

Rupert and Debbie, Jim and Gayle, Jim and Chica, and Elliot's tail.

Jim brought out Sophie, one of his and Gayle's new adopted kittens, and Chica really wanted to see her up close!

Lots of barking - Chica is a real fire cracker.  She has no idea how little she is. :)

I've gotten the best bird photos here at Rockhound and I can't resist posting more of my favorites.  I've seen birds here that I've never seen before.  This is the first time I've had hummingbirds at my feeder and beautiful birds in the trees nearby and haven't picked up my camera.  I just have too many great photos.  Here are some of the best.

Black-Chinned Hummingbird - look at that beautiful purple necklace glowing in the sunshine.

This Black-Chinned  "owned" that feeder - he stood guard all day, turning right, left and center, keeping watch.

Broad Tailed Hummingbird

Female Anna's Hummingbird - she has gold flecks on her throat in the sun.

I don't know what kind of hummer this is, I just thought it was so cute and fluffy.
Female Black-Chinned Hummingbird - see the mountains behind us reflected in the feeder?

Female Black-Chinned Hummingbird

Curved Bill Thrasher - these were a first for me, another X in my Field Guide

Scaled Quail - these quail are also a first - I've seen other quail, but not Scaled Quail.  Another X.

Scaled Quail

Scaled Quail
Female House Finch

Two Male House Finches - checking out the hummingbird feeder

Wilson's Warbler - another first.

Each bird is beautiful in a different way - and such gorgeous colors.  I've had a great time watching them.

Welcome to our newest Follower, Cheryl Ann.  She has four blogs, but her main one is Desert Horses, which is about her four rescue horses.  We all love rescue animals, and usually we're talking about dogs or cats.  But horses?  What a great thing to do, and how cool is it to have four horse?!?   Thanks for following along with me and Katie, Cheryl Ann, we're happy to have you aboard!  :)

Beautiful Rockhound sunset

Landscape view of the Rockhound sunset above

 From Me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Great bird photos! Glad we got to visit with you and Katie again.
    That was quite a sunset last night, wasn't it?

  2. Beautiful shots of the hummingbirds. At first glance that view of the mountain through the feeder looked like an angel fish. I lol'd thinking the bird would like that :)

  3. Great pictures. Careful tomorrow, it's supposed to be a windy one. Safe travels.

  4. Your Humming Bird pictures are the best I have seen.

    Be safe

  5. Let them come! I just love to see what you captured. Isn't "Nature" great!

  6. Oh, I'm so happy to join your adventures! I've never seen a scaled quail before. I'm hoping to see some quail this weekend and maybe some babies at the horse ranch!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  7. Those are great bird photos. I have never seen the Scaled Quail before.

  8. Wonderful photos! You have some birds that we have never seen. Rockhound SP is a must stay for us.

  9. Those are WONDERFUL photos! Even the ones with humans in them! :) Have a safe trip tomorrow can not wait to see where you end up next! - Dawn and Katie in Michigan

  10. I found your blog via Jimbo's Journeys. Great bird pictures. I've seen the curved billed thrasher before and wondered what it was. Now I know! Love your blog.

  11. It sure was great meeting you and Katie. Chica enjoyed it as well. I am really enjoying all your bird pics. I guess now I will need to get a hummingbird feeder to attract some beautiful birds. Enjoy your travels.

  12. It is a shame you have to leave such a great spot for all those birds. They will miss your feeders I'm sure. You really did get some great pictures. Those hummers are just stunning in the sunlight.

  13. Your bird photos are awesome...I could never pick a favorite! Maybe the black-chinned hummingbird, but I love the scaled quail too.

    Safe travels!

  14. I too thought there was a fish in the feeder at first glance. Love the bird pics.


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