Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rockhound State Park - our new home

Katie and I are at Rockhound State Park in Deming, NM.  We were lucky to get the last dry camping site, #5, when we arrived yesterday around 3ish in the afternoon.  It was a nice site, but I couldn't get us level enough, so this morning Katie and I took a little walk up the hill and found that two of the campers had left this morning and we moved to another site.

I was watching the birds out the window yesterday and found a new one I haven't seen before, a Cactus Wren. 
Cactus Wren

It's a very pretty bird, and the two I was watching were busy. One had feathers in it's mouth and landed right in front of The Palms.

Can you see the feathers in the beak of the bird on the left?

It then flew to a cactus in our site's cactus garden. It disappeared for a minute, and then was visible again, and I knew there had to be a nest right there.

You can see the Cactus Wren near the top of the cactus, and it's nest behind it on the left.

This morning I checked the cactus and got a good look at the large nest.  I took a close-up of the entrance, but it was too dark inside the nest to see anything.   I love this time of year.  All the birds are nesting.

Large nest in the middle of the cactus.

This was our first campsite - #5 - the last dry camping site available.

This little cactus garden was part of site #5 - the Cactus Wren nest is here.

Rockhound State Park Visitor Center

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We've only been here at Rockhound one day, and so far we are loving it.  They've got good, well defined trails which I like for me and Katie (they also have rattle snakes, and I figure we'll be safe on a nice trail).  I know my friends Gayle and Jim love the trails here, and they are serious hikers, so there's a good range of hiking trails.  This afternoon we took the 1.1 mile Thunder Egg Trail and I got some rocks - I'm going to break them open and see if I've found any geodes.  I'll show you some photos tomorrow and let you know if we found anything good.

TV reception is also very good here and my Verizon and Internet service are the best so far in Southern New Mexico.  

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. Oh I can't wait to see what's in your rocks! I'd like to go there. Here in Texas, they gave snake warnings last week. But it's been warming up (except last night a cold front came through) & folks are out enjoying the bluebonnets...and the snakes are out sunning, so they've been posting warnings on the news & such.
    That is one big cactus nest too!

  2. That looks like a wonderful park. But I want to know what's in your rocks. So be sure to post some pictures. Rattlers are out here also so we keep the girls really close by even in the campground.

  3. Oh, I'd also love to see what's in the rocks!
    Cheryl Ann

  4. Hi Barbara and Katie...Looks like our paths will cross again at Rockhound! I'm currently at Leasburg Dam in Las Cruces with Jim and Gayle, and our plans are to move to Rockhound on Sunday. It will be nice to see you, and fun for Katie and Elliot to play together again. Debbie

  5. Can't wait to see what's in your rocks....what fun!

    Way impressed with the bird nest too... Hope you see babies!

    You and Katie have fun and watch out for snakes.

  6. Me too!!! I want to see what's in the rocks. My dad was a big rock hound and would have loved that park.

    I hope you get to see what's in the nest when the time is right. Maybe you'll get a picture of some cute babies while you're there. Sounds like a great park.

    Does Amazon get the 99 cents or does the blogger? Don't think I'd want to just let Amazon make money from my blog so just wondering.

  7. Interesting about Amazon adding blogs. I didn't know that.

    You always end up with such beautiful pictures of the critters out there.

  8. The cactus wren has the most interesting call. Thought you would like it at Rockhound.
    See you Sunday!

  9. I think it's a good idea to let readers read in whatever ways they choose. I thought about Amazon, too, but got put off by Amazon then owning my content (like Amazon wants my content at ANY price). You get something like 10¢/subscription, right? My mother told me not to talk about money in public, but she also told me to marry a rich man.

  10. I love the cactus wren and her nest. It just amazes me how birds can build just round and sturdy little nests with just their beaks. Mother Nature sure made them talented didn't she?


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