Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goodbye City of Rocks -- we'll miss you, Ravens

We're all packed up and ready to go to another New Mexico State Park tomorrow morning.  I filled the water tanks this afternoon and will dump the black and grey tanks at our new park - there isn't a dump site here at City of Rocks.

I cleaned the truck and the solar panels and skylights on the roof this afternoon, as well as all the windows and the sides and back of The Palms as far up as I could reach.  Between the rain and the wind and the sand and the dust, wow, I forgot The Palms is white.  So she's looking much better, for sure.  And bugless.  :)

When Katie and I drove over to the water faucet, I noticed a couple of ravens sitting on the huge rock by the big nest with all the twigs, and on our way back, there was a Raven sitting on the nest.  I was hoping to see her and get a picture before we left.  Is this the coolest photo, or what???  Look at the size of that nest.

I love this nest, what great construction with all those twigs and grasses.

This is where the nest is, and the male raven was sitting on the rock to the right.

I've never been much interested in Ravens, except that they look so cool soaring on the drafts when it's windy.  Blue Water Lake State Park has a lot of them, and they are always flying overhead.  This is the first time I've seen nests and been able to observe them a little.

Here's my little lonely Raven tonight - again. I think this is the third night she's been alone, unless her mate comes after dark.

All fluffed up against the wind and cold.  :(

The chairs are in (after being examined closely-no spiders!), and pretty much everything is put away for traveling.  This will be a short trip, a little over an hour, I think, but I'll stop in Deming and do a little Walmart shopping on my way.

Beautiful desert plains surrounding City of Rocks

I've definitely got hitch-itch and can't wait to be on our way.  Our next post will be from a new location.

From me and Katie, have a great Wednesday evening, everyone!  :)

PS - When I woke up at 6 am this morning, it was just barely getting light and I could see one fat Raven on the rock.  But when I turned on my light, they separated and there were two, close together in the cold.  The male must have been coming after dark to the rock.  A little later I heard them talking; it's not a whistle bird-like noise, more like a soft garbled sound, and then whew-whew-whew-whew, and they had flown off at 6:20.  :) 


  1. Beautiful pictures of the surrounding area. I still want to spend some more time in the NM parks, I have only been to 2 of them.

  2. Awesome nest...don't you wish you could have seen the babies?

    Wish our RV was clean...

    Safe travels tomorrow!

  3. Perhaps that lone raven is the male, and his mate is incubating their eggs each night?

  4. You, know, Judy, I wondered about that. When I saw the Raven on the nest, I wondered if it was the same one sitting on my rock at night. It could be. I'm going to do a little research. What a wonderful world we live in, huh?

  5. I had a family of ravens living in my backyard for the longest time, was so sad to see them leave. Thanks for sharing this, brings me back!

    Started following your site, hope you check out my Coachella travel blog soon :)

  6. Love your account of the Ravens. Be safe out there!

  7. This was such a cool campground! Thanks for taking us along. I bet the Ravens will miss you too! Can't wait to see the next place!

  8. I had no idea that ravens would build nests on the side of a rock. That's so cool!! Thanks for sharing all your great pictures. Travel safe.

  9. Sweet about the ravens cuddling up. What a fun life you lead...

  10. Barbara, I remember your posts from last year about all the great NM State Parks. One nicer than the other. Looking forward to your adventures in NM again this year.

  11. Beautiful photos, especially the last one. Like a scissor cuts art picture.

    Cute story about the nesting ravens. I would definitely like to see what it would be like in a few weeks when they have hatched.
    Too bad you are not around anymore. It was like a webcam.
    Thanks for sharing this special experience!


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