Monday, April 29, 2013

What am I, invisible?

You know the old saying, "So what am I?  Chopped liver?"  Here's a new one, "So what am I? Invisible?"

I'm looking out the front window watching fishermen bring down their boats to the launch, then driving back with the trailers to the parking areas, then walking back to their boats. It was a beautiful morning.  Then one man stops, turns his back to me, and proceeds to urinate, for quite a while I might say, right in front of me.

Bullock's Oriole - these birds keep landing on the hummingbird feeder and trying to eat.

I'm thinking, does he not know someone is watching him?  It was daylight, he was right on the road edge, and certainly he could see me through the window.  Finally I see the universal movements indicating he has completed his task, he zips up, pulls down his jacket, and walks on. Good job, you idiot, now you won't wet your pants on the boat.  Oh, by the way, there's a restroom about a one minute walk up the ramp - that you just drove past.

Bullock's Oriole - isn't he beautiful?

Then yesterday, I'm sitting here in the afternoon enjoying the antics of a father and his three sons who had gone fishing.  The little kids walked back with their own rods and tackle boxes, so cute, and they walked over to their table for a snack and can of soda.  Bright day, my windows were open with my book on tape playing, and this little guy walks across the short parking area, in front of The Palms, looks back at his dad as if to check that he has the right place, and tosses their papers and soda cans into the rocks going down to the beach road below.  Most of the trash didn't make it very far.  I couldn't believe it.  Helloooo - I'm sitting right here watching you!

Without even thinking I opened my screen, stuck out my head and said, "Hey, don't toss your garbage down there."  He started walking back to their truck, so I opened the other screen, stuck my head out on the other side and yelled, "Hey!  You go back and pick up your garbage!"  And he did.  There is a big garbage bin right across the road on their way out.  Geeeeez!

Western Wood Pewee - thank you Hazel, you really know your birds. This is another new one for me.

I should make a sign to put in the windshield saying, "I'm in here and I can see you!"

Other than these two conspicuous "lawbreakers," everything is going great here at Caballo Lake.  Beautiful weather, beautiful birds, Katie and I are taking some nice walks.

Flock of American Coots in the lake

I've gotten some nice bird photos the last couple of days - I've had hummingbirds, but they are the same kinds we had at Rockhound, and the photos haven't been as good, so I'm not including them. There were a few birds I wasn't sure about, and one I mis-named.  Thank you to our bird ID experts Hazel and Judy, for helping me out with the types of birds I didn't know.  I have made the corrections.  :)

This pretty bird (same bird below) hopped around too fast for a good, complete shot.  Male Yellow Rumped Warbler.

Dark grey, light grey, white and a little yellow - any idea what kind of bird this is?  This is the best pic I could get.   Thank you, Judy and Hazel, you both agree this is a male Yellow Rumped Warbler. I've never heard if this one, he sure is pretty.

People kept sitting at the table in front of us, and Katie was keeping a close eye on them.  According to Hazel, this mammal is a Katie Dog.

Caballo Mountains reflecting on the lake

Male House Finch

Purple Martin or Tree Swallow?   I've never seen it before and my Field Guide isn't clear.  Per Hazel, Tree Swallow.

 Tree Swallow per Hazel.  Don't these birds have an unusual shape?

Western Kingbird

Green-winged Teal ducks - females

It was hot enough today to wear our Frogg Toggs - Katie was happy!

Friday's beautiful sunset.

From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  :)


  1. You probably need to hit the horn when something like that happens to remind everyone you are there and watching.

  2. I love the suggestion of the horn! Would have liked to have seen "that guy" jump in the middle of . . . um . . doing his thing right in plain view.

  3. Glad you are enjoying Caballo, except for the idiots! We had a lovely one night stay at City of Rocks, perfect temps, no wind. Got to meet Hazel, too. Nice lady.

  4. People! Amazing what they do when they think no one's looking. The mind reels.

    Excellent bird photos.

  5. What would be perfect would be photos of the offenders on a sign - stated I can see you! As for the litter bugs, I'm pretty sure they'd move on rather than sit in trash, so yes, idiots indeed.

  6. Good for you, yelling at that kid. About the other fellow, you should have yelled out 'if you shake it more than 2x you're playing with it!!!'. But people like that don't seem to care anyway. We spotted a guy on the highway on a off ramp having a piddle in plain view of hundreds of motorists. What's with that????????

  7. Your little mystery bird is a male yellow-rumped warbler.

    I think blasting the horn in the middle of his leak is a good one. :)

  8. Oh, goodness, that made for a good laugh. people, sometimes they are clueless! Love the horn idea :)
    great bird pictures!!!

  9. I am just glad you are there keeping an eye on them... and Judy is right of course... yellow rumped it is...

  10. The nerve of some folks....and to think that boys Dad probablly told him to dump the trash there!

    The Bullock's Oriole is so pretty! My favorite today for sure!

    Katie is too is definitely her color! It's hot in Tucson too...100 today!

    Hugs to Katie!

  11. You are certainly in a beautiful area. I love the birds and your pictures. Not so sure I might not have snapped a picture of that stupid man. However, he probably wouldn't have cared. The world definitely has all kinds.

  12. Purple martin or tree swallow? I vote tree swallow because I THINK purple martins are dark under...aren't they? LOL. Katie is beautiful in her red scarf! :)

  13. yay! for calling out the idiot litterers ... dipshits .. and I love the horn idea too ... what dipshits!

    hate it

    love your pictures

  14. As stupid as the "piddler" was, it would be the litterer who would really make me see red. So glad you told him to go pick up his trash. That is one of my big HOT buttons. I think you should get one of those canned air horns like they use on boats!! Loved all your bird pictures. That oriole is sure pretty.

  15. It would have been great if you blew the horn and the idiot peed all over himself. Glad you called out the kid. Maybe his father will thing twice about telling them to throw garbage around.
    Love the bird pictures.

  16. As I get older, I have NO hesitations about calling out someone on bad behavior! Good for you!

  17. The idiocy of some people, yeah, just throw your garbage down a ravine or pee in the road. And those people are reproducing!

  18. What a hoot! Imagine using the horn!

    I have seen many men doing what they do in the plain open. It is bad on truck stops. The trucker seem to have no thoughts about it. The whole parking lots stink. And tons of "piddle bottles" everywhere. DISGUSTING!

    Once I said to P." Think if women would do that in the open, we would induce a mass car accident on the road because all the men would drive into the ditches" We had a good laugh about that mental picture!

  19. I sure am enjoying your bird pics. Chica says hi to Katie!

  20. Definitely go with the horn too. Everyone else might as well have the view too and it might make him think.

  21. I may have to put up the sign you suggested
    "I'm in here and I can see you!". Of course that would ruin my husband's joy of people watching.

  22. I really love your animal photo's! A lot of the birds, I have never seen before. Just amazing the color and variety!


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