Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And that's no Bull!


Or is it?  I'm so uninformed about identifying gender when it comes to large animals.  I figured this guy:

...was a bull, and although I didn't see anything suspicious to identify him as such, he is so massively built - look at his huge shoulders and chest.

Kind of like last year when the herd of horses was here.  I couldn't tell which was the mare and which was the stallion unless one of them was nursing the colt. Then it was a pretty good guess at that point. Or the one photo I took of a few of the horses. I didn't realize until days after I posted the photo that it was kind of OBVIOUS one of them was a stallion.  A little horse porn?  I can't find that post, but you get the idea. 

Also kind of like my nudist at Quartzsite.  Not until I had his photo up on my laptop screen did I realize he had turned to face me, and I got quite a surprise.  Sorry... couldn't post that one, I caught it in time.  That post BY FAR has the most views and is probably the most disappointing when the Google Search for the word Nudist lands on that post.  :)

Anyway, the other morning I'm sitting at the dinette playing with my laptop when my photo scout, Katie, started barking.  I looked out the window, down to the dry lake bed below us, and there sauntered a huge black bull with a white face. 

Just slowly walking along. I thought he was heading toward the lake for a drink, but he got to the road and turned right, following it along the edge.

Then I saw a truck coming along the road.  It was funny, the bull could have kept going straight, but as soon as the truck approached, he turned to cross the road right in front of the truck.  Slowly.

The driver, of course, stopped.  I guess if the bull had no females to boss around, he was going to make sure this truck understood who was boss.

Then he just kept walking and turned toward the hills in the west.  He walked along like he owned the place.  A little further along, he stopped and began grazing.  Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see a black dog running toward him. 

He crossed right behind the bull, stopped, and then ran a bit further and hung out a while sniffing the ground. 

Then I hear this frantic yelling, obviously the owner of this unleashed dog, who is messing around with a huge bull, noticed it wasn't nearby and spied it up on the hill.  That would sure make me yell at Katie to come back.  (Katie is always on her leash, though.)  The dog again ran toward the bull, then kept going, back down to the lake where his owners were.

After having his fill of the plants he was grazing on, the bull walked on to the upper road and continued along toward the vault toilets.

Oh...  THAT's where he's going.  To the Potty. :)

Right next to the toilets are three large boulders and a sign saying no access.  It used to be a road heading around the lake to the other side, where I've seen cows and horses grazing.  He went out of my line of sight, but I'm sure he took the road beyond the boulders and went to the other side of the lake.  Again, I'm assuming this is a bull.  If it's not, well, sorry about that. :)

I don't get TV antenna reception here, but sometimes there's a good show right out my window.  And my photo scout is always alert and on the lookout for anything that moves.

Katie and I have walked up to the Visitor's Center a couple of times when Hazel was manning the office.   This park has a real office, kind of made me miss working.  I loved working in an office, all the different tasks and projects.   So, if you call the Visitor's Center at Bluewater Lake State Park and talk to a woman with a sweet, southern voice, it's Hazel. 

Hot, hot, hot the last three days, and tomorrow as well. Then it's supposed to cool back down into the 80s.  I'm looking forward to that!!

From me and Katie, have a great Wednesday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Watching the news it HAS been HOT there! Glad u are going to get some relief... you are funny, yes, that is a bull, you can see the evidence hanging down by back legs in some of your pictures!!!

  2. Who needs TV when you have live entertainment strolling around right in front of you? Your posts are always a treat!

  3. That's a bull, all right. Look at his belly and the V in the middle - that's how you tell. You would know if you saw him urinate. Don't mess with a bull. They can be dangerous.

  4. Didn't you check to see which side of the toilets he went to??? ;)

  5. You never know what you're going to see looking out the window of The Palms!

  6. That was just fun! Sure did look like a bull to me.

  7. Great story about the beef(bull or not), and Katie really deserves her guard credits.

  8. I didn't realize you were a book on CD fan also. I listen to them every night while I unwind. They are, of course, great for traveling but since I live 2 blocks from the office I don't get to pull them out during the day. Next time I come across one especially good, I'll give you a shout out. Barbara

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