Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What a mess! :(

I apologize to any followers who have received a spam e-mail from me.  It seems my AOL e-mail has been hacked again and I'm getting those fake messages, too, on my other e-mail accounts that are seldom used.  I now have a Master Password to get into AOL and then I input a new password to get to my messages.  Such a pain to have to go through all this again.

If you get an e-mail from me, don't click on any links.  I don't think they are viruses, at least not these from what I've been told, but they are still not from me.

I also apparently accidentally downloaded Sweetpacks and all it's various tentacles while downloading something from CNET.com.  I've always trusted them, but from now on, I'll go directly to the programs' websites.  There are too many "free" little programs that end up being downloaded if you aren't REALLY careful to DECLINE each and every one of them.  I'm not sure if Sweetpacks is from one of those, or from BING, which seems to be connected somehow. If it was a CNET download, I missed checking a DECLINE. I've uninstalled Bing and Sweetpacks, but Sweetpacks seems to still be there.  The research I've done shows that it's very hard to get rid of, and possibly a "factory install" decision should be made.  Anyone else have this problem in the past?

Then I installed Live Writer to give it a try, thank you, Rick, for the link!, and somehow the "temporary post used for theme detection" became the name of the post about the cows in the campground.  I did research on how to remove that, too, but it was just too much, and so it will have to stay that way for now.  

It seems like anything I do turns out biting me in my proverbial butt.  I'm tired of saying OUCH!

I'm thinking about reversing everything back to the factory install, but I've put a lot of time into re-loading programs and files back onto this laptop.  Also, it's been suggested by a couple of people that I delete my AOL e-mail account, but it's attached to everything I do.  That would be a major job.  Anyway, in the past I was able to get through this kind of craziness, and I'm hoping to do so again.

On to a brighter subject:

Can you imagine leaving this in your campsite when you leave?

A couple of weeks ago when I had a site near the lake, there was a huge rain during the night.  I think this belonged to some tent campers.  In the morning when Katie and I took our first walk of the day, we walked around the circle of sites across from us, and here was this bar-b-que in an empty campsite.  It is a gas bar-b-que, and still had four pieces of cooked chicken laying on the grill.  It would appear it was working the day before, because the meat was cooked.

I can't imagine what this was all about.  Anyway, it's in the lost and found I guess.  Weird, huh?

The day before, someone left a nice bike leaning up against a tree in the campsite next to the bar-b-que people.  They had two trucks and two RVs in the site, and I counted 10 bicycles at one point, so I'm not surprised one was left behind.  I reported both the grill and the bike to the office, and maybe the owners will call. 

Here are a couple of new photos of our current campsite.  Weekends we have some neighbors, but during the week, we're often the only ones down here at this end.  I love it. Lots of bunnies and squirrels in this area playing and running around. I got some photos of a runny fighting a squirrel for the rights to sit in my campsite - the runny won.  I'll post those another day.  As I was watching, it reminded me of the fight I captured between a squirrel and a quail at Quartzsite.  Remember that one?

Such a beautiful location!

From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. If those folks forgot an item that big I think they might need to devlop a checklist or put the lid on the cooler a few hours before leaving.

  2. Love your spot, what a big, spacious site!!! and what a view!!!

  3. I have received several of those spam emails from various people lately. I got yours but I knew not to open it. So sorry for your aggravation. Hope you get your computer woes squared away.

    Love your campsite - what a view.

  4. You have a beautiful camping spot! I'm not sure how someone could go off and leave a big grill, but I hope they call the campground to see if they can retrieve it.

    I'm wondering about AOL too, but like you, I have so many things tied into it - my medical connection, and just about every important thing I need an email address for. I quit using gmail because of problems I was having but kept the account open - now it works pretty well and I'm wondering about going back to it. I believe I've mentioned that I would gladly pay a fee for a decent email site with no bells & whistles, just reliability.

  5. What a gorgeous campsite! How odd that someone would leave a big grill like that. I can see leaving a bike, especially if there were a lot of them in the group. But a grill? Huh.

    Hope you get everything worked out on your computer. I finally tired of all the PC hassles & have an iPad until I buy a MacBook Pro one of these days. Best wishes for a fully functional computer soon!

  6. What a wonderful spot. So quiet looking.

  7. I got a couple of your emails too. Glad you discovered it and hope it's been taken care of without causing any more frustrations for you.

  8. Thanks for the heads up about the spam. So sorry you are going through this....again!!

    Maybe the folks decided to downsize!! Gifts to the next campers. One would think they might notice the empty space on the return trip!

    Chin up!!

  9. I love your blog, I often contemplate what it would be like to be out on the road wandering and enjoying. For now, I am home wandering and enjoying. Have read your blog for a while and enjoy your writings and photos. I am sorry about your email being hacked, you should consider a Mac Book Air, it would do all that you need to do and more without the risk of downloading trouble...I've been in the world of Apple computing since 1984, and have never had a virus or downloaded anything that caused any havoc on my machine. Enjoy your day.

  10. So sorry you ended up with such a mess for your e-mails. We're still having some issues with our new computers and Jim finally gave up last night and said he needs to fish to relieve the tension. Your spot is fantastic. You did good, girl. They even left the chicken. That is just crazy.

  11. Computers are great until everything goes hay-wire! So sorry you are having problems with the AOL e-mail.

    I love your site! Nice and roomy! With free entertainment...the bunnies are fun to watch!

    I guess someone was hungry! It's one thing to forget a grill, but dinner too? Oh well, if they don't claim it, I hope someone in the office will!

    Hugs to Katie!

  12. I've seen race goers take along a huge BBQ like that, but why would you take something like that camping??
    And, how do you miss something that huge? Maybe taking it wasn't such a good idea, so they just figured they'd leave it behind?

  13. Maybe there was an emergency...I can't believe someone would leave the BBQ behind.

  14. Add me to the list of people that received a SPAM e-mail from you. But like most Folks I knew it was SPAM and didn't click on the link and just deleted the e-mail.

    I can't even imagine why someone would take along such a big BBQ on a camping trip ?? Imagine us full-timers lugging along something like that huh. LOL

    Once you get used to Live Writer you'll wonder how you Blogged before without it. I love using it.

  15. What a beautiful campsite.

    Sorry you're having trouble. I have always gotten my downloads from CNET as well, because I trusted them. I guess I'd better watch them.

    I always wonder if the site I find is really the one it it's supposed to be or someone making up a site to look like them. That's why I always went to Cnet.

    good luck getting all the mess fixed.

    I just had a problem with my Gmail and had to change passwords. That ended up messing up my Live Writer....grrrrrr

  16. Strange, some of my comments aren't showing up after I've put them in. Weird. Anyhow, I now have an uninvited program on my computer too! I went to the source to download open office & got live updater instead! And yep, can't seem to get rid of it. The connection glitched when I was about to hit download, so I think I hit the download for the updater thing instead. I swear, you are dammed if you do or don't!

    Usually I download from cnet, this time I went to the sources webpage...

    I also got two different weird things from it too, was able to uninstall them. Some kind of thing like cup cakes or something weird thing like that.

    I wonder if the bbq grill was previously stolen, so easy to leave behind?

  17. I too loaded some software from CNET and got Sweetpacks--what a pain!


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