Saturday, June 22, 2013

We're back and up to speed...

And when I say "up to speed," I don't mean fast.  I'm talking about Retirement Speed. :)  We've added a computer and my new Canon camera and two dozen horses and subtracted one cute mouse - and yes, I threw away the D-Con.  Lucky for you all, I lost the photo of the dead mouse.

My computer didn't arrive as scheduled, but it's back now, and I almost have it completely loaded again.  Luckily I have lots of back-ups of my documents, photos, music, and scrap booking graphics.  I own the programs I use, so I just had to re-install them.  It takes time, but I haven't lost anything.  It's sure nice to be back to normal again.  I can soooo tell the difference between the other less expensive HP laptop and this computer, which is an HP ENVY dv6 with an intel CORE i7 processor and a back lit keyboard, which I do use often in the evening.  This is just a better machine and it performs so much smoother and faster - it has better color, better sound, a better keyboard, better features, it's just better all around.  I love this computer; I didn't realize how great it was until it was MIA for a couple of weeks! 

We are in a different campsite this time, one of my favorites on the other side of the campground, and we're settled in again for a while.

The horses that were here a week ago only came that one day so far, and I got some photos with my old camera, but it doesn't have the good zoom lens.  I counted 24 horses, and these are the best of those shots.

Mare with her new foal.

Many of the horses were laying down resting, and there were always horses guarding them.

More horses and their guards.  These were really sleeping, and were laying there for a while. I love the way they are protected by the horses watching them, but also facing different directions looking outward.
Mare watching over her colt.  There was another shot which I lost, unfortunately, of a new foal laying down, sound asleep with the mare standing over it, providing shade.  Horses have good instincts, don't they?

These are the horses across the lake, and some cows and bulls, too.

I had a memory card in my new Canon and got some really good closeups, but when I tried to load them into my computer, it said I needed to "format" the card, which meant I had no photos on the card.  I don't know what happened because it looked like I was saving photos, but they were all lost.

Since that first day the horses were here, I've only seen them over on the other side of the lake, a bit too far for close up photos.  Hopefully the horses will be back on this side of the lake soon and I'll get some shots of the new foals before they get too big.  There were 3 or 4 new ones, and a few colts, too.
It's a weekend again, and the RVs and tents are surrounding the lake.  Hazel is volunteering in the Visitor's Center/Office and said this is a really busy weekend.  There are tons of boats out on the lake with people fishing and being towed in rubber rafts and riding little water craft thingies - Skidoo's or whatever they are.  Lot of families, lots of groups, lots of fun.

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!  :)


  1. It just blows me away when I think of all the animal species that guard and protect each other. I don't believe it's just instinct, but a way of feeling and thinking and reasoning that we aren't aware of. Elephant behavior is a good example. Enjoy the weekend and I hope your horses come back.

  2. Glad to see your computer is back and you're up and running again.
    Love the pictures of the horses and their babes!

  3. If I lost my 'puter, I think I'd be very lonely. Love the contact with the RV world. Those horses are so cool.

    AND those Sea Doos are a thrill to ride. I hold the record for the highest jump over a boat wake....within my group of friends.,...The Ladies of the Lake. lol

  4. I too am hoping you are able to get more horse shots.... they are probably more likely during the week when things settle down. I call the ski-doos, water skeeters, constantly buzzing around and 4 wheelers land sketters. People seem to love them but I find the constant noise annoying.

  5. It's always nice to get a new computer, one that is faster than the one you had. What do you use to back up all of your files? I have an external drive but plan on putting my photos on a jump drive today. I have had zero problems after I changed from PC to a Mac 3 years ago. Yes they are higher but there is a warehouse in San Diego that is massive with great prices for any kind of electronics ... Apple included. It's called Frys. I am not sure if I should put the link here, so I'll just list the name.

    Great pictures.

  6. Animals are a lot more sensitive and smarter than we all give them credit for. I love watching them too.

  7. Something you should do to any new SD cards is to put them in the computer and format them before you ever use them. If you did not format the SD card that had the pictures on it you should be able to recover them. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Glad you're back! I would love to have a backlit keyboard :)

  9. Glad your back I miss your blogging looking at your horse pic's...

  10. I'm glad the computer is up and running....missed you and Katie!

    Horses are magnificent creatures! I have always enjoyed watching their graceful moves.

    Have a great Sunday afternoon! Hugs to Katie!

  11. Often, the computer doesn't register the SD card properly and thinks it is is empty. If you try a few times to re-seat it, it will come up ok so don't give up and format it just because it asks you to. If you format it, the pics really will be gone.

    Nice horse pics.

  12. I would love to see a herd of wild horses. They are magnificent animals and so smart. I don't think we give animals enough credit sometimes. Thanks for posting the pictures so we can all enjoy them.

  13. Glad you are up and running again. Outstanding photos of the horses. Such a great view.

  14. So glad you got your computer back and are loving it. Missed your posts !

  15. I can't wait to be up and running again too. I almost without computer and Internet.


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