Monday, June 24, 2013

Well, they're not horses, but...

When Hazel and I and the dogs were taking our early evening ride around the campground on Saturday, look what we saw:

A bull!  And yes, that's some bull.  He has horns, too, and blue eyes.  Isn't he beautiful?

When he saw us driving closer, he hid behind this tree. 

This must be the cow of the family.  They were grazing and it looks like she has her mouth full! 

Going along with the "family" theme, this must be the young male.

These two grazed together, and the bull was always a little distance from them.

Notice the notched ears.  I wonder if that is a brand of some kind.

They were munching on the good greens in the Canyonside Campground area, heading toward the tent and pop-up tent campers nearby.

There was a little boy coming back from the showers; he was in his pajamas and carrying a towel.  He was probably around 8 or 9 years old. I noticed he was walking alongside our car, on the driver's side (the cows were on the passenger side), and he kept walking along with us.  At first I thought he was admiring Fleur and Power, Hazel's Greyhounds, but Hazels said, No, he was using us as a shield.  Every time we moved, he moved, when Hazel stopped the car for photos, etc., he stopped, too.  Finally he was near his campsite and ran to it.  He was so cute, and a pretty smart cookie.  He sure wasn't going to be trampled by wild cattle!

Later in our drive, we saw them heading toward the road that leads out of the park.  Going home for the night, I guess. The cow and young bull were already on the road, and the bull was back a bit behind the fenced area with the thick wires between the posts.  Hazel stopped the car to watch him, wondering how he was going to get over the fence.  When he got up to the fencing, he looked at it, then walked back around the fence to the open area next to the road.  Even though it was a low wire, I guess he didn't want to step over it.

I've never seen cattle in the campground, only that one bull going across the dry lake bed down by the lake shortly after we got here.  I've seen evidence of their presence, cow piles here and there, but not up close and personal like this.

I try not to ever forget my camera - you just never know what you're going to come across.

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. Cow pies and horse apples. You've got a virtual buffet there! :)

  2. He is rather a strange looking guy. What does Katie think of him?

  3. I'd much prefer cattle in my campground than bison.... those big guys scare me! You know... I don't think I've ever seen a blue-eyed cow....

  4. I always enjoy it when I see animals where I am camped.

  5. I've always found cows to be curious and friendly, at least to a female. The bulls stay back a bit, but you can be sure they are watching out for the cows. I could observe cattle for hours - each has its own personality that you would never imagine unless you were around it frequently.

  6. Love the blue eyes. That's a first...cows in a campground.

  7. Love the blue eyes. That's a first...cows in a campground.

  8. could he possibly be some type of albino?

  9. I was surprised to find, on my trip, that cows/bulls are curious creatures and somewhat smarter than I had realized. Maybe even smarter than horses. I remember many years ago the debate on Johnny Carson's show as to whether pigs were smarter than horses. I think it was Johnny's belief, at the time, that horses were dumb as bricks.

  10. A cow with blue eyes and white thats a first! The youngster was pretty smart to follow along!

    I also enjoyed the blue heron...I am playing catch-up. He was quite the poser!

    Have a terrific Tuesday...hugs to Katie!

  11. You're right. They definitely aren't horses but they are interesting to snap photos of.

  12. I was at the family farm last week and there's a pig ear legend written on one of the barn walls. Different notches on different I think your bull might indeed have notched ears as a sort of brand. Maybe he tore one of the notches...could be.


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