Friday, June 28, 2013

Two little Katie stories and a campsite fight

People always want to hear more about Katie and ask for more photos, so today's the day.

First story:  After Katie's early afternoon walk, she gets half of a Kirkland Dental Chew for a treat.  They are her favorite treat right now, and she won't let me forget to give her one, that's for sure.  She knows exactly where they are stored. Here she is waiting for her chew, guess where I keep them:

I open the cupboard door...  look at that tail wagging:

"Katie - back, lie down!"

Good girl!  (She's so cute.)

Katie loves these Kirkland Dental Chews.  I break them in half, and the gets half a chew every day.  Yum.

Second story:  Katie has excellent hearing.  Her latest thing is this.  Every day in the early evening after it has cooled a bit, Hazel comes by to get us and we go for a ride in the car and exercise the Greyhounds who walk/trot alongside.  I've written about this before.  But the funny thing is this.  Day after day, Katie would bug me to go outside. Not at any exact time, just in the late afternoon/early evening.  EVERY DAY as we are walking along, Hazel's car comes around the bend.  The other day, Katie HAD to go outside earlier than usual, so we went outside.  We're walking along, and here comes Hazel, early.

I had company yesterday - a fellow camper was here putting a program on my computer.  He was done and we were talking and suddenly Katie jumped into my lap and stood up on my shoulders and stared at me. (That's how she tells me she needs something.)  I told my visitor that she must have to go outside, so we went outside. I was telling him about Katie always knowing when Hazel was on her way, but it was a little early.  Wouldn't you know it, around the bend comes Hazel.  Early - but Katie knew she was on the way and we were outside already.

Power and Fleur in the car out for a ride.  They walk outside for a while, then finish up inside.

Not only can Katie hear and recognize her car, I always have either the TV, the radio or a book on tape playing, and in the afternoons I play a computer game that is continuously making noises.  So over those two ongoing noises, she can still hear and recognize the sound of Hazel's car from far away.

Usually we get about half the way down the road before we see her.  If I won't take Katie out right away, like I want to finish a game, then we don't get as far.  It took me a while to figure it out, but Katie must hear them waaaay down the road to near where Hazel and the Greyhounds are camped.  They are at the front end of the park, and we're in the furthest campground by the dam. I know dogs have a good sense of smell, but I had no idea they could hear that well.  Aren't dogs amazing?

And now the Campsite Fight.

Here is my Resident Rabbit - he's kind of sneaky and mean looking, isn't he?  Look at those eyes.

He guards my campsite, and if a squirrel (I don't know if it's any squirrel or just this particular squirrel) tries to come in or run through, he attacks.  Sometimes he hangs out under The Palms, the better to keep an eye on things without being seen. 

Here's the poor squirrel in question yesterday:

I saw a scuffle out of the corner of my eye and looked out the window.  There was quite a fight going on with dust everywhere, rabbit and squirrel twisted together and jumping in the air, etc., so I grabbed my camera.  Things had calmed down a bit when I snapped these.  First the rabbit was in front, then the squirrel ran past and was chased by the rabbit up a tree.  

Kind of hard to make them out in the shade of the bushes and trees. The rabbit is on the lower left, and the squirrel is in the lower middle part of the photo.

Can you see them both with all eight feet in the air, running?  The squirrel finally reached a tall tree and ran up, leaving the rabbit behind.

Whew!  That was one tough bunny!

From what I've seen, the rabbit always wins.

WELCOME to our newest Follower, Arkansas Patti!  She says, "Have landed at the feet of 70 and hoping it is the new sixty."  Wow, Patti, I'm almost there with you, but I'm hoping it's the new fifty!  Patti has been on Blogger since 2008, so she's been blogging for five years.  Patti, I'm glad you are joining me and Katie on the road, we're happy to have you along.  Welcome aboard!  :)

From Me and Katie, have a great Friday night, everyone!  :)


  1. They say elephants never forget, but I think Katie has it pegged where the treats are kept.

  2. HAhaaaa love this ... what... I say WHAT an exciting day! I have seen lots of stuff in m'day but never a rabbit and squirrel fight..

    see? stuff to look forward to ... I read Patti's blog... she's an Arkansas neighbor ... good posts

    and Katie is cute and smart... of course she is...

  3. It's amazing when you slow down and really watch, what you find in your rolling back yard. A rabbit and squirrel fight.... probably a fued that has been going on long before your arrival.

  4. M dog could always hear Craig coming down our road. I think she heard the car from at least a mile away If she was in the house she would get excited and ask to go out. She loved to greet him. I miss some parts of having a dog, and not others.

  5. Thanks for the acknowledgement. You are doing what I almost did when I retired so I find your posts especially interesting. Not being able to garden on the road kept me grounded.
    How weird to see a squirrel and a rabbit fight. Would never have thought it.

  6. You're so right, Barbara! Dogs are amazing! Loved your photos of Katie--especially the tail wag! Her hearing is fantastic--what a wonder dog! Dogs really are creatures of habit but Katie takes that up a notch! I'll bet the bunny has been guarding his territory, which you now share with him, for a very long time! He certainly has the look of one tough customer. Thanks for the smiles--I always enjoy your posts & share them with my husband! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Katie is the cutest!!! A squirrel and rabbit fight??? sheesh!

  8. What an interesting post today. I also think Katie is very cute and what a great rv dog for you.

    The rabbit didn't look mean to me. I thought he looked more aloof to be bothered.

    What a great story about the rabbit and squirrel, and you even got pictures! I'm sure there will be more on those two.

    I didn't realize dogs had that good of hearing. What a cute story.

  9. Had no idea that rabbits would be so territorial. You got some great pictures of the battle. But those of Katie are the best. She is such a cutie. Those treats are all important in their lives. It always amazes me that our girls can tell the difference between Jim's truck and the neighbor's truck (which is just like ours) down in AJ. They are amazing creatures.

  10. Lucky you - you not only have Katie as a guard dog but also a guard rabbit! Loved this post. Thanks for sharing Katie with us. She's quite the companion.

  11. LOVE the Katie stories! Our wire haired doxie knows exactly where the t-r-e-a-t-s are. He can even understand when we spell it! Also the e-a-t word!

    Have a great weekend.....hugs to Katie!

  12. Neat post. I'd sure like to see that battle myself.

  13. Katie is ADORABLE and smart as a whistle! I'm not surprised at her hearing. Jack knows when Susan turns the corner way down at the beginning of our subdivision.

    Katie is the perfect size dog to travel with. Must be nice to just scoop her up in your arms. Not that easy with Jack...can you picture it? Good thing he's well behaved.

    Who knew a rabbit would be an aggressor? You've witnessed something that probably very few of us will ever witness. I love that kind of thing.

  14. Katie has you very well trained! Yes dogs are wonderful and they do have incredible hearing. I thought, uh oh obnoxious camper story but instead an interesting wildlife conflict. It has to be some sort of territorial dispute.

  15. Katie is a star! thanks for letting friends love her as well.

  16. Very enjoyable post! I always love to see pictures of Katie and your stories are really cute. Enjoyed your campground fight too LOL!!

  17. Never would have thought about a squirrel vs rabbit brawl. Katie is a really clever puppy. What a great idea. A treat that cleans her teeth too.

  18. Never knew squirrels and rabbits even noticed each other!

  19. We never tire of Katie stories ! My Bennie also knows where the treats are and goes right to that cupboard and doesn't leave until he gets one.

    Although Bennie's eye sight is going now his hearing is still very good.

  20. Dogs do have amazing hearing. We have a Mini Pin & Manchester terrier. I'm still working.... our pups can hear my car long before I arrive home.

  21. Isn't her hearing amazing. That's such a cute story. My Buddy can hear the raccoons come out in the middle of the night when I don't hear a thing - maybe because I'm sound asleep. Dogs can be such good company.


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