Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gorgeous Great Blue Herons

I finally got my great shots of Great Blue Herons!  Isn't he beautiful? Just look at that beard.

Almost every day in the early evening Hazel picks me and Katie up and we go for a ride around the campground to give her Greyhounds a good walk.

Hazel and Fleur and Power - exercising the Greyhounds.

We drive through the campgrounds and also along the road by the lake which is at the bottom of the hill where we think a couple of Great Blue Herons are nesting.  Usually when we are driving by, the male is out guarding the area, looking very regal.  I've taken so many photos of him - here are a few of the best I've taken over the last few days.

See how he holds his left foot up, "fingers" stretched out?

His beard isn't puffed out in this photo. 

He usually doesn't move, just stands there.  But I caught him in a big yawn.

This is the terrain on the lower part of the hill.  We think there is a nest in one of the trees behind him.

One day both the male and female were there.  I love seeing Great Blue Herons, from the first one I saw at Santee Lakes June of 2011 during my first month in The Palms to today.  Whenever I see one it makes my day and a good photo is the frosting on the cake.

Male on the left and female on the right.  He looks very puffed up and protective. We've only seen her once.

I think it's interesting that I mentioned the other day I love getting pictures of Great Blue Herons, but hadn't yet gotten a good clear close-up.  Then - waaa laaa - here they are.  I don't know how I'd get a better shot than these.  I love looking at them.  The birds and the photos. 

These are the kinds of pictures I would have used for the front of note cards that I used to enjoy making and giving as gifts when I had a good office set-up at home.

It's a beautiful Sunday at Bluewater Lake State Park here in New Mexico - I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day, too.

From me and Katie, have a great day everyone!  :)


  1. Great photos with your new camera, Barbara!
    The Great blue herons really are showing their beauty.

    I like the picture of my dogs, Too!

  2. Great Blue Herons are a colonial nesting bird, so there may be a rookery near by with several nests.

  3. Beautiful day here too. We blue herons in MI and I don't think I've ever seen them so puffed up! I wonder if there are different verities? You got great shots!

  4. You are right - those are wonderful shots of the heron. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love these pics of the Great Blue Herons, especially the one of the make and the female.

  6. He certainly is a beautiful bird. I've seen herons in different parts of the country, but none as gorgeous and regal looking as yours.

  7. These herons are absolutely stunning, Barbara! Your photos are incredibly beautiful! We have a heron rookery here on the island and we see a lot of herons. It would be unusual here to see two herons together--it must be mating season! Thank you...and welcome back! So glad to hear your new computer is a wonder!!

  8. Just beautiful! Sure wish I was out there enjoying nature, too!

  9. Beautiful pics for sure. But I wonder why he is always standing on just one leg ??

  10. Denise, they stand on one leg because they would fall over if they lifted both legs. :)

    I've found several theories, but one is to conserve energy and heat. The leg tucked under is kept warm. They can stay that way for long periods of time. When in the water, standing on one leg could be to fool the fish under the water. Two legs means they have a hunter overhead.


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