Monday, November 7, 2011

Last day at Zion National Park

WELCOME to our newest Follower, Sassy!  Sassy has recently completed her first year on the road with her darling dog, Bennie.  She has a Class A Toy Hauler which holds her 2006 Harley Davidson, Heritage Softail Classic - so Sassy is doubly brave, a solo traveler AND a motorcycle rider.  Wow!  I've been enjoying her blog for quite a while, check it out if you haven't already.  We're really happy to have you along on our adventures, Sassy! 

Today is our last day at Zion National Park in Utah.  There is a 14 day limit, and today is our 13th.  I originally reserved this campsite at Watchman for 10 days, but then came early to see if we could get in and we were able to get a site in the South campground for three days, then moved over here.  I thought about extending at this campsite for another day, but it's really cold and tomorrow will be the same.  Wednesday the weather is going to warm up quite a lot, but we'll be gone by then.

I feel fortunate that in 13 short days I've been able to enjoy Zion in warm weather where I could wear shorts and tank top, sitting outside reading my Kindle, and also experience rain and wind and cold and a dusting of snow.  

I woke up this morning and there was snow on Watchman again.   It came down a little lower than last time.  There is still fog on the top.  Can you imagine sitting at your dinette having your coffee and cereal with strawberries in the morning, cozy and warm, and looking out the window at this?

 Closeup of Watchman with snow

I finally installed the discs that came with my camera - the Panorama program automatically  stitches photos together if you take them one next to the other and move to the right or left, up or down.  Pretty cool.

Playing with Panorama settings
- you'll have to click on the photo to see anything.
My front yard this morning in the moving fog.

Some of the lower peaks around Watchman have dustings of snow, too, so it must have been colder last night.  

One thing I can't figure out - I have a black laptop and black kitchen appliances.  You all know how the inside of our rigs get dusty, and need continuous cleaning.  What I can't figure out is:  for the last few days The Palms has been completely closed up except for ceiling vents, it's been calm during the day, it's been rainy so the ground isn't dusty, so why am I still getting so much dust???  Every night I turn off the laptop and close the cover.  This morning when I opened it, there was a fine film of dust covering the keyboard and surrounding area.  How in the world did that get in there?  :(   The table doesn't show the dirt, but I can feel a slight grittiness on it.  That's a real mystery to me. 

So, anyway, tomorrow we move.  I don't have hitch-itch, but I'll be happy to be moving south into some warmer weather.

 It was foggy last night

Sunday's moon peeking out of the clouds.

There were a lot of people here over the weekend - the campground was full except for 4 tent campsites when I came in from shopping at the end of last week even with the cold wintery weather.  I guess the weekends are filled with reservations, but during the week there are vacancies.  The Ranger said the weekends are always busy - the Park and Watchman Campground are open all year.   I'm surprised there are still some tent campers, they must be freezing.  

I was talking to a man in the laundromat in Springdale (he was using their elect for his laptop, not washing clothes) who is tent camping here.  He was a little worried about the forecast of snow, but said he's able to keep warm in his tent in pretty much any temps.  Hardy soul!

A neighbor up the loop came by the other day and was interested in The Palms.  He and his wife have a camper over their truck and a small toy hauler for his motorcycle, tools, etc.  When they are together, she rides behind him on his motorcycle.  He asked if he could bring her by in a few days when she gets here to see the inside.  

So yesterday they came by.  They are both retired, and he loves being outdoors but she doesn't.  She said a few days is all she can take; she has lots of things going on at home, it sounded like she is very social and would miss all her friends and activities at home.  I felt kind of sorry for the husband, but he gets out by himself and she joins him when she can for a few days.  I think he felt if they had a motor home about the size of mine, she would like it better - nice bathroom and shower, kitchen, just more room.  She liked it, but...  not impressed.  You can tell, and  I doubt his plan will work.  As I've read in lots of blogs, if you aren't both really with the RVing plan, it won't work.  You'll both be miserable.  

But it was fun to give the tour.  I always enjoy showing people the interior of The Palms.  

Not much going on today - I'm going to the dump station this afternoon to empty tanks and fill the fresh water so we'll be ready to leave tomorrow without having to stop on the way.  I have no idea where we're going - either Saint George, UT, or Las Vegas, NV, or maybe somewhere in Arizona.  Your guess is as good as mine.  :)

From Me and My Dog, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. When the snow shows up on the lower peaks, it is definitely time to move further south. I'll sure be glad when our weather warms up later this week. At least into the 70's instead of the 60's. Travel safe tomorrow and looking forward to seeing where you end up.

  2. Safe travels.
    Sort of felt a little bad for the guy too. I think they've already come to the best compromise they'll find. She's not going for the motorhome program.
    Different strokes.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your Zion stay, Lolita and I certainly did with all the beautiful pictures you have shared. Wishing you and Katie safe travels.

  4. I love it when there is no plan and ya just get in and go! But there are times it's nice to have a destination. I'm sure you will enjoy where ever you land. That's the fun of the RV life, isn't it.

  5. Craig is more and more enthusiastic about the RV as time goes by. He really enjoyed this weekend.

    And yes it takes both members of a couple to make it work.

  6. I suspect I will be the road warrior, joined only occasionally by my wife. I would prefer she enjoy extended road trips, but she is a destination traveler. I live for the journey.

    The up side is my solo van camper works just fine for me. Now I just have to liberate some funds. Unfortunately, keeping up stick houses is expensive, and currently leaves very little for travel money.

    I just have to plan around these things, and do what I can to fulfill the dream.

  7. Don't forget about the sweet little "Snow Canyon" in St. George. I am not sure what the temp is there now, but I was there over Thanksgiving a few years back. The mornings were cold and crisp (see your breath weather) but the days were glorious. Great short hikes in the petrified sand dunes there. Small, intimate canyon, but beautiful and quiet. I was staying at the Red Mountain Spa next door, but I spent most of my time hiking within the sandstone walls of the little canyon. There is a campground there with about 60 sites, I think...

  8. Beautiful pictures. I just got back from a few days in a local camp ground and it rained the first night but it was warm during the day until Sat. it sure got cold but I was happy to be away. Yesterday morning it poured down rain and The Mountains were covered in clouds. Made for great pictures.
    Be safe maybe you will head for AZ and we can get together. Been meeting up with lots of solo women travels lately.

  9. Thanks for the welcome ! I've been following your Blog for ages but had just realized I wasn't "Following" ! LOL

  10. Love the fog pics! We've been having it here and sometimes I catch myself sitting back thinking how much I missed it. I think everything is good in moderation, LOL! Cheers! ~M

  11. So glad you enjoyed yourself so much there. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Glad you're heading somewhere a bit warmer. We're doing the same thing. So far, sunny days, cold nights...but still better than rain and grey skies! Give Katie a hug from us.

  12. Since your post was written a few days ago and i am just now catching up on my blog reading, you have probably already moved on. However I wanted to mention that Tonopah, Nevada is a gret place to vist and see some history of the old silver mines there. I hope to go back there next year. I was there in 2003 and loved every bit of it!


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