Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back in Hot Springs :)

Katie and I are happily encamped at Hot Springs again.  We ended up in staying in San Diego two extra days and drove back to Hot Springs on Wednesday.

We enjoyed spending time with my kids and grand kids - and new grand-dog.  They were perfect hosts and very generous, and they sure fed us well.   We had a great time!  In fact, in two weeks the whole family plus puppy are coming to Hot Springs to visit me and Katie for two days.  They are bringing their tent and all their camping gear - it's going to be really fun.

I was able to get all my medical/dental/vision appointments completed, and everything is fine.  Thank goodness it's all done until 2015!

When we first got back to Hot Springs, I was able to get a HUGE camping site area that has it's own driveway off the road and is surrounded by trees and bushes.  It would be perfect for when the kids arrive, there's even a little "room" off to the side with it's own bushes surrounding it for privacy.  Perfect for a tent.  So we set up camp there on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, after being there for two days, I decided we had to move.  For one thing, the entire floor of the campsite was covered with inches of fine dust.  I couldn't walk outside The Palms without getting my feet covered and dirty.  And the way Katie walks, with her nose to the ground sniffing everything, I figured she was sniffing in way too much dust.  Also, very little Internet in that site.  I was able to post one blog post, but was having trouble leaving comments.   And then I tried to pay bills, and couldn't keep a connection long enough to pay more than one.

So yesterday morning I packed up and we drove around a little and found a site in a new area for us.

This entire LTVA camping area is pretty small compared to the other LTVAs we've visited, but I've always found a site along the main road.  Our new site is in another area we haven't explored before.  It's nearer to the front of the campground area and I think it will work fine:  it's not dusty and has great Internet and TV reception and lots of room for a tent if the kids want to be here.  So we've set up camp again and we're here to stay.  At this time of year people are still coming in, but many are starting to pack up and leave, so by the time the kids come, there may be other sites available.  

NOTE: Just got settled in another site - I seem to be chasing Internet signals.  At first the last site was really good, now it's not.  Oh, well.  It's easy for me to move and there seem to be more sites opening up all the time.  I'll keep moving until I find one that's level and nice and has good Internet.  So far, so good on this one.  It looks just like the photos above.  :)

I have a few photos that I haven't posted yet of two meals I had in San Diego. I especially want to remember the first two. My son, Tom, is the best bar-b-quer there is.  I'd put money on him any time against anyone.  I love filet mignon and whenever I visit, he always cooks some up for me.  He gets the best meat he can find, it used to be Costco but he said their quality wasn't as good as it used to be, so now he gets his meats at a local small seaside market.  He also uses a special kind of coals or chips or something that he gets near where his dad lives, I think.  Anyway, he has his own process and it sure works!   Here are the filets on the grill:

This steak was more tender and delicious than any steak I've ever had.  We also had large artichokes that he boiled until tender, then he cut them in half, seasoned them, and put them on the grill for a short time. Trish cooked up some cauliflower and mashed and seasoned it, and it was delicious - the whole dinner was super.  I took my leftover steak home and made myself two French Dip sandwiches after I left San Diego.  Yummm.

One afternoon we went to Five Guys for lunch.  I've read about Five Guys on other people's posts, but I'd never been there, and now I know why everyone likes their burgers so much.  There were really GOOD!

For anyone who hasn't been to a Five Guys yet, order the Small.  It's enough of a meal for anyone, and if you order it with everything, they put on EVERYTHING - pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes.  It was so juicy and delicious.   They also have bins of peanuts in the shell you can scoop up and bring to your table.  My grand kids had fun with the peanuts.

I don't know why, but I thought Five Guys was an Italian place, that just happened to have good hamburgers.  I didn't realize it's a lot like IN-N-OUT Burgers.  I love their hamburgers, too, but I think these were a little better because of the additional grilled mushrooms. 

On our way back to Hot Springs, we passed a field of sheep, which we don't see often.  I always grab the camera when I see sheep in the distance.  Green, green fields, a flock of sheep, rows of palm trees and blue sky.  It was such a pretty scene.

From me and Katie, have a great Saturday, everybody!  :)


  1. We love 5 Guys but that burger you got was wayyyyyyyyyy too much for me. It was huge. We order the small of everything there and it's still too much.

    1. The burger pictured that I ordered WAS the small! Even my son orders a small. He warned me before I ordered, and said to order a small with everything. I didn't see anyone eating a large, so I didn't get to see how big it was. The small was perfect, I ate the whole thing. :)

  2. Sure glad to hear the doctor stuff is done for another year. That is always a good thing. Hope this new site is still working for you so you don't have to move again. We love 5 Guys. Not as good as the burger up in Superior but better than most I can find around here.

  3. Hope you and Katie are all settled now! What a bother to move, and a blessing you can!
    Also, I do know how relieved you are to have check-ups all done for a year! Whew!!!!!
    And...I am so happy you discovered Five Guys! We just ate lunch there yesterday! Yumm, yumm!

  4. I've only been to five guys once, and my oldest granddaughter was having a hissy fit. So it wasn't the memorable experience I was hoping for. :(

  5. Glad to hear you're all set for another year with your appointments and all. Happy that you're back chasing internet signals around in Hot Springs, too. ;)) Looks like you sure had some good eating while you were in San Diego. That looks delicious! We've only been to one Five Guys, and it was fairly new, and I don't think the crew was up to speed yet. We thought it wasn't anything special, but others we know always rave about how good it is. Guess we'll have to try another one, and see if our first experience was just hitting a bad day.

  6. Doesn't it feel good to let out a big sigh and say... good to go for another year! YES!! I'm gonna tell you how hungry you made me for a In-N-Out... never had a 5 guys, so have no comparison... but.... dawg! but me, who eats very little beef... maybe 2 or 3 times a year.... was absolutely salivating by the end of your blog.... Isn't it aggravating not to get an internet signal? I sure admire your patience and attitude!

  7. Thank goodness I already had dinner when I read your post. Good stuff all around. You and the kids/grand kids are going to have sooooo much fun!.

  8. Glad to hear that you are back in Hot Springs and that your check-ups were all okay! Sounds like quite an adventure with the kids coming for a camping visit - what wonderful memories you will have!

  9. Oh my! They are bringing a tent and camping with you. I can hardly wait to hear what they think. The Hot Springs is absolutely ideal though. I hope they bring their swimsuits too.

  10. When it comes to campsites looks can often be deceiving. Hope you find the perfect site.

  11. Third site's the charm! Isn't it wonderful having a grillmeister in the family? Jim is the griller in our family & he's good! Love the photo of the sheep--so very tranquil! Enjoy the hot springs!

  12. We generally pop into 5 Guys when we go down to Surprise Az. Like the burgs & fries but oh why do they have to crank up their music sooooooo loud. Maybe it's just the 5 Guys in Surprise that does that........

  13. A non dusty desert campsite?! Is that really possible?
    The filet and etc really looked good. Glad your medical results are good!

  14. Glad you don't have too much to pack up and move. Great looking food.

  15. I hope you have the opportunity to go swimming while your family is camping with you--or maybe even before! Hope you & Katie are enjoying your new spot.


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