Thursday, February 20, 2014

More dog photos

Quick update on Katie and Jagger  - they got along much better after their first meeting.  I'm putting a few of the pictures from following days in this post so you can see.

Some of my commenters thought Katie was taking too much abuse from Jagger, but he's just a puppy, about half her weight, and Katie could easily have moved away from him.  She could have growled or snapped at him, or run away from him, but she seemed to be in control and I was standing a few feet away.  After a brief about of time, we separated the dogs.  Trust me, I wouldn't let Katie be bothered if she seemed to want to get away.

Going to the dog park before our Trolley tour:

Jagger was much better with Katie at the dog park, and was really good when we were walking the dogs.

You can see who was in charge in these photos.  It was almost like Katie was saying, "Down!" as Trish and Tom do, and Jagger will immediately lay down.  When Katie looked at Jagger like this, he went down.

Katie even got in a little game of "chase" with Jagger:

So things were much better and I'm sure if we stayed longer they would have gotten along just fine.  Katie seemed to know the right things to do to let Jagger get in all his sniffing, but not too much, and then she'd reprimand him with a quiet growl or showing her teeth, and he'd back off.  I loved watching them interact and run at the dog park.

And finally, Jagger in Katie's Doggles.  The frame color is perfect for him. I can't decide if he looks studious or elegant:

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everybody!  :)


  1. That is TOO cute.. budding friends!! Jagger very stylish in those glasses...

  2. Love it!! Always so great to see more doggie photos, thanks, Barbara. Everybody looks like a movie star when they wear those doggles, don't they?

  3. Love dogs. we have three and they are here with us in the RV. They just love to "go" somewhere, anywhere except the vet and the groomers.

  4. OMG Barbara, you sure are going to miss the kids and dogs when you leave. You are having such a great time there.

    LOVE the doggie "chase" picture and the way Jagger is looking back at Katie.

    And the picture of Jagger in Katie's Doggles - well elegant for sure !!

  5. What a great photo of the two pups chasing each other--so glad they became accustomed to each other. And Jagger looks like a movie star--the dogs seem to tolerate the specs really well.

  6. I love the chase photo! They are obviously enjoying themselves.

    Have a great weekend!


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