Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photos from another fun day in San Diego

We decided to take the Old Town Trolley Tour on Sunday.  First we had our usually Dewell Family Breakfast, which we always cook once when we get together:  Eggs Benedict.  I used to make it, and now Tom usually does.  He's good in the kitchen and I'd have to say a master bar-b-q'er too.  Then we went to church.  I really like this young congretation and pastor, and there are a variety of older people, too. His message is always really good.  I found out the church has a website, and I can log on to watch/listen to his service messages, and I plan to do that.  :)

Afterwards, Trish's parents came over and we all drove down to Old Town San Diego.  I had bought a Hometown Pass years ago, so I go free with a paid guest, and the family also had passes, so it was a great deal for us. Here are some photo highlights of the day:

Balboa Park - beautiful architecture:

Old graveyard in Old Town.  Do you know how many people are buried here?

All of them!  That's a joke the trolley driver told us.  :)

Coronado Bay and Municipal Golf Course:

Hotel Del Coronado:

Mormon Battalion Historic Site in Old Town:

I love these trees - this was in a restaurant courtyard at Seaport Village:

San Diego Bay and Coronado Bridge:

 San Diego Skyline taken from Coronado:

Boats on San Diego Bay:

San Diego palm trees:

Boat yards in the bay:

Another of my favorite trees:

The seal show transportation:

Seaport Village sign:

Kansas City Barbecue, where they filmed part of Top Gun:

And finally - my beautiful family - Trish's parents, Richard and  Joanne, Tom, Trish, Kennedy, Graydin and Gavin.

Sorry, those aren't in any particular order - I just threw them in and labeled each one.  Can you tell I'm tired?

It was really crowded on Sunday - with Valentine's Day on Friday and President's Day on Monday, there were lots of people out and about, and lots of tourists in town.  Taking the Trolley was a great idea and with the ongoing facts about each of the areas we drove through, it was really interesting.  We pretty much saw the whole area, downtown, shipyards, bay, Old Town, Little Italy, Balboa Park, Coronado, Seaport Village, and probably more I can't think of now.  You can get out at any stop and do a little sightseeing or shopping or have a meal, then hop on the next trolley to head to the next stop. I would recommend it to visitors to San Diego, but plan on getting there early so you'll be able to make some stops and really enjoy the area.  It's an all day adventure.

WELCOME to two new Followers:

Dawn from Camano Island, who has a brand new blog.  She and her husband, Jim bought a Nash 24M at the Seattle RV Show and plan to head down the road January 2, 2014 after Dawn retires.  Jim is already retired.  Dawn says in her profile, "We have three sons, three amazingly wonderful daughters-in-law, and three best-in-the-world grandchildren! We journey through life with our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Ari, and our cat, Slim, who came to our door as a stray eight years ago."  Welcome aboard Dawn!  I look forward to reading about your future travels!   :)

Charlene Swankie doesn't show a blog, so I can't give her a plug.  Charlene, if you DO have a blog, let me know and I'll post the link.  Thanks for following along with me and Katie, we're happy to have you aboard!  :)  NOTE:  Charlene's blog address is SwankieWheels - Kayaking America.  Thanks Roxi

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everybody!  :)


  1. I've only been to San Diego once, in the mid 1980's, and thought it was a beautiful place. I did get to the Hotel Del Coronado.

  2. Love san diego!! spent feb 66 thru nov 68 there while in the Navy....was there a couple years ago and they turned USNTC into a mall/condos and my barracks into a Vonn's.. could not believe it! was so very weird!!!

  3. Haven't been to San Diego since I was in High School, but it's on our list for when we do some more traveling in California. I love the trolley tours that some cities do. It's a good way to get the layout before walking around more.

  4. I love San Diego Barbara! Your pictures bring back lots of fond memories made there last winter! Hope you have a chance to get to the farmers market in Little Italy.....best market I have ever been to! Enjoy your family......

  5. Thank you for the shout-out, Barbara! Loved your photos, especially of your family! We've spent many happy vacations in San Diego--love Old Town & Balboa Park. A car rental agent told me once that San Diego has 2 seasons--spring & summer! Hope you're getting to take a nap today!

  6. It has been many years since I've been in San Diego. Love the trolleys!

  7. Hard to believe I actually lived there in the late 70's. Not far from Balboa Park and I worked in Mission Valley. Things have definitely changed since then. It would be fun to visit again but I can't handle big cities any more.

  8. Swankie's blog is http://swankiewheels.blogspot.com/ .

  9. I have never been to San Diego. Thank you for all the great photos.

  10. Last time I was in San Diego I also took the trolley tour. It was a great way to spend the day and see lots of the city.


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