Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - animal stuff

Wordless Wednesday is a little late - I lost my phone yesterday - OMG! It's how I connect to the Internet - and we had been so many places I couldn't even think of where I might have left it.  My last thought before going to sleep last night was trying to think where it might be.  I woke up at 6 am (very early for ME) with a visual of placing it on the bar-b-que in my son/daughter-in-law's backyard.  I rushed over early this morning, and thank God, there it was.  I'm so glad San Diego has temperate weather and it wasn't rained, hailed, or snowed on overnight.  Whew!  So, a quick, late Wordless Wednesday:

Armadillo going into it's safe place.  Click on this link to see how an armadillo "hides."

Photos from the web:


And of course, the best of all ...

Katie and I are in San Diego, so far the doctor visits are going well, and I'll write a post soon updating you on our trip here.

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone! :)


  1. That Katie is so adorable. We are having fun playing with Chica every day. Hope all your appointments go well.

  2. So glad you found your phone--I know that sinking feeling! Adorable animal pics but Katie is the most charming & sweet! Take good care.

  3. Glad you found your phone, o.k. That link to the armadillo is very cool. Katie is just the cutest usual. Give her a big hug for us.

  4. Heart failure over a lost phone. Sure glad you found yours safe and sound. Katie is by far the cutest. Great news that doc appts are going well.,

  5. Sometimes I would like to roll up in a ball like the armadillo does. Glad you found your phone and no one else picked it up and called all over the world with it. . .

  6. Great pictures and loved the armadillo animation. Russ lost his wallet not too long ago. I was about ready to start cancelling credit cards when he found it between the seat and the console in the car. Disaster averted!!

  7. So glad you found your phone. Katie is sure enjoying her toys. She is soooo cute.


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