Thursday, February 27, 2014

The new dress - thank you, Donna!

The other day Donna had a post offering three doll dresses she made herself.  She was cleaning out a closet, and after going through the toys and clothes she had for her grand kids who are now grown, she gave them all away to a niece who has young kids.   As she wrote in her post, "But, in my closet, pushed into a corner and forgotten, I found three doll dresses that I had sewn for the girls' 18" dolls."  She went on to offer the dresses to any Grandma commenters with granddaughters who might enjoy having one of the dresses.  All we had to do was leave a comment that we were interested in one of the dresses - so I did.

And guess what?  I won one of the dresses for my little cutie-pie granddaughter, Lauren, in Northern California.  Donna sent the dress out the next day and Lauren received it the following day.  My daughter was surprised it arrived so quickly, and Lauren loves the dress. 

Here are two photos of Donna's handmade dress - first on a bigger doll, and then on a smaller one.  I don't know what this doll's name is, but I think Lauren has names for all her dolls.

Then Lauren decided the hat didn't fit that doll very well, so the next morning she dressed Morgan in the dress and hat - yes, much better!

Thank you, Donna!  As you can see, Lauren is super happy with her new doll dress, and the dolls look beautiful in their new outfit. 

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everybody!  :)


  1. Your granddaughter sure is cute, as is the dolls and the dress and hat.

  2. Such cute pictures of Lauren and what a sweet smile. Glad she liked the dress.

  3. The dress looks very good with your granddaughter, Barbara. Glad she's enjoying it so much. Give Katie our love.

  4. Having once done a lot of sewing I can say it isn't easy working with the tiny little stuff. I made a christening gown once and swore I'd never do anything like that again. The doll dress is certainly beautiful, as is your granddaughter. What a smile!

  5. Lucky Lauren to get something so special. Becki

  6. What a sweetie... your granddaughter AND her dolls. I love to see handmade articles passed on... they mean so much more than store-bought things. And... it sure looks like Lauren appreciated the gift. So nice of all of you to share.

  7. How cute is that ???? And how special of Donna to be so thoughtful ... Your Granddaughter is beautiful !!!


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